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Avoiding Corded Chaos: Keep Your Window Blind Cords Tidy for Added Security and a Sleek Look

Window Blinds Safety

Cords Cause Catastrophes

Corded window treatments are generally used frequently among older citizens and senior community members. But it can be a massive disaster for kids and pets. They are a quiet killer prevalent in homes of today, and parents need to stay vigilant. Those window blinds that have very long cords or tend to end in a loop pose a significant threat to your family.

In a matter of mere seconds, your child or pet in a playful mood can get entangled and can die because of choking. A stray loose cord can lead your family into disastrous consequences. It is quite common in the U.S. that a child dies from strangulation every two weeks. The child is usually aged three years old or even younger. This horrible statistic could be reduced if the window cords had been secured and the window had child proof blinds

Window Covering Safety Regulations

The Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) announced the safety standard for window coverings made by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). By this standard, a tremendous amount of window dressing products sold in Canada and the U.S. to have to be cordless or have short cords and also no access. Based on the latest standard of safety ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2018, all stocked products sold online, accounting for almost 80 percent of all window treatments, are required to be cordless and or have inaccessible cords.

Moreover, the CPSC has proposed some rules and regulations regarding window covering cables. These regulations are imposed on custom ordered products like operating cords with a length of 40% of the blind height and the default of a tilt wand in place of a tilt cord. This latest regulation also includes a change in the visualization of the warning tags to graphics that show the hazards of strangulation in children. This revised standard will apply to every kind of window cover made or sold in Canada and the U.S. by every participant of the window blind industry.

Easy Steps to Secure Your Window Blinds

There are numerous methods to ensure the safety of your window shades in your home or in any place where your kids may go. For example, your holiday homes or grandparents’ place.

Tuck the cords: What can be done as a temporary fix is to tuck the cables. Make sure that you tuck the cables very high on the wall. Your children won’t be able to reach them even if they happen to be standing on the bed or climbing a chair. A looped cord can act as a noose if your child gets caught inside it. So, ensure that no stray or loose cords are dangling. If you have older kids, make sure that they are not careless when it comes to corded blinds. They have to keep putting them out of reach of their younger siblings. Young babies have known to play with cords and bring them inside their cots. Forgetting once about them or overlooking the window cords at home can cost you your children’s lives.
Cut Blind Cord Loops: Some types of blinds work well as two cords instead of a looped cord. This reduces the dangers of entanglement but will not remove it entirely. Before you cut the cords, ensure that they still have their functionality because some cords need to be looped. Make sure that you are reaping the benefit of the warranty from the window shade. You can check with your local window blind retailer or manufacturer. If you want to remove the loop, then cut right above the tassel. Both cords must be cut and the equalizer removed. Then on each cord, a new tassel can be put. Otherwise – use a chain tensioner to secure the looped cord to the wall.
Safety Devices: There are some specially designed safety devices present in the market that provide the function of keeping the cords away from harm’s way. Cleats are such devices that are installed high up on the wall and are readily available in any hardware store. They consist of small fixtures that will put a stop to dangling cords. In using them, they also create a noose, so if your child or pet does get to reach it; the loop can be undone.
Remove Temptation: Children are playful by nature, and you will often find them reaching out for things and playing with them, especially if they are dangling close to them. You will also notice that they tend to climb on top of furniture a lot. So, if your corded shades are dangerously close to these climbable furniture pieces then rearrange them immediately. Also, ensure that the cords of these window shades are high enough so that they remain inaccessible to your children.
Window Cord Cleats

Go Cordless and Stress Less

Don’t blindly assume that cordless window dressings are super expensive. Some shades provide similar benefits as those of corded blinds and are reasonably priced. Take a look at honeycomb shades, roller shades, and horizontal shades. They make good economic selections in comparison to their corded counterparts. Graber’s Faux wood blinds make the best choice in being economical and durable. They mimic the look and feel of real wood at the same time, enhancing your décor. They are moisture-resistant, versatile, and flexible. Thanks to their cordless lift feature of the wand tilt, it helps promote your child’s safety and make it an ideal window shading for your furry friends and children.

If you cannot afford to buy cordless window shadings, then you can think about replacing your window coverings, one at a time, preferably with the rooms that your child spends the maximum amount of time in. This way you can to make your window treatments safe for your kids and pets.
Cordless Faux Wood Blinds for Kids Room
Even after all those safeguards, one cannot compromise on your child’s safety. By shelling out a few more bucks, you can enjoy long term benefits like your child’s happiness and health. Going cordless is the topmost window treatment that will guarantee your kid as well as your little pet to stay safe and secure. There is no tangled mess next to the side of the window.

It’s easy to use as you pull down and push up gently as the cordless blinds respond. There are many companies out there in the market that offer reasonably priced cordless window coverings. Go for cordless cellular shades, roller shades, draperies as well as plantation shutters. These are the best in childproof window covers.

Even if you are planning to relocate to another home or renovating your old one, going cordless won’t hurt. Say goodbye to cord based accidents. Also, if you do not have children or pets, rest assured you will not fall prey to safety hazards at home. But keep in mind that cordless blinds still have cords. When you are going for these types of screens, make sure that these cords are safely tucked away inside the slats and cannot be removed manually. They operate on a pulling, tilting, and pushing mechanism.

Other than cordless window covers, you can check out motorized blinds, also known as remote-controlled blinds. These type of window shadings add suaveness and style to your home. They operate with the help of remote control. No stray cords or any dangling strings makes these motorized shading systems a safe option to use than corded shades.
Remote Controlled Blinds for Kids Room

Sharing Is Caring

Your knowledge can help save many lives. If you happen to know some parents, then go ahead and let them know of the dangers of corded blinds. Accidents can be prevented if more people come to know about the perils of corded window blinds. You can save a child’s life today.