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Shutters Work Wonders: Covering the Large Spaces In Your Home

Interior Window Shutters

Interior Window Shutters for Covering a Large Space

Shutters are window coverings that are often used to cover large windows in your home. Even the best homes have some large spaces that simply seem too empty. Some sections of a long blank wall look like they could use a little décor. It is times like these when interior window shutters can be our best friend, and let us tell you why.


Plantation Shutters Make a Room Feel Outdoorsy

Given that shutters aren’t completely sealed; they give a room a more natural form of air circulation. If the Graber Plantation shutters open out into a garden, then we can be sure the earthy aroma will fill the room regardless of whether the shutters are open or closed. Shutters let us enjoy the scent of our garden even on a hot day. Shutters don’t block the light completely either, making sure you can sit in the soft glow of natural light if you choose to do so. Of course, this isn’t just limited to Plantation shutters, reviews have stated that even interior window shutters are very effective at ventilation. Wooden shutters also provide suitable insulation so as to protect us from chilly weather. To really get an outdoor feeling, one simply needs a wall of glass with these Graber plantation shutters in the middle.

Graber Plantation Shutters


Shutters are a Long-Term Solution to a Permanent Problem

Shutters are sturdy and they’re built to last. While blinds and shades like the Graber Solar Shades need a thorough cleaning, interior window shutters just need a proper wipe down on a regular basis. Norman interior shutters do not fade over time like drapes and blinds do when exposed to direct sunlight. Given their simplicity, interior window shutters simply don’t need excessive maintenance since there usually aren’t any cords like the type that blinds use.

Shutters come in many materials like wood, aluminum, PVC and a few more. PVC is the more popular, budget-friendly version. Wood offers a more insulating solution against the cold while also opening up possibilities for more design or color variations.


Shutters Control Temperature and They Look Great While Doing It

Another reason to use shutters in our homes is that they can look absolutely breath-taking. The right ornamental interior window shutters can brighten up a home with a dash of color. Interior window shutters also come in different styles, each offering a different ornamental effect while also giving us variances in heat and light control. Some shutters also come with adjustable louvers, giving us a more complete light control solution. Shutters have been in fashion for decades and they never seem to go out of style, these window coverings have stood the test of time. The right set of shutters simply look cleaner and gives our home an air of vintage elegance, making them a solid addition to the perfect home.

Arched Window Shutters


With Shutters, the Heat Goes Out but the Secrets Stay In

Another advantage of shutters is that they offer excellent privacy. The louvers can be easily tilted to provide a complete obstruction of views into your home. Shutters also reduce the amount of noise that enters and leaves our homes. So we can close our shutters when we want some privacy, and open them when we want to let in the light and fresh air.


Shutters are a Good Long-Term Investment

Shutters add to the value and decor of any home. If you are looking to trade your home for a bigger one, shutters are a great selling point. As mentioned before, Norman interior shutters do not really go out of fashion, making them a virtually everlasting attribute to any home. Shutters also save a lot of energy when it comes to lighting and temperature control. For wood shutters, there are proper treatments or shutter coatings that one can use to make sure the surface does not take in water from the humid air. The right treatments also keep shutters safe from termites, chipping or splintering, and increases its resistance against natural wear and tear.

Wooden Window Shutters


The Drawbacks

  • Shutters are one of the more expensive types of window coverings, if you’re planning on getting shutters then you may need to re-establish your budget.
  • They get in the way. Interior shutters open inwards and this means they need a clear space around it devoid of furniture.
  • While shades and blinds can be rolled up, and curtains can be pushed aside and tied away, shutters do not simply vanish, they are always there and this can make certain situations inconvenient.
  • Wooden shutters are susceptible to humidity, causing them to get warped over time if not properly cared for.
  • Custom built shutters take longer to arrive upon order, depending upon the materials and setup it could take over 8 weeks.


In Conclusion

Shutters have many uses starting from being privacy windows to replacing doors altogether in some aspects. To use the right shutters, all we need is to take a good long look at our home and figure out what type of window covering we want. However, when it comes to large gaps, plantation shutters are the perfect choice for functionality and aesthetics.

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