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How Window Treatments Can Create a Cozy Bedroom

How Window Treatments Can Create a Cozy Bedroom

Is it not wonderful to return to a comfy bed after a long day of hard work? We all deserve it and most certainly need it. According to experts, our bodies need between 7 -9 hours of relaxing sleep to maintain concentration throughout the day. A good sleep is an important ingredient in the recipe for an energetic and a fruitful day.

But there is more to a bedroom than just sleep. This is a uniquely personal space that is meant to be a comfort zone. It has to have the right blend of comfort and practicality to make the end of your day relaxing and stress free. For centuries, designers have come up with excellent ideas to make bedrooms more beautiful and inviting. All these have culminated into a wide plethora of design ideas that can be implemented in modern homes to set the right tone for quiet, quality me-time.

Vintage Bedroom Decor

Some Ideas for a Cozy Bedroom

Although everyone has their own specific preferences for the perfect looking bedroom, there are some ideas that are universally useful for adding those extra comfort touches to your dream bedroom. Let’s look at a few of them.


There is nothing more relaxing and inviting than a white bedspread. To add an extra layer of luxury, cover your white duvet and bedsheet with a chunky throw. You can also have a throw in matching colors with vases, rugs, or window treatment solutions.


If you have wooden flooring, don’t let the chill seep-in through your toes. There is nothing like a thick, plush rug to sink your feet after a hard spent running around. Use a colorful rug to cozy-up you room and to add a touch of softness to the practical lines of the room.

Light Colored Furniture

Although deep colored furniture can bring in a lot of grandeur and sophistication to a room, light colored furniture add charm and warmth. Warm wood colors, coupled with earthen hues, crafts the cosy cottage like feel.

Clever Arrangement

To keep your bedroom clutter-free and tidy, you will have to include smart storage solutions that do not detract from the beauty of the room, or make it look crowded. Arrange your furniture cleverly to maintain the impression of space. Place your bed to make sure it gets most of the sunlight.

Window Treatment Solutions

It might not be obvious, but window treatment solutions can have a big impact on your comfort levels. This is also true for your bedrooms, which remains unoccupied for most of the day and is only used in the mornings or at night time. As you are not there to always operate the blinds, your choice of blind material and design will have an enormous impact on how comfortable your room is when you come back to it at the end of the day. Let’s look at some of the factors that you need to take into account when selecting a window treatment solution for your bedroom window.

Temperature Control

The biggest impact of window treatment solutions is in the area of temperature control. As most of the heat transfer happens through the windows, the coverings you select for your windows will go along way in reducing heat loss or gain.

For proper insulation, select thick materials for your window treatment solutions. Wooden shutters or metallic venetian blinds are great at insulating windows. The closer fit of shutter with the frame leaves very little gap, which minimizes the heat transfer to a large extent. The thick material of metal also gives venetian blinds an advantage over fabric window treatment solutions. However, for both of these solutions to work, you need to keep them closed, which would stop the flow of natural light. To get around this problem, opt for Honeycomb Cellular blinds. These blinds are lightweight and extremely attractive. The honeycomb like structure is full of empty air-pockets which trap air and turn the blind into an insulating layer.

Day Night Cellular Shades for Bedroom

If you have a good insulating layer on your window, you will definitely achieve better insulation, while saving good money on your energy bills.

Light Filtration

Light is another factor that can severely hamper your peace. A peaceful mornings sleep can be prematurely interrupted with the first rays of sun shining directly on your eyes. The glare of the sun can also hurt your eyes if you are trying to catch up on some work on your laptop.

Some blinds are designed to keep out the sun, while providing you your daily quotient of sunlight. Vertical blinds are one such amazing solution. These blinds run from top to bottom and the thick slats provide great protection against the onslaught of sunlight. You can position your blinds to keep the light away from any particular area, while still enjoying natural light. To cut off light completely, use blackout roller blinds. These blinds have thickly woven material which are designed to cut off light completely, giving your all the peace and comfort you need for a relaxing sleep or digital time.

Bedroom Vertical Blinds

Privacy and View

You need a perfect blend of privacy and view to make most of your bedroom window. You can consider Zebra blinds or Day and Night blinds for this purpose. In Zebra blinds, you get a clever mix of sheer and solid vanes, arranged in alternating stripes, which give you dual advantage of view and privacy. The sheer fabric allows you to see the outside, and lets in enough light, while the solid vanes are great for privacy and partial insulation. At night, simply position the solid vanes to block out the view completely and give you all the privacy you need.

Day and night blinds go one step further as they have a sheer shade stacked on top of a blackout shade. The sheer layer provides uninterrupted views and protection from solar glare and UV rays. It can be used during the day to fill the room with the muted glow of sunlight. The blackout fabric can be used at night for total privacy or for cutting off light completely.

Use beautiful furnishings and clever window treatment solutions to create the bedroom after your own heart.

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