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How Window Cornices Can Enhance an Antique Look at Home

How Window Cornices Can Enhance an Antique Look at Home

There is something undeniably alluring about an antiquated look. A feeling of nostalgia, coupled with the timeless charm of classical themes, combine to recreate the glory of the past in an entirely modern context.

If your home retains many of the architectural glamours of the past, then the task becomes easy. All you have to do is compliment the old design with cosmetic interventions. However, if you have a modern home, cosmetic interventions would become impractical and a very costly endeavour. Instead, you can add decorative elements and furnishing touches that recreates the charm and glory of the past, all the while, incorporating the comfort and convenience of modern life.

There are more ways than one through which you can craft an antique look for your home. Here we bring some useful tips for creating an antique look for your home.

Bring in Some Real Paintings

Paintings go a long way in creating that antique look. Oil paintings and water colors can be a great choice for the walls. The lovely strokes of paint add a lot of authenticity to the look. Original works also add character to the room.


Rugs are an essential part of the look. Especially worn rugs, in floral or antiquated design will work to unify your concept and balance out the different design elements of the room.

A Clever Blend of Wood and Stone

Wooden floors, stone fire or brick fireplaces, and antique furniture would give you an authentic antique feel. Depending on which era you wish to recreate in your home décor, your furniture choice and tile choice will give you enough opportunity to select a pattern that would fit right into your scheme.

Add Window Cornices

Window cornices were a common sight in the bygone era and is still in vogue. They can be utilized to add weight and elegance into your windows. As these window treatments were equally popular in different eras, you can incorporate this popular design option into your interiors.

Let’s look at how window cornices can be utilized to add that antique look into your interiors.

What are Window Cornices?

Window cornices are wooden structures that are used to cover the top of a curtain. They are usually used for ornamental purposes, mostly to hide the unsightly hardware of curtain hardware.

Cornices are different from valances. Valances are made of fabric. Window cornices are pure wooden structures, with designs embedded on the wood itself. Sometimes they have fabric mounted on the wooden structures for added design and beauty.

Cornice Boards

How Window Cornices Enhance the Antique Look of Your Home

Cornices come in a huge variety of designs. The wide wooden surface allows you to incorporate a huge variety of designs, shapes, as well as patterns. Let’s look at some attractive design ideas that would enhance the antique look of your home.

Box Cornices with Victorian Design

Even though you are trying for the antique look, you can still experiment with light colors. The perfect example can be a box cornice in Victorian design, painted in white. The benefit of white is that it shows the design in perfect clarity, and contrasts beautifully with any wall color, especially if it is in a deeper shade. The Victorian design would be a beautiful touch on a sheer curtain in steel or grey. While the cornice hides the curtain rods and rings, the windows get a much more well-defined look with the box like design. Maintain the continuity of the design with the use of simple, yet grand furniture and may be an elegant piano. Overall, you will be able to create a look of subdued grandeur with these gorgeous box cornices.

Combine Valance with a Cornice

Cornices can be combined with valances to enhance the rich look. An intricate cornice in a golden tinge can be beautifully paired with light colored, ornate valance, which would form the perfect frame around a brocade curtain.  Match the design of the cornice with that of other antique element you have used else where in the room, live flower vases or rugs. This type of design will be the perfect match for a room that used loads of golden and floral design motifs.

Window Cornices and Valances

Natural Wood Cornice and a Roller Blind

It is true that cornices are usually paired with curtains, but you can add a special touch to the concept by using a natural wood cornice with a gorgeous roller blind. The simple design and sleek look of the roller blind would contrast beautifully with the intricate designs of the cornices, creating a feeling of restrained style and sophistication. The natural wood color would be a perfect backdrop for any roller blind design, giving you plenty of design options. The roller blinds can be customized to include a large variety of functionalities, ranging from light control or superior privacy and noise-reduction benefits.

Wood Cornice Board

Plain Black Cornice and Woven Wood Blinds

Plain black, when combined with heavy curtain in black and white design, can add huge drama and intrigue to your room. The combination is both attractive and practical. The black cornices can be paired with pretty much any type of window treatment solutions, which would give you more flexibility in incorporating more functionalities into your window coverings. The curtains can provide grandeur and style, while the woven wood blind can add a natural barrier against heat gain. Woven wood blinds can keep the room ventilated and protect the furnishings from the glare of the sun, so that your room remains just as comfortable in summer, as in the winter. Draw the curtains over the windows when you need to cut off light completely and for some privacy. If you wish to recreate the night-like effect during the day, go for blackout curtains, which would also provide great insulation.

Window cornices are a great choice for taking the antique look of your home to yet another level.

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