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Indoor Vs Outdoor Blinds: Which Ones Should You Go For

Indoor Vs Outdoor Blinds

Indoor Vs Outdoor Blinds: Which Ones Should You Go For


Any item that you purchase for yourself requires forethought. You might want to weigh different options before choosing the right one and consider the purpose of purchasing it. Same goes for window blinds. A common quandary that we often face while deciding on purchasing the right window blinds is deciding on outdoor or indoor blinds. Both come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

In this section, we will consider the prospects of choosing the right type of blinds, and under what circumstances must they be purchased.


Indoor Vs Outdoor Blinds

Indoor Window Blinds


Every home needs peripherals and enough home décor products to make the interiors come alive. We purchase king sized beds, bedside tables, couches, kitchenware, and many other products to make our homes comfortable and to our liking. At the same time, our homes need security and protection from heat and cold. For this purpose, we require the use of outdoor or indoor blinds.

To set indoor blinds, you would mount them in the interiors of your home either inside the window opening or above it.


Outdoor Window Blinds

The opposite is true in case of outdoor blinds, wherein you need to mount them on the exteriors of your home. Many solar and roller shades, as well as waterproof blinds, are fit for this purpose.

Ultimately, what you choose depends on the style of your home and personal preferences.

These are the following features of both indoor and outdoor shades.

Sheer Window Shades

1) Light control: The amount of light that falls on your window pane and passes through can be kept to a minimum, blocked completely or filtered by shades, depending on the level you prefer. Go for sheer shades if you want the maximum light to cut your energy expenses. Room darkening shades can allow some light in, while blackout shades block out outside light completely to lend you maximum privacy.

2) Maintaining Temperature: Many feel uncomfortable at the thought of bearing the brunt of scorching summers. But you might resolve the issue by getting window treatments that block heat when the temperatures soar and prevent heat from escaping the room when the winters become chillier.

3) Sound absorption: The main feature of both motorized outdoor shades and indoor blinds is preventing loud noises from negatively impacting your solitude and concentration. Often late night workers find time to sleep only during the day. For this, they must go for thick materials like fiberglass, acoustic foams and polyester blends in their curtains or blinds to drown out sound completely. Similarly, people who work from home and need to maintain pin-drop silence might go for window blinds that do exactly that.

4) Easy Maintenance: While a few curtains are gorgeous when installed and enhance the beauty of the housing manifold with their appearance, cleaning and maintaining them over the years might be a tough task. Not every one of them is machine or hand washable, and they may incur heavy dry cleaning costs every year. If not taken care of, they may also develop spots that may be harder to clean off. Hence, this calls for going for blinds that are easier to dust, brush and wash while they do their job effectively.


How to Choose Between Exterior and Interior Shades?

Opting for outdoor or indoor shades is a very crucial decision as these blinds last for years to come and become an intrinsic part of your home. They both can be accordingly customized according to your window sizes and dimensions of the inside or exterior mounts of the window, and by your choices of colors, prints and fabrics.


Let us look at some of the factors that may help you in deciding which ones to go for.

Cost: in this regard, outdoor blinds may be more costly than indoor blinds. They call for more durable material as they are under the direct exposure of the environment. So to ensure their longevity, they come at higher prices. So if you have cost constraints, you might choose indoor blinds instead of outdoor blinds.

Environmental Friendliness: Both indoor and outdoor blinds have products made from sustainable materials, however, blinds designed solely for exterior use are generally constructed using PVC or other weather-durable materials.

Decor: Now this is a big factor that will decide which blinds you end up buying. If you want to go for window treatments to suit and complement the interior style of your home, choose indoor blinds that are well coordinated with the contours of your room. If however, you want to create a positive impression on passersby by enhancing the curb appeal of your house, go for outdoor blinds that add as a nice finishing touch to the overall structure and which are great for patio areas. Going for outdoor blinds can also help reduce clutter in your interiors.

Ease of use: When installing exterior shades, keep in mind that to adjust them you will need to go outside or reach through the window, which can be an inconvenience. Try going for motorization so you can control your exterior shades from the comfort of your home.

Popular indoor blinds: Curtains and drapes, honeycomb blinds, Roman shades, Venetian blinds, aluminum blinds, and Venetian blinds are some popular indoor blinds that you can install either by getting a professional over or follow the DIY procedure to avoid labor costs.

Popular outdoor blinds: Awnings, plantation shutters, exterior solar shades, board and batten shutters, Bahama shutters and cafe curtains that can be installed to make the place all the more attractive and appealing from outside.

Both indoor and outdoor blinds are great ways to add an aesthetic appeal to your home, restaurant, office or a commercial space. You can check out some of our best selling items at ZebraBlinds to make your purchase. A team of experts can also guide you in choosing the best one for your home.

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