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Venetian blinds are one of the most practical, durable, and economical window medications that are affordable within your budget. These blinds can be customized to any measurements of the window that is available for the both outside and inside mount option. They are straightforward as they have hassle free handling, smooth control and they are the perfect choice for the office, homes, and commercial spaces.Venetian blinds are made with aluminum slats and are fire retardant, dust resistant, and very easy to clean. They are an awesome approach to give a room some privacy and light control.

Blinds always help you to dress your window. Mounting blinds outside window frame is not as difficult as it may sound. You don’t need an expert advice before installing these blinds but since you’re already here it’s worth going through the steps just to be accurate. Now, just keep calm and decorate your home and window with these easy to install venetian blinds without anybody’s help or contributing any bucks behind this!

Steps to Install Venetian Blinds Outside Window Frame

Outside mount window treatments for Venetian blinds are installed either outside of window casing or on the window frame itself. With the outside mounting, you can extend the window size of any small window. Before starting the installation, unpack your blinds and mounting equipment and be sure that you have all the tools which you will be required while installing the blinds like – pencil, drill machine, measuring tape, and screw driver. To familiarize yourself with the contents of your box, check the printed instructions included with your product.

Below are the following steps which will guide you to install aluminum blinds outside mount.

    1. Measuring Window

Before installing the blinds what all of you need to do first is to measure the height and the width of your window. Simply take a measuring tape to measure the best proper dimension of your window. Also consider how much privacy and light control you want in order to get the right outside mount coverage and enough overlapping on the sides. Measure the length from the top of the window edge to where you would like the blind to end.

    1. Mark The Mounting

Align the brackets on the either side of the window frame. Make sure that they are aligned properly and are straight. Then take a pencil and mark the screw holes on each bracket.

mark the mounting

    1. Attach The Brackets

Drill the holes and screw the brackets into place. If the window cavity is wide, then including a bracket in the middle is a better option to support the weight of the blind.

    1. Install The Blinds

Once you have finished drilling the brackets into the place, open the catches on the brackets. Then lock the catches to secure the blinds.

Your venetian blinds are ready to use. Now relax and enjoy your new window treatments. When the blinds are completely raised you can see the entire view but when they are closed you can block out the unwanted light.

So the keys to an easy successful installation are to have the proper tools and to read and follow the guidelines you received with your blinds. If you have any concerns about the installation process, please feel free to contact ZebraBlinds customer service. They will help you to install your product.

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