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Durable Window Treatments To Withstand Your Kitchen

Kitchen Sink Window Treatment Ideas

Introducing Durability And Style With The Best Kitchen Sink Window Treatment Ideas

Windows in the kitchen are much more precious than the ones in the entire house, aren’t they? From ventilation to sunlight, they offer a lot to you. But are you providing them the attention they deserve? You have probably taken days to redesign your kitchen but left out those poor windows to beg for your attention.

Bare windows can look good, but have you ever considered dressing your kitchen windows? Browse through our Kitchen Sink Window Treatment Ideas and make a wise choice as per your needs. Suitable window treatments can enhance the experience, look, and feel of the entire kitchen. They can make your window the center of attraction in the entire kitchen and uplift the aesthetic value of your kitchen to make you saver all those compliments in your housewarming party.

But before you finalize the your over the sink kitchen window treatments, keep in mind the following factors.

  • Light Control: Harsh sunlight can fade almost any material. If your kitchen window faces the direct sunlight, then go for a window treatment with considerable light filtering abilities. A number of shades like cellular shades, roller, and solar shades can prove to be very good in the kitchen. Go for translucent coverings if you are looking for a soft light inside the kitchen. On the other hand, if you live in extreme temperatures, then opaque window coverings with high insulation can do the job for you. Go for shutters or blinds to enjoy total sunlight blockage.
  • Privacy: If your kitchen window opens to a crowded street or is attached to your neighbor’s house, save your privacy and go for window treatments like roman shades, faux wood blinds, or plantation shutters. You can also go for screening materials which will allow you to see outside but would not provide privacy at night. After all, why let those inquisitive eyes know what you had for dinner?
  • Location of the window in the kitchen: If you have kitchen windows over sink, then refrain yourself from choosing pure wood window coverings. The moisture may spoil them and make them fade. You can choose window treatments like faux wood blinds which can work considerably well in areas with moisture and heat. On the other hand, if your kitchen window is far from your sink and oven, then you have a whole range of options from valances to roller shades.
  • Hygiene, Maintenance, and Cleanliness: A kitchen cannot and rather should not have lack of hygiene and maintenance. Your kitchen windows, especially the kitchen sink windows have to bear with all the dirty splashes of oil and grease. In addition to this, the window coverings in the kitchen are prone to odor absorption. And well, we don’t have to tell you that stinking smell in the kitchen is a major turn off for anybody who enters to satisfy their belly. So, savor cleanliness and convenience with kitchen window treatments which do not ask for much of your time. Try to refrain your self from thick fabric based blinds which are difficult to clean after installation. Our suggestion to you is Faux wood blinds or aluminum-based blinds can be perfect in such situations.

Ideas For Window Treatments In Kitchens

Ideas For Window Treatments In Kitchens

Roman Shades

Fabric Roman Shades

If the living room is the heart of your house, the kitchen is the belly. So if you are looking for some grace with simplicity, roman shades can provide you all what you want. If you have a kitchen with neutral interiors, install a patterned roman shade and complete the look. else, pop them up with a solid roman shade with bright color. Being among the soft window treatments, roman shades are soothing to look at and provide a good amount of privacy too. You can also go for self-embroidered fabrics to enjoy a clean and classic look.

Woven Wood Shades

Woven Wood Shades

Looking for something unique? Woven wood shades can add an interesting texture to the kitchen and provide you that seamless look. They are available in a number of patterns and variants. You can go for chunky bamboo shades, or wood base is woven shades to enjoy a dash of natural colors in the kitchen. But if you have a kitchen sink window, then maintaining woven wood shades can be tricky for you as they are susceptible to grease spots and water splashes. For kitchen sink windows, go for faux wood blinds or plantation shutters to enjoy durability and class. You can also install aluminum blinds and extreme light and privacy control with a metallic look and feel.

Plantation Shutters

Custom Plantation Shutters

Simple yet classy, plantation shutters are among the extremely appealing window treatments. You can adjust them to let the right amount of light flow inside. Durable and long-lasting, plantation shutters are definitely worth every penny. available in a range of styles including tier-on-tier, full height and cafe style they can be chosen as per your coverage requirements.

They come in two basic variants:-

  • Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters are among the most preferred choices for window treatment for kitchen over sink windows. Useful, graceful and sturdy, they offer the look and feel of wood-based shutters at much cheaper rates.

  • Wooden Plantation Shutters

Wooden Plantation Shutters

Both have their pros and cons, if vinyl shutters offer value for money, wood-based plantation shutters offer extreme grace and can be installed on any window in your entire house but the window over the sink. Wood can be easily spoilt with all those water splashed and grease stains. Wood-based window treatments are reduced to their bare minimum if exposed to moisture. After all wood and water cannot go hand in hand.

Home is a place where all those sweet memories are made and the kitchen has a major role to play in that. Browse through and check out the plethora of new age window coverings for your sweet home. Call us at our toll-free number in case of any more questions because we are always happy to help.