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Is Black Leather Furniture Out of Style?

Is Black Leather Furniture Out of Style?

Black leather bears the signature of class and sophistication. Black brings with it an ageless allure that has never quite got out of style. The color black lends itself to endless design variations and the unique texture of leather just adds another layer of intrigue to it. If you are planning to go with black leather furniture, you will have to accept that they are going to take the center-stage of your design concept, with the rest of the decorative elements acting as side-pieces.

But glamour is not the only reason why leather furniture has held its own for so long. Leather furniture also comes with some practical benefits. Let’s explore these benefits in a bit more detail.

Benefits of Leather Furniture

The most important factor that has kept leather furniture at the forefront of customer choice is its durability.

Easy to Clean
The ease with which leather holds its luster is enough to tilt the balance in its favor. Any household with children or pets would know how easy it is to get stains on furniture. Leather sofas are famously easy to clean. Just a quick wipe with a moist cloth and you are done. The texture itself is stain resistant so that even without regular cleaning, leather furniture last looking new for a long time.

Leather furniture is extremely sturdy. They are less likely to show wear and tear, even after long years of use. This quality is more visible in darker colors.

Accommodates Many Styles
As leather sofas go in many different styles, you will not have to spend a fortune on any remodeling project. A change of accessories is all you need to get a new look for your room.

Design Ideas
Luckily for you, black can accommodate a huge range of styles, from modern to classic, dark to jovial, so that you will always find something that would go with your taste. Here are some design ideas for you to work with.

Mix a Bit of Old with New
Why not combine your shiny new leather sofa with a bit of old blanket and dull carpet. Decorate you walls with old-world paintings, or bits of metal. The contrast between old and new, shiny and dull, will create a beautiful symphony of contradictions.

Add a Some Greenery
Black can look alarmingly lifeless if you don’t add a bit of texture. Green plants and artwork will provide a much-needed relief from the brooding dominance of black leather furniture. If you have stark white walls, add some sleek artwork, along with trendy lights. That is all you need to create a smart and chic living room.

Go Industrial!
If you want an overwhelmingly dominant appeal, go for the masculine, industrial style. With metallic accents, underscore the masculine appeal with light-colored fur and monochromatic rugs. The rugged look can be further accentuated with metallic grey side tables and light-stands.

Fresh and Contemporary
If you just want to use one single color, then copper is the one to go for. Copper looks great with black, one of the very few colors that complement copper. You can use copper in picture frames, flower pots, center-tables, lights, or in the rug. To highlight the copper, use only other shades of black for the rest of the room.

Feminine Pink
It is hard to imagine black with feminine, but the result is delightful when you get it right. If you wish to use feminine pink with black, use it with caution. While black sweeps the room with its unmoving present, allow pink to soften the look with a few cushions, a vase of flowers, or in the curtains. The hint of pink will be a delightful companion to the black furniture, especially if you have a backdrop of plain white.

Keep it Minimum
If you prefer a minimalistic style, just go with glass. With glass furnishings, you can offset the darkness of black leather, with an abundance of light and brightness. Glass side tables and coffee-tables would look great with leather furniture, especially if you wish to reinforce the monochromatic theme with the use of white patterns on the rest of the room. The play of black-and-white, with the pristine shine of glass, with creating an effortless style that would never grow old.
Curtains for Black Leather Furniture

What Type of Window Dressing Goes with Black Furniture?

There is no rule of thumb regarding the window covers that would go with black furniture. However, light plays a crucial role in defining the appeal of the room. Especially when the black furniture inevitably soaks up a lot of light, you need a window dressing that compensates for it.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are a perfect match for leather furniture. The light, flowy texture of sheers melds beautifully with leather furniture; its soft lines relieving the stoic monotony of black leather. The material also lets in plenty of light, while protecting the leather from harmful UV rays, which might cause the leather to fade and crack.
For greater protection against UV rays, as well as privacy and insulation, pair your sheers with gorgeous blackout curtains. The thick material of these curtains will not only add a visual element to the room but also provide an extra protective layer on the windows.

Roman Blinds

If you are looking for something more glamourous, go for Roman blinds. These sophisticated blinds will take the charm of your room to another level. Select from a wide range of designs and functionalities to set the mood of the room. The rich texture of these blinds will allow you to use your windows as a decorative accessory.


Wooden shutters, especially in white, can be your one-stop solution for black leather solutions. The traditional look of shutters would be a perfect match for the solid presence of black leather.
The heavy material of shutters, along with their close fit to the frame, will provide great insulation, noise-cancellation, and light-protection benefits.
With the right choice of colors and accessories, you can use black leather furniture to turn your room into an artistic display.

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