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Installing Curtains Over Window Blinds

Installing Curtains Over Blinds

A Brief Study on Installing Curtains Over Blinds

It’s no doubt that installing curtains and blinds can have a significant impact on your overall home décor, and can change the aesthetics and feel of the space dramatically. But what happens when they are paired together? Do blinds and curtains work together? Well, the answer is ‘Yes.’ When properly installed, this amazing integration can create a charming indoor ambiance and ensure adequate blocking of light and privacy control.

If you are bored of seeing one window shade for years and wish to do something new and elegant, then installing curtains over the blinds is a great idea to mix it up while allowing you to keep your existing blinds. Curtains work as a blazer or overcoat that completes the entire window outfit. Proper mixing and match of curtains and blinds can add a lot to your space. Below are a few ideas that you can apply to your windows –

• Wood blinds with curtains
• Sheer curtains with roller blinds
• Curtains over cellular shades or roman blinds

Play with these window designs and come out with some innovative and unique combination that you will adore lifelong. These layered window solutions can embellish the beauty of the space. Not only are you enhancing the aesthetics of your home, in this way you are committing for better functionality and versatility. But the problem occurs when it comes to installation. If your budget is limited and wants to this job by yourself, then you must know the right steps. There are some easy ways to install the curtains over blinds, which are very easy to follow and add a stunning transformation to your room.
Layering Curtain Over Blinds

How to Install Curtains Over Blinds?

Measure the windows first, choose your preferred installation method, select your favorite curtain, and you are ready to hang them together. But before you get started, learn the various ways of pairing them!

Installation Procedures

• Use a cornice board to cover your rod if desired.
• Mount brackets on the cornice to hang down the curtain in front of the blind. Hang the curtain from the rod and place the rod in the mounting brackets.
• You can install the curtain without a cornice as well.
Curtains Over Window Treatments

Ways of Measuring

First, you need to decide the installation process before you measure the window because that will decide how wide your drapery needs to be.

• Measure the width that you need to cover by the curtain. To complete the measurement process, you will require a measuring tape, pencil, and a notebook. Start measuring from one point to another point where you want the curtain to finish and note down the accurate measurement.
• For length, measure from the top of the blind to the bottom of the window frame.
• Determine the distance from the ground to the top of the blind. But if you don’t want a floor-length curtain, then you can modify it as per your requirement.
• Make sure that you’ve considered extra width and height for overlap, fullness, and the mounting area.

Once you are aware of the measurement and installation method, it’s time to pick up the right curtain that will easily suit the blind type. For your convenience, we have categorized the curtains in different types –

• Sheer and light filtering Curtains – These lightweight curtains are perfect for diffusing the natural daylight while providing moderate privacy.
• Room darkening curtains – These curtains block most of the light but not responsible for creating a dark room.
• Blackout Curtains – If your shade or blind is not enough to block out the light completely, then go for blackout curtains, which ensure 100% light and outside noise blockage while offering ultimate privacy and insulation for your indoor. Available in different color options to match your shade and existing décor style. Adding additional blackout liners will enhance the functionality.

There are endless curtain options available that come with exciting color and pattern styles. All you need to do is select the right fit that will go with your existing or new bind and revamp the overall beauty of the space while getting the internal benefits. Layering will make a fashion statement for your décor while creating the space dynamic. Follow the above tips and tricks that will make your job done easier.

Take the help of the experts if you face any difficulty! They will give you modern ideas that you would love to apply to your windows.

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