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Is It Easy To Make Roman Blinds With Blackout Lining?

Is It Easy To Make Roman Blinds With Blackout Lining?

DIY Roman Blinds with Blackout Lining


Custom roman shades are the central attraction of any home decor as they bring a charming beauty and gracefulness to your overall decor. They are classy and no other window solutions can beat the aesthetics and versatility these window treatments offer. They are made of soft fabric material which makes them a perfect choice to add style to your windows. They can be bright, cheerful, or colorful as you want, or they can be light and charming and easily blend into your surroundings. With a smooth operation and effortless ease of use, these blinds can add a decorative touch to adorn your windows. Like the other standard window coverings, roman shades too offer light control, privacy and can even help with temperature control when you feature them with the right fabric material. Depending on the requirements of light and privacy, you can customize these shades with the exact fabric material such as sheer, light-filtering, room darkening, or blackout. But if you are someone who wishes to have a complete darkroom along with aesthetic value, then blackout roman shades are always suggested. By blocking 99% of the incoming light and providing privacy, these shades proved to be a reliable and functional design solution in the industry. 


You can get these shades custom made from a retail store or online to fit your windows efficiently and effortlessly. But if you have a strict budget, then you can make your own roman blind at home using blackout lining. This will not only save your money but will give you a pleasing experience along with ultimate joy. Even making your own roman blinds means you can choose your favorite fabric material that will match with the surrounding decorative elements, creating a unique harmony for the decor. DIY roman blinds are easy and take a few minutes to complete the task, but attaching blackout liners to them may be intimidating for many. If you are not sure how to do it or where to start from, then this article can guide you throughout the procedure.

Cordless Blackout Roman Shades


How to Make Blackout Roman Shades?


1. Before you get started, make sure you have your favorite fabric material with you and the other required tools handy. 

2. Determine the length and width of your window where you need to fit your blackout roman shade. Add a few inches extra to this measurement. Now cut the fabric material and blackout lining according to this measurement. 

3. Secure both the fabric and lining together using nails. You can use painter’s tape as well to keep them together in position. 

4. Fold both fabric and blackout lining in order to create small pleats on the overall dressing. Insert rings along the edges of the pleats. 

5. Stitch the lining and fabric to the ring, by taking thread in and out of them. 

6. Do the same for all the rings and in the end, make a knot and cut off the extra thread. In this way, you can easily tie the lining and the shade fabric. 

7. Now, use double-sided tape to join the upper portion together. 

8. And in the last step, hang your blackout roman shade back on the headrail. Check whether your shade is working smoothly or not by raising and lowering it a few times.


Following the above method will help you to make your roman shades using blackout lining. Roman shades are magnificent and making them at home will put love and sophistication to them. But if you face any difficulty while making them, don’t hesitate to ask the professionals or you can purchase them to save your effort and time as well!


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