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Is the Trend of Motorized Window Treatments a Mere Fad?

Is the Trend of Motorized Window Treatments a Mere Fad

As kids, we loved playing in the garden and getting ourselves dirty. There was a lot of physical activity, and back home, our parents were worried sick that we would catch a cold. But as we now step into another decade, our kids do not bother playing outside anymore. Everything is digital these days, even sports, and they are busy wearing headphones and racing cars and bashing supervillains on their Playstations. Technological advances have affected every sphere of our daily life, and they continue their magic in home decor, especially window treatments. The cheap motorized shades have replaced traditional drapes, curtains and anything that required physical effort to adjust, close or open them. Which is why people say that motorized window treatments are here to stay. However, we can’t help but ponder on these very important questions: Is the trend of these window shades a mere fad? Will this trend die down soon? Will we find newer ways of operating windows? Will traditional window treatments, which require manual opening and closing of blinds, be back in style? Let us examine these concerns in our section below.
Motorized Skylight Shades

The Disadvantages and Advantages

There is a significant investment that goes into buying and installing window treatments. It is a tough DIY exercise, which makes a warranty against damage essential. And when you are using motorized window treatments, the considerations and apprehensions might be many. But here’s what we think: electric window treatments are here to stay! And the demand for them will only grow over time.

So let us counter their so-called misconceptions and explain why some people might, after all, be wrong about them.

Misconception 1: They Are Difficult To Operate
When you are used to operating shades that come with cords, it might be slightly tricky to step out of your comfort zone. However, once you get over your initial hesitation, you will realize how simple their operation is. Let your manufacturer and their professional install set them up, and you can then choose to adjust, tilt, open and close the way you want. It’s as simple as tapping on your smartphone screen, quite literally. Choose the desired level of privacy and schedule their movement at different times of the day, all from the comfort of one location from your smartphone.

Moreover, if you have got your shades integrated with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, voice instructions will suffice. This is technology at its best! All you need to do is say from the comfort of your living room is, “Alexa, set the blinds in the bedroom at 75%”.
Alexa Controlled Blinds
Misconception 2: They Aren’t Good To Look At
Again, a major misunderstanding that many people have, which might stop them from even considering buying motorized shades. There’s no doubt that heavy-duty curtains and drapery comes in a variety of exemplary floral designs and ethnic patterns. However, now motorized Roman shades, roller shades and cellular blinds hold their own when offering a sleek and sophisticated look. They go rather well with the contemporary elements of the room and look great against walls in varied shades and hues of colors. Whether you have walls designed in pastel green, teal blue or watercolors in red, these modern shades underline the beauty of your room with a fine aesthetic touch.

Besides, the absence of an ugly, dangling cord that might become faulty over time gives all the more reason for you to get them installed. Their minimal appearance spells class and sophistication.

Misconception 3: They Are Costly
While there may be some truth to the statement, the fact is that they can be customized according to your budget. Besides, the “extra cost” that they come with has to do with the installation of the motor. Other than this aspect, and the fact that they are operated through a remote or a smartphone, the rest of their features are the same as regular, traditional window coverings. The same length, fabric and design choice. The convenience and ease in operation they provide is well worth the investment.

Misconception 4: They Are Unsafe
The absence of a cord makes your kids and pets safe against health hazards, which may arise when they chew off a portion of the cord, or get entangled in them while playing. Second, when you aren’t home and your home has plenty of expensive stuff lying around, you may schedule them to adjust themselves when you’re out attending an important client meeting. This gives the impression that you’re still home, thus deterring any would-be intruders.

Other Takeaways of Motorized Shades

While we are battling misconceptions to bring you the truth about motorized shades, here are a few other benefits that you should know about them, before making the right choice.

Styles: There can never be a dearth of customized styles when we speak of motorized window treatments. While the roller shades entail an aluminum tube-like structure to roll the shades up or down, the honeycomb shades boast of evenly sized pleats that also allow for light diffusing. They are available in both ¾ inch and ⅜ inch sizes, besides many more that can be customized according to the window size and your preference. Also available are the Roman shades, forming stacks of neat pleats when drawn all the way up, and providing a neat blend of the traditional and modern.
Motorized Roman Shades
Colour and Design Shades: Talking of versatility in colors, motorized shades boast of a number of tints and shades, from Ivory, Beige and Chestnut to Walnut, Grey, Maplewood and Coffee Brown.

Opacity Levels: Many roller shades falling into the category of motorized shades boast of a highly resistant fabric that can withstand dust, dirt and harmful radiations of the sun. At the same time, their fabric is translucent enough to let you have an undisrupted outside view when you’re relaxing in your rocking chair in your room. But for those who do not want a healthy dose of sunlight, there are higher opacity levels to choose from. They can also go for blackout options in roller shades. Similarly, motorized cellular shades come in both light-filtering (single-cell) and blackout (double cell) options.
Motorized Roller Shades
Value Addition: With the automatic setup, motorized shades increase the resale value of your home. A house that is in line with the trends of modern decor will be seen in a different, more impressive light by prospective buyers.

To sum up, motorized window treatments are a necessity in a modern home. Their trend isn’t going to die down. Especially with products like the motorized wood blinds, which are both visually and technologically impressive. In fact, it is expected to grow in the coming years, and we will see newer and simpler ways of window operations. There might be a few glitches to them, as is the case with any new technological product, but they are worth your investment. With the multitude of options available, you will do well to have them installed instead of your cord-operated shades. Seek advice before investing, and you most certainly will not be disappointed.