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How Wide Can Blinds Be?

How Wide Can Blinds Be

It’s a foray into another year of cold winter mornings and hot coffee mugs. You get up, eyes half open and narrowed from the blinding sunlight, and wish you could nap for another 15 minutes. The idea of getting ready and jostling your way through morning traffic to listen to an earful from your boss… well, the prospect isn’t very exciting. If only you could enjoy being in bed taking time off for the day. Ever wondered why our house is our perfect comfort zone? Or why there’s no place quite like home? We sleep, eat, argue with our spouses, watch television, host parties, have night-long discussions and feel at ease while the outside world shuts itself off. The reasons are plenty, and one of these is how well we take care of our living space: be it a regular and effective dusting and vacuuming or having the right blinds for our windows.

Having the Right Wide Window Blinds

So I have a set of curtains in my living room to cover my large windows with attached grills. They boast of a sturdy window glass, which is at once safe and appealing to any visitor who sits on the comfy inner sofa just next to the windows. These guests can’t stop gushing over my taste and the right choice of an interior decorator when I was getting my home renovated. However, sitting on this sofa becomes challenging when temperatures soar during the months of May or June. It becomes imperative to turn on the air conditioner, which by the end of the month, burns a hole in the pocket. Something similar happens during the winter months when you cannot hope to stay in the living room for long without a heater plugged in.

As mentioned earlier, the windows are quite wide in the living room. Which begs the question: How wide can blinds be for the large, square/rectangular spaces? They do provide a great outside view, but until they were covered with the right window shades, I had to bear the brunt of high electricity costs. So what I did was purchase a pair of long blackout curtains. From time to time, I pull them aside to enjoy a view of the garden while simultaneously enjoying my book in natural sunlight. And when they are drawn, they keep the temperature inside normal. There is now a reduced need for electronic devices for comfy room temperature. All it required was the right investment in the correct window treatments.

What Large Blinds Would Work for You?

The past decade has seen home decor enter into a new zone of technology-friendly, trendy designs. I am old-school happy, so I prefer the general cord mechanism to control my blackout curtains. Many of you might, however, prefer remote controlling or Alexa-enabled features that require minimal physical effort. So, especially for you gadget-friendly peeps, here go the best window blinds for wide windows.

Faux Window Blinds

Interested in long-lasting and waterproof blinds that are as sturdy as they look? Go for cordless 2-inch faux window blinds. These blinds can be anywhere from 70-96” in width, however for sizes larger than that you’ll have to go for 2 or 3 blinds on 1 headrail. They might be a replica of wooden window treatments but have entered the popular space because of the multitude of benefits they have on offer. Protecting the home while allowing adjustments for light and privacy control are just a few of them, so you might as well opt for these functional devices while simultaneously creating a solid first impression.
Faux Wood Blinds for Large Windows

Z-Wave Enabled Treatments for Large Windows

You might as well be living under a rock if you are yet not aware that smart homes that can be operated with a single click of the smartphone, or by mere voice instructions! Virtual Cord Graber Cellular Shades, Natural Blinds, Solar Shades and Roller Shades are the shining examples of how far technology has arrived to offer you the ultimate consumer experience, all while giving you total control anytime and anywhere. Thanks to Z-Wave enabled shades, you can now adjust multiple window treatments in a room or open and shut blinds across rooms. The maximum width of these blinds varies depending on the shade style, with the largest being 144” with the Cellular Shades.
Z-Wave Enabled Shades

Vertical Blinds for Extra Wide Office Windows and Sliding Doors

Traditional vertical blinds had the cord mechanism going for them, which required you to get up, walk over to them and tilt them while disrupting an important meeting or discussion. Despite this, there are few other options as amazingly effective as them for privacy and light control for large office windows. And now, they are the ideal mechanism for sliding doors where other window treatments might seem “out of place”. They provide excellent prevention against the sun’s glare which can prove to be a major irritant, especially when you’re reading or watching television. Besides, their shape is such that it doesn’t allow the dust or grime to settle on them for long. Which, in turn, makes the dusting or vacuuming process fairly easy if you compare it with horizontal blinds. Vertical Blinds can go up to large widths and heights, generally up to 192”.
Vertical Blinds for Wide Windows

Roller and Solar Blinds for Your Large Living Space

Hang them in your bedroom. Or the living room. Heck, even the study room or the kitchen. Anywhere where the sun shines in its maximum glory. Sunlight is essential and welcoming in areas that otherwise experience colder climates on most days. However, as the popular adage goes, “excess of everything is bad,” you wouldn’t want your indoors to become too hot for comfort, or for your skin to be exposed to UV radiation. Solar shades come to your rescue, and they are not just there to cover the length and breadth of the window space with a minimal yet appealing design. Their special fabric allows them you to enjoy an uninterrupted view of the garden, valley or street without being spotted from outside. And we’ll, they have customized options in opacity levels. Their minimal hardware allows you some extra space to store furniture or other items of importance in front of them. And when you have exterior solar shades, that leaves the entire inner space free for storing items. So you have nothing to lose when you’re opting for one of the best window treatments across the globe. Roller and Solar shade maximum sizes vary from 80 to 120” in width and about 100-144” in height (depending on fabrics and options chosen).
Roller Solar Shades for Wide Windows

Extra Large Drapes

We will always have scope for something traditional, shall we not? As the world progresses to smarter window treatments, we are losing sight and touch of everything that was a part of our growing up years. Besides, an orthodox touch provides the perfect fushion atmosphere for our drawing room and becomes the center of discussion in no time. So when you have a textured mantelpiece and floral wall art masterpieces, have a pair of good old drapes for your windows to give a nice, contrasting touch. If pure silk is too expensive for you, go for art silk in ethnic patterns. Yes, this may require some work and entail dry cleaning costs, but nothing better to insulate your house and keeping all your guests cozy. As the outdoors suffer in chilly winds, you’ll no longer require a jacket to chill with your pals indoors. These beauties cover every ounce of your wide window space and overwhelm you with the sheer majesty of their appearance. Customized drapery can be as wide as you want, but panels tend to max out at around 70-94” in width, after which you’ll need multiple panels to cover your window.
Extra Large Drapes
Now, with multiple online shopping venues to cater to every unique need, getting stuff doesn’t take much time. However, getting the right stuff requires some forethought. The same is true in case of home purchases. Modern shades and blinds can be tricky to wrap your head around, so it becomes all the more essential to do thorough research in getting the right product. Reach out to us and continue reading this section for constant guidance, and we are here to address any concerns you might have in the arena of window treatments.

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