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Indoor Curtains or Drapery Panels Trends in 2015

 Indoor Curtains or Drapery Panels Trends in 2015

The survey shows that most people spend 90% of their time indoors. Interior spaces are a mute witness to all sorts of happenings, both good and bad; therefore, providing absolute protection for it is of prime importance. Interiors that project inviting warmth and positive energy are a pleasure to be in.

Whatever you have done in the past might appear ‘dated’, so resolve to usher in the New Year with refurbished windows that will transform the looks of your interiors. This is the time to consider new trends and styles.Indoor Curtains -

Extensive research shows that the easiest and most tasteful option to transform any window decor is indoor Curtains as it’s available in endless styles, fabrics, colors, patterns, and prints, at wonderfully economical rates. Given below are some of the latest trends in window treatments, along with some tips to follow while decorating your windows.

Variety of Finishes

Today there are various new indoor curtain options available on the market for your consideration, machine washable curtains, fade-resistant curtains, stain-resistant curtains, etc. This New Year, it would be advisable to choose some of these to make maintenance an easy job. Think features like insulation, privacy, room darkening, and have new–age window draperies to refresh and style your room decor.

Valance and Curtain combination

For a fresh start and different tone, try valances with indoor curtains. Choose different color combinations and achieve contrasts for a bold and bright appearance. Try valances with Roman Shades to tier windows because it won’t go unnoticed. Use the free samples provided by distributors to try out different combinations to evaluate what best suits your windows in relation to your interiors. You could choose specialty designs also like Back Tab, Tab Top, Rod Pocket, Pleated, and Grommet curtain styles to create contemporary elegance. In the case of Tab Top curtains, the loops at the top allows for a trendy look – as the curtain rod is exposed between the tabs, be sure to use decorative or stylized curtain rods. Back tab curtains have loops attached to the back of the curtain header so the curtain rod can be slipped through them without being visible. The Rod Pocket header is a simple design where a curtain rod of a specific size glides into a narrow opening stitched onto the curtain top so that gathers are formed when the curtain is hung. Think silk for a smooth, clean, and formal decor or textured silk for a touch of rusticity. The newly introduced faux silks help achieve the same elegance as pure silk but at considerably lower costs – they are durable and fade-resistant.

Tiered Curtains

The curtains like Tiered curtain or Cafe curtain are ideal for your kitchens and bathroom. Give a different feel to your kitchen with this type of curtain. They are useful for your kitchen and bathrooms since they provide natural light and privacy both at the same time. Café curtains are special because they cover the bottom half so you can have a clear view outside while blocking the view and untoward brightness. Tiered Curtains could be used to cover either bottom part or upper part of your kitchen and bathroom windows. If there are no privacy considerations, use the Tiered Curtains to cover upper part of the windows to block excess light. You can them cover the bottom part for a measure of privacy. There are various fabric patterns available on the market, like Cafe Solid Tier, Embroidered Tiers, Lace cafe, etc. You can think of the different hanging styles like Hidden Tab Style, Rod Pocket style, Soft Top style and X Pleat or Single Pleat style.

Sheer brilliance

Drape your windows with Sheer Curtains – the aesthetic look, a smooth glow, an airy feel, a neutral tone, natural light flow, etc. all are the crucial attributes provided by Sheer Curtains. Sheer Curtains can serve to soften your existing window drapes – no need to draw the drapes open to let the sunlight into your rooms. They also help mute the view indoors from outside. On small windows, or windows that don’t require privacy considerations, you could even use Sheer Embroidered draperies. Combine them with any other form of window covering in case you want heightened privacy. Combine Sheer curtains with some unique and fashionable hardware to accomplish stylized looks. Modern day style features include simple or curled finials with solid metal rods. You could even choose colored rods as per the decor theme of the room, like pink or blue rods for your kids’ room.

Perfect functionality does matter

In an era of energy conservation and cash-able carbon credits, it’s time for to choose energy-efficient curtains – insulated curtains, room darkening curtains, and blackout curtains. You can choose different fabrics to ensure different levels of functionality. You can choose heavy silk or velvet material enhanced insulation. For a casual feel, you can think about cotton sateen or silky rayon. For crisp, sharp and neat looks, go for the cotton, crushed velvet, etc. Some of the trendy materials like faux leather, suede, tapestry, microfiber or faux silk are viable options for use in case sound, cold and heat insulation. Use various lining options available for fabric protection, insulation, and room darkening.

Using trendy styles and ‘smart’ options are definitely worth projecting as you usher in the new. Allow your windows to reflect these evolving trends and decide on the right curtain styles for your interiors!

There are countless options of curtain fabrics and styles available on the market owing to rapidly evolving market trends. Ensure that you are part of this modern revolution this New Year and check out the new additions in curtain fabrics and styles at Zebrablinds.


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