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3 Ideal Window Covering Ideas for Your Patios

Window Decor Ideas

Window Decor Ideas for a Perfect Patio


How do you choose your vacation homes or hotels? Rooms with a “view.”

Well, the “view” factor is one of the important factors when deciding to buy or construct a house as well. Even a national US construction survey report mentions that most people prefer houses with patios rather than big apartments.

Patios add charm to the house by giving you the “view.” They are ideal for relaxing with a book and drink when the climate is favorable, or you can just chit chat with your family. When inside, the patio doors control the amount fresh air, sunlight, and privacy inside your house. These patios can be accessed via French Doors or Sliding Panels. It’s necessary to keep in mind the right Window Decor Ideas for patio doors so that their energy efficiency and accessibility is not restrictive.

Few things to consider in mind before choosing the appropriate window decor:

1) Amount of light and ventilation needed inside the house.

2) Privacy vs. View (depending on the time of the day).

3) Colours and fabrics to be in sync with the rest of your window treatments for a beautiful interior.

4) Accessibility and the operation of the patio blinds and shades.

Reflecting upon these factors, we bring you few ideas to adorn your patio door with the perfect window decor.


Vertical Blinds from Graber

Custom Patio Blinds

Blinds are the best solution for the patio doors due to their light and privacy control. Vertical blinds are the most common window treatments chosen for patio doors, be it French doors or sliding panels.

They offer a unique look to your indoors with their drape like appearance. With a wide variety of colors available, choose a fabric customized for your lighting requirements – light colors to allow more diffused light with decent privacy and dark colors for maximum privacy.

These Custom Patio Blinds are available in different vertical slat sizes – 1, 2, and 3.5 inches. For less maintenance and lower price, choose 1-inch slats, or if you want to go for a more traditional style, 2-inch slats should be your choice. 3.5 inch gives your home a modern and stylish look, and so this is a favorite among homeowners.

You also have a continuous loop or cordless control option for the blind operation. As these blinds are dust and moisture-resistant, they are ideal for humid conditions. At ZebraBlinds, we give you the 3 ½ inches Fabric Vertical Blinds from Graber – a fashionable and functional blind at an affordable price.


Graber Exterior Solar Shades

Patio Roller Blinds

Another type of patio blinds is the Exterior Solar Shades designed mainly for outdoor use. The Graber Exterior Solar Shades are ideal for the outdoors since they provide daytime privacy and minimize sun glare.

These shades are used outside the window which makes them efficient insulators. These exterior solar shades come in one, three, five, seven and ten percentage opening that ensures the blockage of harmful UV rays and give you a sustainable level of diffused light. These exterior solar shades are made of sturdy materials to withstand harsh weather conditions.

These Patio Roller Blinds ensure protection to your furniture and wooden floors and also save on cooling costs. So enjoy your outdoors with these exterior solar shades.


Graber Sliding Panels

Graber Sliding Panels

One of the more flexible options for the patio doors are the sliding panel shades from Graber. Graber offers two choices for the patio doors – Accents Graber sliding panel shades and Accents Graber Sliding Panels Natural Shades.

Accents Graber sliding panel shades are fabric panels that move along an aluminum track. These shades are versatile in function and pleasing in colors. Choose from the array of fabrics and pattern available and synchronize your patio window decors with rest of the window treatments at home.

If you want natural materials for your shades, then choose the Accents Graber Sliding Panels Natural Shades made from Curly Jute, Bamboo Reed, Cellulose, Slit Bamboo, Jute Rope, and Jute Twist in varying combinations and quantities that make these shades look very elegant and classy.

You can also pick between light filtering, sheer and room darkening shades based on your privacy needs. The control features also include the choice of wand and chain. The wand control feature is safe for children and pets. So treat your home with these shades and give them a polished look.


Curtains and Drapes for an Artistic Look


The quickest and simplest choice for the sliding patio door is the curtains. They can add style to your room while providing light control and easy access to the door. Curtains come in various fabrics, colors, patterns, and designs.

But they also need some safety precaution as people or kids can trip on the curtains and accidents can happen. So curtains for sliding glass doors should be tucked away with a tie or sash.

Choose colors and patterns according to your room.

If you like your sliding glass door to be open for letting the breeze enter the house, then choose a lighter material rather than intricate designs. In case of privacy concerns, choose dark materials complementing your house interior.

While curtains can be seen as old-fashioned, they can add a unique attractive look with the right design and style.

Patio doors let you enjoy the view of your backyard or street or for casual entertaining of your family and friends. Choose from these affordable window treatments from ZebraBlinds and keep your beautiful patio view.

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