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Why Hunter Douglas Shades Have Become The Go-To Option For Your Window Treatment Woes

Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades

Why Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades Have Become The Go-To Option?


Buying a new house is undoubtedly a big achievement. However, no matter how much happiness a house might bring, your responsibilities are increased greatly. The bigger the place, the tougher the task is of maintaining it. This involves decorating and furnishing it properly, getting the right colors to complement its beauty, and also choosing the right window dressing options to line up your empty window spaces.

In the absence of a window covering, your house can heat up during summers in no time and become as cold as the outdoors during winters. But how do we decide which brand is reliable and trustworthy for window coverings? Worry not, as another name that is fast growing to become the go-to option for your window treatment woes is Hunter Douglas, with its rather innovative and state-of-the-art items.


Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades

Wouldn’t you want your home to be decorated with ideal window coverings that convert harmful light into something smooth and soothing? Wouldn’t you want your window spaces to be lined up with window coverings that transform outside sunlight into a beautiful glow that makes your home stylish? While that sounds like a romantic enough though, it has been brought to reality by amazingly designed and constructed Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades.

These window coverings let you enjoy a wonderful outside view while ensuring you get your desired level of privacy. The shades are soft and smooth in texture and have vanes that can be tilted up or down to get your desired level of privacy or the light you want inside. By protecting the house against the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, they are a great investment that you must not shy away from.


Why Hunter Douglas Shades Are Popular and Efficient

Hunter Douglas, since its inception in the 1940s, has been instrumental in creating modern and innovative products. In the arena of window treatments, the brand has been designing effective and highly durable products in beautiful designs that save energy, provide protection the house against extreme temperatures, and give you enough privacy to not be disturbed by any outside sounds.

So let us learn why Hunter Douglas are efficient window treatments that are a favorite among buyers:


 1) Advanced and Unique Operating Systems

Hunter Douglas has come up with contemporary window treatments for the modern homes that are laden with features that give you the power to control the blinds and their movements through a remote control, a tablet or a smartphone. The advanced Duolite technology also allows for light diffusion and room darkening features to come together in a single shade.


2) Innovative and High-Quality Textiles

Hunter Douglas has a majestic and extraordinary collection of over 2,400 fabrics, which are woven together in an intricate pattern to create high-quality designs in window treatments. Creating fabulous patterns and efficient materials that lend durability and form energy-efficient pockets in their sheer blinds to provide protection from outside temperatures, these textiles are known to bring resilience in form and shape. The high-performing teams at Hunter Douglas are constantly in touch with and work closely with designers to constantly be aware of the latest trends and know how in the industry. Besides, they are known to invent new patterns and style statements that quickly become the new trends.


3) Safety for Children

Coming up with latest and innovative products does not mean that the experts at Hunter Douglas compromise on the safety of your loved ones in the house. Their motorized operating systems with remote control features and smartphone operation and retractable cords bring home the fact that they are engineered with technology that was built considering child and pet safety in mind. Corded window coverings often come with a warning label attached with them which states the potential hazards or having children around them. It is, therefore, necessary to read the instructional manual carefully before setting them up in a place or window that may be in reach of kids or pets.


4) Energy Efficiency

One of the specialties of Hunter Douglas is the Duette Architella honeycomb fabric, which is known for the energy efficiency it brings with its honeycomb within a honeycomb design. These window coverings can easily save up to 50% of your energy costs during all times of the year as they keep the house cool during summers and warm and cozy during winters. Their special fabric and construction ensure heat doesn’t escape through the windows when the temperatures drop while preventing outside heat from entering the home when the sun is at its scorching best.

Other than this, the fabric also allows for natural sunlight to enter (without heating the house up or being affected by the glare), thereby saving electricity costs on both your lighting and your climate control needs.


5) Light Control and Privacy


Room Darkening and Blackout Curtains


Hunter Douglas window shades come in a variety of options for the level of opacity you want in your room, and each of them promises a different feature. The translucent or lighter sheer fabrics allow for light diffusion, filling the room with natural sunlight. On the other hand, the room darkening and blackout curtains are meant to provide privacy inside the room, when you want to work on an important office project, want to fall asleep or spend some alone time, free from the disturbance of any outside elements.

The various redeeming features and high-end qualities of Hunter Douglas make their window treatments rather unique and popular among home decor aficionados. As they can be easily customized by the brand and its team of highly trained professionals, you can choose them on the basis of your favorite color and the purpose you are buying them for. So what are you waiting for? Choose your pick among the wide variety and be prepared to get your money’s worth in no time.

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