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Impressive Homes with Blinds for Big Windows

Blinds for Big Windows

Modern Window Treatments- Ideal Blinds For Big Windows


Large windows can be an architectural treat for any room. Whether it is a single window or a wall of windows or glass doors, they have a graceful feel while showcasing a gorgeous view. Covering up these large windows can often be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. With varied options available, we bring you some modern window treatments for Big Windows.

Big windows typically make you want to go all out and choose the trending and most fashionable treatments. The treatments come in all ranges of colors, patterns, styles while also allowing you to keep a tight string on your purse. They are often irresistible, yet choosing the right one can be a big challenge. Some pointers that you might want to consider before you settle for your window treatment are:

    1. Do you want the treatment to be functional or decorative? Or both?
    2. The styling is always the most important factor. So being clear on a style is important. Formal or Casual?
    3. Do you have a budget in mind? This will help you decide on the styling of the treatment you choose.


What are the Ideal Blinds for Big Windows?

Having Big Windows is always a treat. But doing them up in the most ideal way is making the best use of the assets in your home. What’s on your mind is often a bit ancillary, but blinds, shades or drapes should really at the forefront. Here are some treatments you would like to consider:


Wood Vertical Window Blinds

Vertical Blinds are a blessing in disguise, especially for big windows. They not only allow for aesthetic designing but also give you complete control on light filtering. They can bunch into a nice vertical line on the sides ensuring the decor is unspoiled. Wood Vertical Window Blinds not only enrich the look of large windows but also are economical depending on your choice.


Wood Vertical Window Blinds


Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Custom Faux Wood Blinds are economical while giving your room a textured contemporary decor. They are easy to care for and low maintenance. You will fall in love with these blinds that come in a variety of Wood Colours to give you the comfort and warmth of real wood. Cordless options are the best option to choose if you have kids and pets to care for.


Custom Faux Wood Blinds


Real Wood Blinds

Real Wood Blinds are an excellent choice for insulation and privacy. With fine grains and natural stains, they are naturally warm, organic and comforting. They are durable and lightweight hence making them ideal for big windows. Most Wood Blinds are harvested from timber using modern techniques so that they match any style of wooden furniture. They can be customized to your requirement of the windows in your home. If you prefer a classic, timeless, refined look, then this treatment will surely not disappoint you.


Real Wood Blinds


Fabric Roman Shades

Roman shades bring in a very streamlined look to that window in your special area, making it an ideal choice for any Big Windows. Fabrics that are stacked neatly at the top of the window or as they are raised, creating a series of sumptuous, soft folds make them best shades to keep out heat. Our Roman Shades boast handcrafted designer quality, vast fabric choices to choose from, and a lush, indulgent presence uniquely their own. Where patterned curtains can sometimes overwhelm a space, a Roman blind covers any area giving it that sophistication you are looking for.


Fabric Roman Shades


Roller Shades

Roller shades are an inexpensive but alluring option to look at. The chic patterns and bold colors will brighten your day and lift your mood at any given time. Just pull them up for them to vanish and roll into a rod making them disappear from your window.


Roller Shades


Difference Between Roller and Roman Blinds

The difference between Roller and Roman Blinds is that Roman Blinds do not give you complete privacy while Roller Blinds can be used as an ideal option to block light off. Roman Blinds can turn your room into an Elegant Style with the variety of Fabrics and attractive designs to choose from. They are typically used in bedrooms because they are cozier and lend a warm look to the room. Roller Blinds are very practical in usage and hence, are often used in offices. They can be customized and are an affordable option to pick from.


Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades are the perfect window treatments for light filtering or room darkening as required. They are Energy Saving Products due to their unique structure hence making them ideal as Outdoor Window Blinds. Beautiful vertical cellular shades for glass doors make an impact that stimulates your living space with their unique and simple look.


Ideas for Treating a Bay Window.

  • Bay Windows are an architectural beauty that stands apart due to its unique protruding structure. Treatments are the most stylish when layered. Pairing blinds, shades, draperies or valances can give you both functionality and decorative styles that you might be looking for.
  • The softness of Draperies for Bay Windows can flank the big windows. Make a bold statement with loud colors and patterns to go with your existing decor. Stationary Curtains are an inexpensive option to look at while choosing decor for your Big Windows. If you are looking for a clean, simple yet elegant look then Sheer Shades are the perfect answer. Combine pops of pink with soft neutrals, matchstick blinds with sheer fabrics, Tiffany Blues with Canary Yellows and a lot more to select from.
  • In case privacy or light control isn’t your utmost concern, then only using Valances can be the sole piece of decor that you might want to use on your Bay Windows. While they might appear to be only serving as a decor, they are also great for hiding the hardware of other treatments like wood blinds or cellular or roller shades.

Visit our store for samples or expert advice to figure out various options of Blinds for Big Windows. We sure look forward to hearing from you.

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