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Inside vs. Outside Mount Blinds – Which Is Better?

Inside vs. Outside Mount Blinds - Which Is Better

When purchasing blinds for your house, you must first choose whether you want inside or outside mounted blinds. There are not only cosmetic distinctions between them, there are also set up and operational differences. Both inside vs outside mount blinds window coverings have advantages and disadvantages, and this blog will help you determine which is best for your house.

Outside mount blinds are mounted outside of the window frame, generally on the trim or above the window, as the name indicates. Outside window blinds provide you additional options when it comes to window coverings for your house because they don’t have to fit inside any restrictions. Outside mount blinds come with a number of advantages. Outside mount blinds are a fantastic alternative for your house for a variety of reasons. They go as follows:

Increase the height of the ceilings and the size of the windows

Outside mount blinds may be placed as high or low as you desire because they hang outside the window, which gives the impression that the window is larger. Blinds that hang closer to the ceiling above the window may also make the ceiling appear taller, and the space appear larger.

More light is blocked out, and full covering is provided

Outside mount blinds give more light coverage than inside mount blinds since they cover more of the window and frame. Outside mount blinds may be the best option for you if your primary objective is sun protection.

Better for awkward fit windows

Outside mount blinds don’t have to fit into a frame, thus they provide you with more options when it comes to obtaining measurements. While it’s always necessary to take precise measures (or hire a specialist), if your measurements are slightly wrong, you can still hang your blinds without any problems.

When should outside mount blinds be used?

Aside from these advantages, there are some situations when externally installed blinds are just superior. Outside mount blinds have a variety of applications.

If you need to close a door, you can use this method

If you need to cover a door with blinds, choose blinds that are mounted on the outside. Outside mount window coverings are ideal since doors lack the frame depth required for inside mount shades.

If you want to hide the window trim

Outside mount blinds might also help you save money on refinishing or renovating. Outside mount blinds will completely conceal the frame and window trim if you have an old or broken window trim.

If your windows have no depth

Because outside mount blinds do not have to fit within the frame, they are an excellent alternative for narrow windows with a short frame depth.

Inside mount blinds

Blinds that are placed inside the window frame are known as inside mount blinds. This is the more conventional mounting type, and it is the most common way to install blinds.

The advantages of inner mount blinds

Inside mount window coverings have their own set of advantages, making them a popular option among homeowners. Here are several most compelling reasons to go with inside mount blinds.

Maintain a clean, simple appearance

Because inside mount blinds are installed inside the window frame, they have a polished, completed appearance. The blinds’ ends are neatly tucked inside the frame, creating a neat appearance.

Occupy less space

Inside-mount window coverings save space in the room and allow you to use the window sill for shelves or decorative elements. Inside window mounts may assist give some required extra space if you’re searching for window coverings for a compact room.

When should inside mount blinds be used?

There are several situations when inside mount blinds are the better option; here are a few of them.

If you’re mixing and matching window coverings

Because the blind brackets won’t get in the way of the drapery rods, inside mount blinds are a wonderful alternative for stacking window coverings like blinds and drapes. You may use several window coverings without having to worry about a cluttered appearance or limited usefulness.

If you want to highlight the woodwork in your home

Outside mount blinds are wonderful for hiding trim and window frames, but inside mount blinds are a terrific way to show off your home’s window frame and trim. Inside-mount blinds allow you to show off your home’s attractiveness.

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