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Is It Worth Trying To Cover Your French Doors?

French doors are a timeless design element that will enhance the elegance of your home for years to come. Their built-in glass windows open up previously closed-off sections to the rest of the house, giving visitors a sense of grandeur as they travel from room to room or out onto a patio. 

French Doors Require Special Attention

Choosing blinds or shades for French doors might be difficult due to a few characteristics. Take into account whether your blinds or shades will need to pass through a door handle or lever. When measuring for French doors, keep in mind that they usually have raised beveled trim around the glass. Make sure you have an adequate flat surface for the shade to be mounted by checking the exterior mounting surface requirements. When the door is opened, hold down brackets can be utilized to prevent the shade from swinging.

French door window treatment options:

Let’s take a look at the window treatments for French doors that we propose.

  1. Fabric Roman Shades
  • Another option for concealing your French door opening is to use fabric based Roman shades. Opening and closing your door is a breeze with these tiered shades, which fit comfortably behind any handle. 
  • They are an ideal choice if you want a luxurious covering that will frame and highlight the style of your door. These shades are available in a wide range of colors, textures, and trimmings, allowing you to match the look of your home. Roman shades are an excellent alternative to heavy curtains for individuals who don’t want to deal with them.
  • The beautiful folds of a roman shade complement the clean lines of a French door, and they harken back to the aristocratic estates where the doors were initially utilized. Although high-quality cloth will provide significant light blocking, a room darkening liner is also available for locations that are particularly bright.
Graber roman shades on a kitchen french door
  1. Woven Wood Shades
  • Weaved woods add a touch of character to the room. These shades come in a variety of patterns and materials and are an excellent choice for covering your French doors. These light-filtering shades are hand-woven from light-filtering grasses, woods, and other natural materials 

and are extremely easy to operate. They’re similar to Roman Shades, but they’re constructed from natural bamboo reeds or woven grass materials, which offer texture and color to the room.

  1.  Cellular Shades
  • Since they are lightweight and do not protrude very far from the window frame, cellular shades are ideal for French doors. Because they can be created with smaller widths than many other window treatments, this is likely the best option for narrow doorways. They also act as an insulator for bigger expanses of glass where energy is lost.
  • Most cellular blinds come with hold down brackets or spacer blocks.
  1. Aluminum Blinds
  • Aluminum blinds also known as mini blinds have been popular for a long time, and for good reason. They’re strong, flexible, and dent-resistant, making them ideal for high-traffic French doors. Because of the short depth of the headrail, they don’t jut out as much as other window treatments and can easily be hidden under door handles.
  1. Solar Shades & Roller Shades
  • Roller and Solar Shades are two other options for French door window treatments. They are available in a range of opacity levels-solar, light filtering, or blackout, fabric styles, and color combinations.
  • These shades will block damaging UV rays and reduce heat, keeping rooms cooler when used in a sunny kitchen or patio door. Because they don’t have any unattractive rear seams, roller blinds are the ideal choice for French doors.
  • Draperies and curtains, a more conventional option, can complement your French doors well. Choose a vibrant design that contrasts with the rest of the room to give a little of modern flair to the decor. 
  • Patterns may liven up a space, or a basic white can tie everything together. See what happens if you try out a few other styles.
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