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How Your Decor Can Help You Enjoy The Spring Season

Young woman enjoying her spring decor.

As winter gives way to spring, the colder days fade away, the new season ushers in a light and airy feel. Home decor for spring brings with it a warm new energy, just like the season itself. Nothing brings hope and excitement into a home like adding new colorful decor to welcome the arrival of warmer weather. 

If you’re looking for spring decorating ideas or want to add new spring living room decor to brighten up your family’s hang-out space, we’ve got you covered. To get started on this  transformation, read on as we want to share with you the simplest and best ways you can rejuvenate your home.

Color Should Be Introduced Throughout Your Home

Dark and grey colors tend to characterize winter. Spring is distinguished by bright whites, orangey reds, warm greens, and brilliant yellows. These colors have the capability to influence our moods, emotions, and even our creativity. That is why livening up your color scheme is one of the quickest ways to bring spring into your home.

When you introduce these new colors, don’t think you have to redo your entire house. Subtle touches throughout your home may be all you require. Consider adding floral rugs, a spring wreath or faux flowers in select areas for splashes of color.

Change Your Lighting Fixtures

Change your lighting decor for a quick and easy upgrade. Lighting pieces add a distinct style to your home with their unique sizes, shapes, and colors. They can truly make it feel like spring, even if it is still dark and gloomy outside. You can genuinely change the way each room feels with minimal effort.

Makeover Your Home’s Decor

A makeover does not imply that you have to create a flower garden in your living room or an entire flower gallery wall. Simply changing out a few pieces in your home can make any room feel updated, clean, and fresh. For example, you can change to a lighter-colored console table, hang a one-of-a-kind style mirror, or incorporate some pastel colored art pieces and fluffy throw pillows throughout your house to really brighten the mood.

Organize by Incorporating some Baskets

Getting everything organized is another simple way to incorporate the spring season. People love spring because it means it’s time to unload and reorganize their belongings, and one of the best ways to do this is with the beautiful addition of wood woven baskets throughout your home. A woven basket is a great accessory that looks amazing no matter where you put it, and it doubles as the perfect place to put away knick knacks and other small items.

Enhance Your Patio’s Appearance

The best part of spring is that it is finally time to get back outside and enjoy the fresh air. Fortunately, with high-quality patio furniture, this task will be simple. Keep in mind that your outdoor furniture is an extension of your home. They will bring with them a sense of comfort and color that perfectly embodies those warmer spring days.

Refresh your Windows with New Window Coverings

Windows are the perfect place for refreshing your home’s decor. Do away with old boring window treatments like plain curtains and really bring the feeling of spring home with a new look. Not only do window treatments provide privacy and light blockage, but they are a great way in invigorating your home with a new design. Let’s further explore some of our favorites for spring.

Wooden Window Blinds

Real wood blinds not only provide wooden appearance, but they also have an air of wholeness about them. In an instant, a wooden blind can transform your boring space into a modern one that really invites nature inside. They are the perfect compliment to a space that is filled with plant greenery and colorful flowers.

Wood Blinds with plants.

Wood blinds can give your window frame a colorful appearance also. They are available in a variety of paints and with cloth tapes, so you can really emphasise the colors you want. Although faux wood blinds are able to imitate the look of real wood blinds, they fail to capture the artfulness of real wood.

With the charm and aesthetics of wood blinds, it is easy to forget another reason to invest in them: their durability. Being made from North American hardwoods, wood blinds are simply made from top quality materials. The emphasis on quality really allows houses with wood blinds to thrive, as the blinds are expected to last the lifetime of the home, increasing the curb value of the house and bringing you another hidden value from them.

Natural Shades

Like wood blinds, natural shades come from the best natural materials available, such as woods, bamboo and jute. Natural shades really go well with spring home decor and they create a great environment for you to want to stay in. Whether you have them in a living room or a dining room, you will want to be around these natural shades as they really allow you to feel next to nature when at home.

Like custom wood blinds, natural shades are like a canvas for you to decorate your windows in. Bringing home high quality materials not only cover your windows, but really emphasise the “decoration” in window decors. Natural shades come in the roman shades style, which gives them an extra special appearance.

Roman style shades fold in a special way unlike roller or cellular shades. When these shades are closing, the fabric folds into itself, creating large, curved pleats that can remind you of fancy drapes. So natural shades are truly a unique window dressing, as it combines so many of the best elements of our favourites.

Final Thoughts

Going with the flow of the season is the best theme for your home decor. Bringing colors, life and nature into your house will really rejuvenate your home and will allow you to enjoy the season of spring to the fullest.

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