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Innovation and Automation of Window Shading

Smart Technology and Window Treatments.

Summer is just around the corner, and managing your window shadings is an important step in keeping your house cool, and lowering your energy bills too. If you don’t want to be bothered to get out of your chair after a long summer day, then there’s nothing to worry. Zebrablinds brings you your personalized genie. Yes, you read it right! Have you thought about getting the automated shades that follow your commands devoutly? Comfort and Control – both never came in such an easy deal ever before. Simplified control, just adjust your window dressings, or hard to reach windows for the kind of light you want, with only a touch or click. It’s that easy it is to get all lazy and spoilt this summer!

Well, we all know that in this fast changing world, nothing slow, ancient and traditional does not quite do the trick. But something quick, easily operated via automation shall surely magnify our efficiency. No matter how much some of us resent and resist the digital age, let’s stop with the moaning, it is not going to take us anywhere. That’s the whole idea of this century, to become SMART! So, you technically get more work done with little or no manpower. But again automation along with its smooth working brings added costs – yes, the energy costs. And comfort at the stake of your quickly emptying pockets is a no no! But Zebrablinds knows to get the best for the best – the loveliest, automated shades that, most importantly, do not cut a hole in your pockets. On the contrary, they help your home become energy efficient.

Technology has slipped into every nook and corner of our homes, including our windows too, covering every corner of your window; not allowing any dust, sunlight or stormy air to make it through. Each day there are innovations made and the effective functioning of such window treatments becomes more and more the “thing” of the hour, allowing for a relaxed, easy, cool, and quite a hassle free summer. With the introduction of gears, motors, batteries, remote controls in the regular shades we bring you the most stylish and chic automated shades! And as certain check boxes come to your mind, these economic window dressings is definitely a big TICK.

So, worries of having left the big sliding door open or the kitchen window open for the little birdies to come in and peck at your food aren’t going to stay for long. You can be the master of your house in just the right sense. You can very conveniently time your shades. The motorized window shades are easy to use, so you don’t have to keep hunting for the user manual. Plus, with kids and pets, safety is what most of us seek.

As for me, I couldn’t have thanked my stars enough for getting me this magical technology at my doorstep. Mornings are no less than the ‘Fast and the Furious’ theatricals for me. Amidst the chaos, I always end up forgetting something or the other, mostly open windows! This makes me panic all day long, my heart in my mouth as I unlock the door when I get back home. It doesn’t end there, it’s all so heated up inside because, yes, I left the windows open, and none of the others bothered enough, to take the pains to shut them. Naturally, I bear the wrath of nature until it’s cool again. But no more! I got my Motorized Exterior Solar Shades by Graber. With a 10% transparency level, it ensures a proper view of the outside and sustainable amount of privacy during the day. The shades, of course, block the UV rays for a safe level of sunlight diffusion, giving the perfect illumination. Moreover, they are excellent insulators too. They have wind sensors incorporated that provides better control and protection to the shades as they retract during stormy weather. Thanks to its smooth functionality, multiple shades can be managed via a single remote instantly. And I also need not worry about my l’il nephews and nieces because these remote controls are all shockproof, reinforcing safety. The only drawback is that solar shades do not provide privacy at night – no matter how tight the weave, the fabric lets some light through. With a backdrop of lighted interiors, the view through them is inevitable. Use additional window shades where privacy is required at night.

Isn’t this truly an example of exemplary modern living!? A secure system of managing daylight for energy conservation, this system allows the motorized window shades to be configured not only via a remote but may be through a Smartphone or a handheld/wall mounted tablet, making it easy to control them from anywhere within the radius of the radio frequency. Your appliances may also be configured to work in sync with the shades to maximize lighting. The best is that by timing the shades to rise and lower, you can also equip them with light sensors that’ll help them to adjust the shades as per the intensity of the sun.

Only now have I realized that Necessity is rightly the Mother of all Invention. Keeping up with latest inventions is the prerequisite for modern living, and with economical prices, you will definitely keep coming for more!

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