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How To Integrate Blinds And Shades with Your Smart Home System?

Automatic Sun Shades

Integration of Automatic Sun Shades And Other Window Treatments with A Smart Home System

There are many benefits of integrating blinds and shades with your smart home system: from the ease of use to better energy efficiency. In the following sections, let us look at few of the popular options you can select from when it comes to the integration of Automatic Sun Shades and other window treatments with smart home systems.

It is possible to integrate your blinds with smart home systems to interface with Google Home and Alexa. By integrating them you will be able to control the blinds using voice commands.

Smart Home Blinds

Your blinds can also work equally well with HomeKit platform from Apple (may require some modding) or hubs such as SmartThings and Wink. A few of the smart home blinds and shades also function well with IFTTT applets or smartphone apps.

Exterior Motorized Shades

So, there is a range of options available when you want to integrate blinds and motorized window shades with your smart home system.

Automatic Sun Shades – Integrate Your Blinds with Smart Home Systems

Let us look at few of the options you can select from when you are looking to combine your blinds and shades with a smart home system.

# Lutron Serena

If you are planning to replace your existing blinds or shades with a new set and looking to get the best level of connectivity with your smart home system then you can opt for Lutron Serena.

  • There is Lutron’s remote control that you can purchase and another option is the Casita Smart Bridge, that supports different smart home systems such as SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, Nest, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Wink, Apple HomeKit, and many others
  • The benefit of using these smart systems is that they can be used for opening or be closing the window treatments are certain times and you can also ask Google or Alexa to do the same using voice commands
  • When using IFTTT applets, you can configure them so that the blinds automatically close at sunset by utilizing data available from utilities such as Weather Underground
  • Similarly, you will be able to close the blinds while leaving the house on the basis of location information provided by your mobile phone

# Somfy Systems

Somfy has developed its own myLink system which is available on Android and iOS platforms. This app can be used for controlling the somfy motorized shades even from a remote location.

  • The app also lets you schedule opening and closing of the blinds at pre-defined times during the day
  • Additionally, you can create scenes so that with a single tap you can move all the window treatments just the way you want
  • Somfy also has Smart Motors with built-in Z-wave communication, allowing them to interface directly with a smart hub

# Pella Insynctive

  • The Insynctive range from Pella comes with its own remote control so that you can open or close the blinds with relative ease
  • In addition, there is the Pella Bridge which can easily connect with different Z-wave hubs such as Nexia, Savant, and Wink
  • However, there is no support as yet for smart home systems such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa or the IFTTT

# Soma

  • Soma is a motor system that can be used for operating most of the ball chain shades and it has an associated smartphone app (both for iOS and Android phones)
  • You can use the app for setting up the schedule for as many as ten windows
  • By using the Soma Connect Hub and connecting it to your router you will be able to access Apple HomeKit and Alexa smart home systems

# Axis Gear

  • This works in similar fashion to Soma and comes with a smartphone app for controlling the blinds
  • Gear utilizes ZigBee smart system for connecting with a Samsung SmartThings hub
  • Using the hub you can give voice commands that will work with Google Assistant and Alexa

# Link Shades

  • By using Link Shades you will be able to transform your existing blinds into a smart system
  • These blinds can then be controlled using WiFi and the Link Shades system is also compatible with smartphone apps as well as IFTTT
  • It also does not require a hub and has voice control
  • Moreover, you will be able to utilize the associated web app for configuring the smart window shades and make them work at specific times
  • Additionally, these are not just transformative kits but rather a complete shade set
  • On the negative side, these are available in limited sizes, making them useful for the specific type of shades only

# Wink

  • It is easy to control the window coverings using the Wink app and you can also control the window treatments with the help of a remote
  • The main difference between them and other smart blinds is that they are plug and play systems so that you do not have to perform any complex set up to make them work with your present smart home system

# FlipFlic

  • It works as a straightforward retrofit for your present window treatments, transforming your sedate blinds so that you can adjust them according to your temperature, time, and light preferences
  • It is a small device that gets attached to tilt system of your existing blinds so that the blinds can be remotely controlled using an app
  • Another good thing about it is that it easily integrates with different smart home hubs by utilizing ZigBee and Bluetooth technology

# Integration with Alexa

  • There are several home automation solutions which you can connect with Alexa
  • These solutions work like a bridge between Alexa and the blinds
  • Depending on the type of home automation solution you are using, the connection can be simple or complicated
  • Let us look at an example of such connection of Somfy TaHoma with Alexa

# Somfy Radio and TaHoma

  • Devices that can be controlled using Somfy TaHoma can also be controlled using Alexa by following a simple set up process
  • This way it will be possible to voice control any blind that is Somfy radio operated
  • Somfy TaHoma is to be plugged into the router and it will instantly start sending all the commands that are received from Amazon Alexa to your blinds in the form of radio signals
  • Apart from integration with Alexa, Somfy TaHoma will also let you control the window treatments using an app, create scheduled events, and make use of IFTTT scenarios

In Conclusion

As we can see, by integrating your window treatments with a smart home system you will be able to control them easily using different methods such as mobile apps, voice control, and a remote.

Such integration with your smart home system will help you open and close the blinds at set times and when specific conditions exist, helping you bring about greater energy efficiency and reduction in your energy bills. Please note that compatibility and functionality changes constantly – have a look at your blinds’ manufacturer guidelines or the smart hub’s latest features to check for up to date information.

Automatic Sun Shades - Electric Outdoor Shades

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Our trained and experienced technicians will help you understand how these systems work and suggest an integration method that would be best for your window treatments.

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