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Is It A Good Idea To Install Blinds Above The Window?

Install Blinds Above Window

Blinds are usually mounted on a window frame to minimize necessary materials and to maximize efficiency, not to mention that it actually looks really nice too, creating the illusion of a complete set that fits like it belongs, which isn’t always easy to pull off. However, there are rare cases where one is stuck with a shallow window frame that couldn’t support the blinds. In other cases, they’re usually dealing with wood that’s too soft and blinds that are too heavy. Necessity is not the only reason that would make one mount blinds over the window rather than just at the top, many people actually prefer the surprisingly effective optical illusion such things can provide.

If your windows have suffered water damage or if you’re struggling with a horrible termite infestation, then you can be sure that trying to install blinds on such window frames will probably leave you half-crazed. Why? Because trying to install blinds on damaged, crumbling wood is more than just folly, it’s downright foolish. So if you do not take a good look at your house before you get ANY work done (not just blinds!), you’re simply asking for a world of trouble. Sure, we could call a “the guy” but installing blinds is one of the simplest DIY tasks on the planet. However, depending on what your wall is made of, it could take longer than you expected if you’re mounting it on the wall.

Note: If you’re wall-mounting your blinds, make sure to ask the manufacturers if you need a specialized wall bracket. The odds are you probably will.
Install Blinds Above The Window
Attempting to install blinds above windows is actually a good idea for homes with low ceilings. It grants the illusion of a higher ceiling and also has the fortune of hiding the window in the process. With the right types of blinds, one can bring about Houdini-like effects where windows don’t even seem to appear in the room until the custom-made blinds are raised; showcasing the effect. This near-magical effect was actually quite popular in ballrooms and even in a few auditoriums. The effect of illuminating a seemingly window-less room with sudden but glorious shafts of light provides a form of entertainment akin to the cinema itself. However, you need not go looking for better options and install blinds above windows that cost a significant sum to match the décor accurately. Instead, top-mounted blinds can be exquisitely showcased as banners themselves and then reveal themselves to be blinded when pulled back. While no one would be fooled into thinking such prominent blinds wouldn’t have windows behind them, it still brings a form of completeness to your home that works very well.

Ceiling mounted:
When dealing with blinds that must be installed above the window, we have discussed why it’s necessary, but what about ceiling mounted blinds? The truth is, these blinds change the game in more ways than one. They’re specifically mounted on the ceiling and not above the window, so while they’re technically “above window” they will require a different kind of bracket and even different types of blinds given that the orientation will be different when compared to standard blinds. If you’re dealing with blinds that are raised and lowered from top to bottom, then they’ll be harder to deal with when ceiling mounted. However, if you’re given blinds that move from side to side then you’ve got the makings of a ceiling-mounted blind to cover your window or (preferably glass) door. Ceiling mounted blinds are actually quite common, but you will almost certainly need to have a few words with someone about ceiling mounting as the last thing you want is to accidentally drive nails upstairs onto the floor of your bedroom… and then step on it. While simple on paper, ceiling mounts may be harder to install depending on the height of your ceiling and how far it may fall before hitting your head in case you aren’t the best at DIY stuff.


Blinds above a window is always a good idea, and in some ways, this is an idea a lot of people should consider simply because of the phenomenal effects such blinds can bring to a room. To install blinds above windows is to create a fashion statement that you and everyone else can marvel at if done right. Ceiling mounted blinds is also a viable option for those with large windows or ridiculously high ceilings.

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