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Is It Wise to Replace Blinds with Curtains?

Is It Wise To Replace Blinds with Curtains

While choosing new window treatments for your home or official space, chances are good that you plan on keeping them around for a while. Although most of the window coverings have a life span of around 5 to 7 years, most people choose to hang onto their window coverings for a longer time. So, selecting window coverings is an investment for a longer period of time, and is a decision that should be made only after doing the necessary research.

Selecting window treatments is as personal a decision as selecting the furnishings for any space. The first step is to weigh the pros and cons of the numerous choices available in the market. Our blog will outline various factors regarding two major window treatment choices: curtains and blinds. Both options can add value and style to any space depending on the quality of the product and the installation, but each one has different pros and cons.

Blinds are the latest trends coming up in the window coverings market as most of the people today are looking for more practical products for covering their windows rather than putting anything. Blinds suit all the requirements and also enhance your interiors. They give you multiple options to control the light and heat and compliment the entire look also.

• Blinds make space look larger as blinds do not take up wall space like curtains do.
• Curtains are costly to clean and can be prone to dye runs and shrinkage if not done professionally.
• Many blind types have a wide range of easy to wipe material options.
• Blinds are far more versatile when compared to curtains as you get the options to choose the right mechanism as per your need for controlling light and privacy.
• With blinds, any space seems crisper and also looks extremely well in any modern room.
• They also reduce heating and air conditioning costs & provide the required insulation.

When it comes to your living space, you want it not only to be functional but also stylish. Among the ways to achieve this is by installing the right window coverings. Let’s look at some of the factors of curtains which you should consider determining whether to buy blinds or curtains for your living room.

Most blinds are made of high-quality materials ensuring their durability. Blinds are generally made of aluminum, faux wood, or vinyl, which tend to be some of the most durable materials around. These materials are easy to clean, are moisture resistant, and do well in hot environments. Most curtains use very high-quality fabric ensuring high durability and longevity. Most of the curtains today have the ability to retain their real color even after many years. So, if you are thinking about durability, both the window coverings are equally good for the living room.
Durable Window Treatments
Curtains are likely to be cheaper as compared to blinds. This does not necessarily mean that all curtains are cheaper than blinds. In fact, high-quality curtains are much more expensive as compared to typical blinds. So, whether you choose to buy curtains or blinds for the living room will be determined by the quality and the amount of money that you want to spend.
Aluminum Skylight Blinds
When it comes to maintenance, you have to focus on washing the curtains. Curtains might lose color if washed more frequently. That is why many people prefer to have multiple pairs of curtains. When one pair gets dirty, they can replace it with a clean one and the dirty one is washed and kept for later use. On the other side, blinds require little maintenance. You must take into consideration that unlike the curtains which you can pull down any time and wash them, blinds may also require special maintenance.
Easy to Maintain Faux Wood Shades
Overall Look
Curtains for living space are a good choice for people who are not very interested in making their house look fully modern. Curtains are available easily in different colors and sizes which ensure that you have an opportunity to choose the curtains which merge well with the theme of your house. On the other hand, those people who love a sleeker modern look can go for blinds. That said, blinds colors are generally very monotone and in earthy or neutral colors.
Sheer Window Shades
Curtains are responsible for adding style and texture to your space. They coordinate in color with the rest of the interiors or stand out as a contrasting element as well. Blinds come in numerous styles, colors, and textures, but they are not as versatile in design as curtains. Curtains are able to give a sense of warmth and coziness to any space. The material of curtains also acts as a sound buffer to quieten a room. On the other hand, blinds make space seem bigger as they are less intrusive, folding out of the way more easily.
Some homeowners apply both curtains and blinds for a fusion of looks and functionality. You also have another option of installing a valance which is a length of decorative drapery hung over a window, to add style to the blinds.
Light and Privacy
Curtains can block incoming light, but the amount of blockage depends on their opacity. Blinds with horizontal or vertical slats are more versatile than curtains. With blinds, opacity can be adjusted to let in exactly the light desired in a room by tilting the slats. You can allow indirect light while still maintaining some privacy in blinds.
Vertical Blinds
Energy Efficiency
Homeowners who desire curtains may go ahead with more expensive thermal-backed curtains suitable for extreme weather conditions for maximum energy efficiency. They have fabric that faces the room and other layers inside and facing the window for heat and cold blockage. Homeowners will have to sacrifice natural light with this option, and the curtains should be carefully installed for offering a tight fit to the window frame.

On the other hand, window blinds form a natural obstruction to heat and cold when closed, but they can still allow filtered light in case they are not completely opaque. Blinds are more efficient at blocking summer sun than winter cold. They have the potential to block direct sunlight while being open slightly to allow indirect light. One energy-efficient choice is the cellular blind, which has collapsible air pockets that provide insulation.

After discussing in detail some of the primary factors of both curtains and blinds, it is hard to say whether blinds are better than curtains as a whole because it really all comes down to what you opt-in your home and what you require. You could go ahead for blinds in kitchens and bathrooms, and curtains in living rooms and bedrooms. In this way, you can enjoy the features and qualities of both the options of window coverings.

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