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Ideas for Decorating a Bedroom in Vintage Style

Ideas for Decorating a Bedroom in Vintage Style

Last year, I was bored with my bedroom’s look. I wanted to do something about it but wasn’t clear where I should begin with. Every couple of years, I get the house painted again, polish my doors, and also begin to clean my entire place regularly. However, I was still not satisfied despite spending a reasonable amount. Guests visiting my place often had this to say: “Your house looks the same even after all these years.” And there was nothing else that sagged my spirits more than this statement. So I began to think of ways in which I could give it a makeover. Consulting my designer friend was the top of my agenda, so I approached her. I asked her tips on giving my bedroom an upgraded contemporary look. While she didn’t scoff at the idea and believed that I was on the right track, she suggested something not many people would recommend: going vintage.

This was something unexpected. I mean, I was not averse to the idea, but it wasn’t something that had struck my mind. Also, I was slightly skeptical about whether a vintage look would go well in my bedroom. So I got my friend to visit my place. And she suggested a few simple ideas to give it a great vintage makeover. And trust me, I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the results.
Vintage Bedroom Decor

It’s Not Just Permanent or Fixed Items

So what constitutes a vintage look? What do you mean by vintage, in the first place? The word is generally used to describe the year when the best quality wine was produced. Gradually, the word came to be associated to describe anything from the past that was the gold standard to follow.

So vintage cars, vintage wine, vintage-style house settings are commonly used phrases. When it comes to building or rebuilding a house, allow me to share my observations. Having gained substantial knowledge and experience, I present to you the best ideas to decorate/redecorate your bedroom to give it an old-world charm.

1. Decorating with Old Vintage Finds: So this was me: rifling through old photos for sources of inspiration. Little did I know that I would come across a black-and-white family photograph that was scraped at the edges. Looking at it after ages, I found it to be a priceless item, with all my extended family members who I have lost touch with. In order to preserve this memory, and to ensure that it doesn’t get further spoiled, I framed it. I found a few more gems in the album and decided to frame them as well. So instead of an oil painting gifted to me on my wedding by some quaint relative, I have the black-and-white framed pictures forming a rectangular pattern in the center of my wall. It’s a beautiful sight that I find soothing and brings me to ease whenever I return from a not-so-good day at work.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should ransack your home to find a childhood photograph. For you, a precious memory could entail anything: a painting that you drew as a child, the first medal you received, an old birthday present, or a guitar that you used to play during college. Vintage items evoke feelings of pleasure, romance, remembrance, and happiness in you. Keeping them close in your personal space is an especially good idea when you are thinking of giving the place a makeover.
Vintage Bedroom Ideas
2. Ethnic Paint/Print on Walls: My parents have one side of their living room painted in leaf motifs. It’s just a pattern of about 16 leaves painted in green, equidistant from one another. I found it fascinating, although I believe the quality of paint was not up to the mark, as it is now beginning to show signs of wearing thin. I discussed this with my designer, and she believes that high-quality paint is crucial if you decide on painted motifs. For a vintage look, she has got my bedroom wall painted in a glossy ethnic pattern. Not the entire wall, but the corners of it. Some of you may go for this or instead have a wallpaper with ethnic print. It livens up the atmosphere, and also gives the room a touch of sophistication and luxury. If you want your relatives and pals to talk about your superior taste every time they walk into your personal space, you should go for it.

3. Adding a Traditional Window Covering: We recommend having some good-old window treatments that do the job of upping your traditional bedroom look while providing privacy and security. Motorized shades are all fine, as they are the go-to options for a contemporary home. Roller and solar shades come to mind as a minimalist and effective window covering ideas. But what we are recommending are shutters in real wood. Genuine North American wood, made from premium quality, is not just eco-friendly but also provides excellent insulation. In short, something for all seasons. Their thicker slats allow for light diffusion in mild climates and let the pleasant smell of post-rain muddy ground in. And when the rain, heat or cold threaten to disrupt your sense of well-being, keep the slats shut for keeping the room cozy at room temperature.

If wooden window treatments aren’t your thing, consider having long room darkening curtains in ethnic or floral patterns. Instead of having them operated through smartphones or remotes, use cords to open or adjust them to the level you want. Better still, keep the option of mixing two traditional window treatments open. I’m thinking faux wood window treatments with a sheer/semi-sheer window curtain, tied down when the shutters are closed all the way. That is a sight to behold in a traditional setting!
Faux Wood Blinds for Bedroom
4. A Vintage Fireplace: Granted that an area built of metal or brick to contain a fire usually finds its place in a large living room in Victorian-style houses. But if your bedroom is big enough and you’re not sure how to utilize the extra space, have a fire built. In winter, this will keep your room warm and cozy. This is recommended for areas that have snowfall every year or become too cold for comfort during winters.

5. A Mix and Match of Different Styles: Now a bedroom doesn’t need to be filled with all old-fashioned items to give it a vintage look. Too many traditional items or styles can overwhelm you and give it the impression of a Queen’s palace. We recommend keeping them noticeable and impressive without stuffing every corner with them. So a modern bed designed with a headboard can have an old furniture item such as a chest lying beside it. Or you may have a study table opposite to the bed with an intricately designed hourglass on it. It’s these little things placed strategically that make all the difference in making the look of a room. Recognize what combination would do the job of turning the look of the room, and think from the point of view of the observer.

The ideas, of course, are many. Be as creative as possible. An individual painting or a wallpaper might look good, but it might not go well with the rest of the room. Keep the aesthetics and the make of the room in mind if you wish to shop for some more items, but also be on the lookout of rearranging your stuff or getting an unused piece from your storeroom if it fits well into the ambiance of your bedroom.

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