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Zebra Sheer Shades the Designer’s Choice Window Shades

Illusion Sheer Shades

The beauty of the ivory white in sheer is so awesome got a fresh feel of Cherry Blossoms in spring! This beautiful Zebra Sheer Shades, also known as Zebra Sheers, Flat Sheer Shades, Illusion Shades or Zebra Blinds. This unique modish style window shade has the combination of the advantages of both window shades and window blinds. The combined benefit of the shades and blinds together, also the modest and the stylish looks of this Zebra Sheer Shade becomes the People’s favorite one. The alternative Sheer Translucence horizontal vanes and the opaque room darkening vanes with stunning colors give a texture of Zebra Sheer Shades the Au Courant Designer Decor Style



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Detailed Features of Zebra Sheer Shade


The dual layer of the lightweight polyester fabric with the alternative manner of two-inch sheer stripes and three-inch opaque or semi-opaque vanes on one high-quality and most durable color coordinated aluminum cassette valance and the bottom hem bar gives a mesmeric and functional touch to this horizontal window sheer shades. The option of Fabric-Wrapped Cassette Valance gives an enhanced elegant appearance for the home decor. Like the window blinds, this Zebra sheer shades can control the multiple levels of the light filtering and the privacy of the room by overlapping the alternative stripes of the opaque and sheer as your choice. Due to this selection of the light filtering controls and the simple way of operations these Zebra Sheer Shades are ideal for all the rooms or the restaurants or the Cottages with the exterior, beautiful natural sceneries. On day time without raising up this Zebra sheer shade, you can enjoy the outside views but also get the privacy. During the night time, it can be controlled by closing all the sheer vanes by overlapping the opaque vane and enjoy the maximum privacy. The room darkening fabrics in the closed position will cut down the light considerably to prevent silhouettes to be seen from outside even the room is lit inside.

The stately continuous loop beaded chain or the metal chain lift options with the chain guide gives more functional. The chain guide that can be anchored tightly to the adjacent wall or window frame makes a clean appearance and safer for the young Children and Pets.



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Benefits of Zebra Sheer Shades

The Zebra sheer shade come with wide collections of light filtering and room darkening luxurious fabrics. They can be customized to any measurements of the width or length, long or small, narrow windows or the doors to the customer’s needed. Not to worry to control this Zebra Sheer shade that it is for the long wide window, will provide long, strong metallic chain with Chain Guide. The opaque and sheer bands on this illusion sheer window blinds are available in variable measurements in the window treatment market. This Lightweight fabric Zebra Sheer Window Shades are very easy to clean by vacuuming or with the soft feather brush that keeps this window shades always fresh.


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Specialties of Light Filtering and Room Darkening Colors

The combination of the double shades of Room Darkening color choice is very excellent, the bright shining of this lovely room darkening colors under the interior lights gets a bedazzle feel. The restaurants decorated with this stupendous color choice of Zebra Sheer window shades give an attractive ambiance to provide an ultimate aromatic feel. The varieties of room darkening colors like White-Gray, Light-Brown, Rolex-Grey and Coffee offers an arresting appearance. The Ivory light filtering color gives the sense and touches of glorious white while the Chocolate color gives the richness of the sweet Chocolate. The new ultra-stylish Room Darkening Colors of this sheer illusion shade like Madera-Ivory and Madera-Chocolate are super cool. The variations in the darkness of the chocolate color in the Madera-Chocolate gets a unique style of designer touch to the window decor, but the Madera-Ivory gives an elegant style of appealing design with the mix of Ivory to light brown bands.

Not to rethink or waste your precious time to get this sensational and effectual Zebra Sheer Horizontal Shades on your budget for the beautiful window dressings. New-age designer Zebra Sheer Shade are available with all options from the online store

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