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A Few Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas You Should Consider

Kitchen Window Dressings

Kitchen Window Dressings – A Few Ideas You Should Consider

There are certain sensitive areas in our house prone to heat, moisture and cold. This is often because of activities that take place in such areas. Bathrooms are one such area where a shower may lead to the formation of droplets on the surfaces of shower curtains, mirrors and windows.

Kitchens are other such places where heat can be generated from the stove we cook food on. This is why we need an exhaust and proper ventilation to ensure the area stays protected. However, these rooms always feel incomplete unless their windows are protected by effective window blinds.

So how do we decide which blinds and shades are best suited in a kitchen? This section is dedicated to exploring just that: ideal window treatment ideas you must consider for a kitchen.

Best Kitchen Window Dressings

There is no denying that the kitchen is a hub of activity and the heart of every home. Whenever we have friends or family coming over for dinner, we have a place reserved for them in the kitchen, where we can talk, socialize, have a drink, and eat to our heart’s content. Apart from ensuring that they are decorated and set up with modern styling, we also need to ensure that our kitchen décor brings coziness and warmth to our guests. We need to ensure that it doesn’t create an environment of discomfort.

Here are a few things we need to consider while choosing the right window blinds for our kitchen:

#1: Choosing the Right Materials

A kitchen is a place where we cook our favorite food. Naturally, the entire process generates a lot of heat and steam which forms droplets on our panes, walls, and blinds around the stove. Thus, we need to avoid going for real wood blinds. Instead, we can go for faux wood blinds and shades, which are made of composite wood materials or PVC that are great at withstanding moisture. Wood blinds, on the other hands, may easily warp or develop cracks when exposed to moisture for long.

It is also a good idea to avoid choosing blinds with lighter-colored fabrics. This is because if any water or curry splashes on them, it will be difficult to clean off.

Faux Wood Blinds for Kitchen

#2: Blinds That Can Be Easily Cleaned

When you are dealing with fabric blinds or curtains, they are difficult to clean when they are installed in a kitchen. That is because they are prone to become dirty from the food items that may fall on them, and they need to be taken off in order to wash them. However, when you have vertical blinds or horizontal shades installed, they can simply be wiped with a damp cloth by running it down or straight through the length of the shade. Again, faux wood or Venetian blinds are the pick of the lot, and can be easily installed in your cooking space.

#3: Blinds That Can Diffuse Sunlight

The kitchen is one place where we prefer lots of natural light during the day to keep it glowing and vibrant. Sunlight can offer a lot of benefits, including reduced need for artificial lighting, and keeping the space fresh and looking positive. With the right window treatments, you can achieve the desired level of light control. While faux wood and Venetian blinds are trustworthy choices in this matter, going for solar or roller shades is also an excellent option.

What’s more? These beauties can be installed both inside and outside the window and offer an unhindered outside view as you cook, drink your wine or chat next to the sink with your buddies. Solar shades are available in various opacity levels and provide utmost protection against harsh light while also blocking its harmful ultraviolet rays.

Solar Shades for Kitchen

#4: Kitchen Window Dressings That Coordinate Well

There are blinds and shades that can easily be custom made and installed according to the window size, color preferences, design choices and their prints and patterns. Roller or solar shades offer good color combinations that may blend in with the kitchen walls or provide a sharp contrast. At the same time, Roman shades come with a myriad of designs and colors that will look great with the interiors, be it your walls or floorings. Similarly, the contemporary wood-like patterns of a faux wood blind are also impressive choices that coordinate well with any time of wall colors and paints.

Kitchen Window Treatments Over Sink

#5: Kitchen Window Dressings That Provide Privacy

When your kitchen windows are facing the street or a place from where your house is easily visible, it is a good idea to go for blinds that allow you enough privacy and security. This is because no one wants an intruder to have a good look of the kitchen or the remainder of the house through windows. In such cases, solar shades can be of great help. They are made of a special fabric that allows you to get a good outside view, without letting anyone view the indoors! Note that this privacy effect works only from a light side to a dark side, so they will provide privacy during the day, but not at night when the lights are on inside. For full privacy day and night, go for a light filtering or blackout shade.

Venetian blinds or faux wood shutters are also handy in such circumstances, where you can allow them to let in only as much light as you desire, and they can be shut closed when you need 100% privacy.

Summing up, Venetian blinds, faux wood shutters and solar shades are the best options you can ask for to be installed in your kitchen. They tick all the boxes for being the ideal window treatment solutions in your cooking space. They provide necessary privacy, are water resistant and are beautiful window treatments that will last you long enough to be a good investment.