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How Multiple Window Blinds Help Add Character & Vitality to Your Living Space

Ideas For Multiple Windows

Ideas for Multiple Windows – Add Character & Vitality to Your Living Space

Two is almost always better than one. Consider instances where a backup is necessary, almost essential, for survival so that there isn’t a hindrance when something goes wrong. For example, many families keep two cars in their driveway: one that they can take to work so that another family member can take the spare car for attending to personal stuff. Or imagine a scenario when you needed a spare tire badly as the other got flat on a highway.

The world of home decor also sometimes needs two window treatments on your windows, especially when we are talking about home security and protection against extreme weather. There are times when one window treatment isn’t simply enough when you have a scorching sun shining bright and high. If it is a sheer blind in question, then the home may heat up in no time, making things very inconvenient for everyone at home. This calls for desperate measures of help and going for a backup window treatment quickly and easily.

Blind Ideas for Multiple Windows

All this inconvenience can be easily avoided when you take precautionary measures at the beginning of your planning process. Whether your place of stay is big or small, massive or compact, it has at least a couple of windows installed to provide a visual gateway through which you can enjoy the outside view and/or let an insufficient amount of natural light and ventilation. You can build a house with no windows to avoid heat, but the environment will become so claustrophobic that you’ll feel the need for escape and fresh air every now and then.

Let us present a few suggestions that you can employ to make your home a haven of comfort and coziness while adding vitality and character.

1) Understand the Basics

Always remember, consistency is the key to setting up or upgrading the decor in your home. Mixing and matching two different kinds of drapery in one room should be avoided unless you have a very good reason for it, or when the color palettes in the room can allow for such a combination.

Experts also believe that you should go for the same window treatment for all windows in the room if they are of the same size. However, there may be exceptions to this rule. In the case where a window is directly above a bed or partially hidden by a piece of furniture, you may choose to go with window treatments depending on what piece of home decor you want to highlight.

2) Stick to a Particular Colour Palette

Connoisseurs of fine living believe it adds taste to your style of living when you have a definite color palette for tying a room together, and window treatments in this regard offer no exception. Whenever you are using multiple window blinds in one room, it always helps to be mindful of the overall colors in the vicinity, be it rugs, floors, furniture or walls. Then you must proceed to choose a color or theme which is consistent with the mood or tone of the space so that nothing seems out of place.

It is also fine to use different fabrics of window blinds or shades in a single room as long as the palette is cohesive with the other design elements.

3) Mix Different Window Treatments in One Room


Roman Shades with Curtains


If you wish to add depth or character to your room, mix window treatments that are different from one another in functionality, looks, and design. For instance, you may have Roman blinds on one window and curtains on the other. Sometimes this versatility of window blinds can be used on the same window too. Try having sheer curtains or valances mixed with Venetians on one window, which will serve a dual purpose, such as letting enough light in the room when desired and having the horizontal slats lend privacy when needed.

A good example can also be of having the looks of a matchstick or woven wood shades combined with a drapery overlay. This fascinating mixture will add a great layered look with natural sunlight in the room while providing prevention from heat, cold and outside sound when the drapes are drawn.

4) Let Your Fabric Weight Be Consistent

A great way to ensure that balance is maintained throughout the room is by having the fabric and texture weight of all the window blinds in the room be similar. For instance, if you wish to choose blinds in different colors, patterns or styles, be it Roman shades, roller shades or draperies, the important thing is to go for one particular type of fabric, such as linen, cotton or polyester. This will ensure a consistent look across the board.

5) Go Neutral When Everything Else Fails

There is no doubt that any form of window treatments such as drapery, shutters, Roman shades or cellular shades take up a lot of space and threaten to overpower the other hues in the room when they come in bold colors or designs. So there may be instances when you may not know how to mix and match styles in a room. In such cases, it is better to soften the look and appearance of the windows by going for lighter and neutral shades: beige, off-white or white. This will shift the attention away from them to other important things in the room. This will also reduce your responsibility of choosing the perfect shades that complement one another and the aspects of the room. Because, honestly speaking, that is a tough job for anyone who is not an interior designer.

Advantages of Multiple Window Treatments in One Room

When you ultimately decide to mix more than one window treatment in the same room, you get the best of both the worlds.

1) Protection Against Climate

Doubling up on window treatments provides a wider range of adjustments you can do to your blinds, resulting in a wider range of functionality and protections. Using sheer fabrics helps you block glare while enjoying natural light, and if you have your sheer drapery paired with a heavy blackout shade, you can also get insulation and protection from the heat.

2) An Indelible Impression on Guests

Once you get the color combinations right, your home will provide a great visual delight to anyone visiting your home. Windows create a solid impression when you choose the right textures and designs, and your guests won’t stop gushing over your incredible taste.

3) Enough Light Diffusion

Having multiple windows will ensure a good amount of sunlight in the room, and you can choose to tilt the blinds or open the curtains to the level of light you desire for your home. This will also ensure energy efficiency all through the year as electricity costs would come down substantially.

4) Having Various Control Options

Multiple window treatments call for various control options, which will help you choose which ones you want in operation at a given point in time. Choose a remote control or motorized access when you wish to lie down peacefully without being disturbed or go for corded options when that is more suitable for you.

To sum up, having multiple window treatment options gives you great flexibility to achieve everything that you wish to achieve from a window dressing idea. Now you can choose to go for blinds of your choice at affordable prices at ZebraBlinds and have them customized according to your preferred color and window size.

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