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Best Window Treatments Offered by Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas Window Coverings

Hunter Douglas Window Coverings – Best Window Treatments


While shopping for any product in the market, we look for the best quality item that will be durable and will be more than your money’s worth. We are sure there are times when you were so miffed with the quality of a dress that you bought, or a phone that you purchased that was so bad you decided to never buy another of that brand or from that store. But you might certainly have recommended a brand to your buddies and relatives when you realized its product was better than anything else you’d used until then.

The power of word-of-mouth is prevalent in home decor too. Setting up our homes with the best-looking, easy-to-maintain and long-lasting products is a must, as in the absence of the above-mentioned qualities, you might be the one telling others to avoid those products. Hence, you must ensure you only get the best quality when buying your products.

In the world of window treatments, there are many brands available. Every time you decide to go online, each website proclaims itself to be the best. But how do you decide which brand is truly worth it? Here we talk of Hunter Douglas, a top player for over 100 years that is a shining example of innovation, state-of-the-art design, and superior performance.


Hunter Douglas Window Coverings

The thing that separates the Hunter Douglas brand from its counterparts is the technology and innovation that goes into building every fabric, texture and blind.

In this section, we list down all the important points that make Hunter Douglas window coverings an excellent choice for your home. Let us look at all the wonderful coverings offered by this top brand.


Roman Shades Unlike Any Other


Fabric Roman Shades


Hunter Douglas has designed one-of-a-kind Roman shades boasting of luxurious fabrics and soft folds, going by the name of Vignette Modern Roman Shades. By no exposed cords to ensure child safety and coming in different opacity levels (room darkening, light filtering, and sheer), they ensure you have the ultimate experience in choosing the right Roman shade based on your requirements.

The redeeming feature of the blinds is their two opacity levels in one shade. The Duolite technology combines the light filtering shade placed on the front with a room darkening fabric placed on the back panel. This combination leads your room the desired level of privacy along with natural sunlight as and when desired.


Highly Functional Cellular Shades


Cellular Honeycomb Shades


How amazing it would be to not just combine two different features but the construction and design of two seemingly unconnected blinds?

Sonnette Cellular Shades from Hunter Douglas, boasting of an energy efficient construction, combines the features and construction of cellular shades with the simplicity of roller shades.

Being amazingly efficient, these cellular shades boast of a superior aesthetic appeal. They are also available with a cordless feature that makes them safe to use in a place that houses children and pets. They are available in as many as 48 different colors, ranging from red to grey and in fabrics that are semi-opaque as well as room darkening. They have SoftTouch and PowerView motorization features that allow for a battery operated the system to control their movements in a fairly simple way. They also allow for automatic adjustments, which can be scheduled according to the times you want your shades to be open or closed.


Silhouette Window Shadings

One of the major highlights of Hunter Douglas’ catalog, these window coverings come with a unique S-shaped construction with superior quality light diffusing fabrics that also provide the necessary privacy to your home. These vanes can be tilted to expose the view through your window, or they can be used to transform the harsh sunlight falling on them into a soft glow that illuminates the interiors. These shadings can also provide protection against the harmful UV radiation by filtering over 88% of the sun’s harmful rays.


Sumptuous Woven Woods


Natural Woven Wood Shades


The natural shades of Hunter Douglas made from bamboo, grass and natural woods are meant to provide your room with ultimate beauty and elegance. Provenance Wooden Shades provide a range of shades, from textured fabrics to refined weaves.

Available in three different varieties, namely, Waterfall Roman, Vertical Drapery and Roman, these shades can be easily set up on any kind of window, with or without an attached lining. These liners may be light filtering ones or room darkening ones, based on your need. Enough thought has also gone into their operating style, with their PowerView feature offering a wireless feature. These shades can easily be controlled through your mobile or tablet, once they are synchronized using an app feature that can be downloaded on your device. You can control their movements throughout the day, without as much bothering to move from your sofa or bed. They can be scheduled to be operated any time through modern and innovative technological methods such as LiteRise, UltraGlide, and EasyRise. They also come with the modern headrail made of pure metal in the woven wood category.


Different Technologies in Vertical Blinds


Modern Vertical Window Blinds


Vertical blinds are often go-to window coverings for people who want modernity, style, and features all packed into one single window shade. Traditionally meant for offices, the application of vertical blinds has slowly found its way into modern homes.

At Hunter Douglas, these blinds are available as panel track blinds with a clean and crisp construction, thanks to the Skyline technology, which makes them easily installed on both large and small windows. When they are kept open, they stack neatly and tightly to offer the maximum view possible. They are available in a wide variety of fabrics, including wood, aluminum, and vinyl.

If you want the absorbing feature in your blinds, you can also go for Cadence window blinds which have soft, drapery-like folds that are as functional as pleasant to look at, with their translucent fabric. The design is such that it allows no light to pass through with its solid headrail in place.

Custom designed for every window, for every climate and every feature for unique tastes, these window treatments are the perfect embodiment of modern technology, design, and texture. To top it all, they also come with a guarantee that ensures you get your money’s worth on every purchase on this brand.

If you can’t find Hunter Douglas shades near you, consider an alternative such as Graber, known for their quality and excellent warranty, and variety of different fabrics and options to customize and choose from.

So what are you waiting for? Make your purchase and be assured of ultimate performance in all seasons.

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