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5 Things to Look Out for When Installing Outside Mount Blinds

Installing Outside Mount Blinds

Choosing the right window treatment for your windows is a daunting task. There are scores of options for you to choose from depending upon your needs and preferences. You have light-filtering, room darkening, blackout, insulating, noise reduction, privacy control shades and many more. These shades are not only practical but stunners in their appearance. Irrespective of the existing décor, they can enhance a room’s aesthetic appeal. Apart from these different shades, you have the option to choose from different design layouts which affect the functionality of the shades. You can choose horizontal shades that are perfect for small and standard windows and vertical shades that are best for dressing larger windows and sliding doors.

Choosing Mounting Options: Outside or Inside

When it comes to fitting or installing your shades, you can choose between inside mount and outside mount. Choosing the right mount position is equally important because it can impact the functionality of the shades. Inside mount, as the name suggests is fit inside the window frame. They can be mounted deep or shallow as per your liking. They give a clean and neat appearance. If visual appeal is what you are looking at apart from functionality then inside mounts work best.

Outside mount obviously is mounted outside the window frame. They are fitted on the window molding, on the wall or ceiling above the windows. All you need are brackets mounted outside the window frame to hang the shades or blind.
Inside Outside Mount Blinds

Benefits of Outside Mount Blinds

Outside mounted shades are beneficial for a number of reasons.

• No matter how good the inside mounted shades are, there will be light gaps that allow streaks of light to peek through from either side of the window shades. Outside mount shades are perfect for sealing these light gaps and when paired with blackout window shades you have the perfect window treatment for your bedrooms and media rooms.
• There are some windows, particularly those with shallow window casings, that make it difficult to install inside mount shades. For these windows outside mounts work best.
• Outside mounts are best for doors as most of them have very shallow window frames. A shallow depth makes it impossible to correctly install inside mount brackets from which your shades will hang. Installing outside mount brackets present no worries at all.
• Outside mounts are great for windows that are ugly or have some blemishes. Inside mounts fail to conceal these. Outside mounts cover the windows and make them look beautiful and larger than they are.
Horizontal Outside Mount Blinds

Things to Remember When Installing Outside Mount Blinds

Outside mounts are functional and practical solutions for your window treatment needs. So how do you install these shades? Installing outside mount shades is not tough. There are however some things that you need to look out for and keep in mind when installing them. Failure to adhere to some of the guidelines can affect the functionality of these shades and spoil their appearance as well.
• Measuring Height & Width of Window Frame
When installing outside mount blinds, remember that measurement is key. Any mistake in measurement will ruin the very purpose of the shades. Measure the height vertically and the width, horizontally. Measure to the nearest 1/8th inch. Measure the width first and then the height.
• Additional Considerations for any Overlap
The height must include the headrail as well as any needed overlap. Allow extra spaces for the mounting hardware like mounting brackets and headrail. To the width add inches if there are might gaps to be covered for increased privacy and light blockage.
• Allowances for Obstructions
Also make allowances for other obstructions like deadbolts, doorknobs or molding that may get in the way when installing your outside mount blinds. If there are any obstructions take note. You can place an order for spacer blocks and extension brackets which will help the blinds to extend far enough to stay clear of any unwanted protrusions.
• Measuring for Outside Mount Vertical & Horizontal Blinds
Remember that when you are measuring for outside mount shades, it will be different for vertical and horizontal shades.
Measuring Outside Mount Blinds

Measuring for Outside Mount Vertical Window Blinds

• The width of vertical window blinds will have to be marked from the edge of the molding, left to right.
• The height should come just short of the floor to ensure that the vanes have room to move.
• Height and width measurements must take into consideration any overlap that may occur.
• Add extra to the width if you want the vertical louvers to stack to one side and clear the window

Measuring for Horizontal Outside Mount Blinds

• For horizontal outside mount blinds, to ensure light control and privacy measure the width where you want the blinds to be placed and add for overlap.
• To get the height you need to measure from the top of the headrail to the bottom rail.

Close Fit Blinds

If you have opted for outside mount blinds take care to choose window blinds that can sit close to the surface of the wall. If it sits far then it will cause light to enter through the gap between the window glass and the blinds. A close and snug fit blind works best for outside mounts.
Outside mount blinds are perfect for taking care of many of your needs and requirements which inside mounts may not be able to address. The installation of these blinds is not tough, but the measurements have to be correct. If there is a slight mismatch or you fail to take into consideration the need for overlap or any obstructions then the blind will fall short, provide poor coverage, and defeat the very purpose for which you chose outside mounts over inside mount blinds.