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How Wide Can Blinds Be? Maximum Sizes for Each Blind Type

How Wide Can Blinds Be? Maximum Sizes for Each Blind Type

Creating the Perfect Home

It takes a lot of effort and a blend of several things to create a cozy and comfortable ambiance for your home. Home is where you make memories, and make every moment a one to cherish forever. It is where you entertain friends and spend quality time with your loved ones. You play, laugh a lot, cry a little, and help create a happy home for you and your dear ones. A cold, lifeless home, devoid of love and warmth can never be the place where you can create loving memories. It is the coming together of many things that help to create a dream house. Those cozy couches and sofas where you get to snuggle up with your loved ones; those warm soft lights that create an ethereal environment; the soft rugs where you sit and play with the little ones; bright and cheerful window blinds and drapes to keep your home warm and pleasant and create positive vibes. Everything that you add to your home plays an important role in creating a conducive environment for happy healthy living.

Blinds for Different Shapes and Sizes

Blinds are integral to quality living inside your home. They play multiple roles of blocking out light and heat, preventing heat gain and heat loss, safeguarding the safety and privacy of your homes, and of course contributing to the aesthetic value of the house. You can choose from different types of blinds depending upon your need for light, privacy, and insulation. Different lift types like cordless blinds might be better for rooms with kids and pets, while motorization can be good for hard to reach windows. There are also blinds segregated based on the size and shape of your windows. Apart from the standard routine windows that every house boasts of, some may be large and wide, while others may be of a different shape altogether like circular, semi-circular, hexagonal, triangular, etc. the blind size and width will vary depending upon the size and shape of the windows. It is always good to know the maximum width because this will help us to make an informed decision about the blinds that we purchase. Very often it so happens that due to lack of information we stick to drapes to cover these wide and large windows. While drapes are a great choice, you may want to look for alternatives.

Cordless Venetian Blackout Blinds

Maximum Width of Some Popular Window Blinds and Shades

As you get your blinds customized, it is fair to say that you can get blinds of any size. But you have to think about the feasibility of an extra large-sized blind. When you mount these blinds you find your recess pulled down due to the weight of the blinds. So there is an upper limit that is set for these window treatments which however vary from blind to blind depending upon the material and built.

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are a popular window treatment in the market and a great alternative to wooden blinds. They are known for their moisture-resistant and durable qualities. The width of these blinds can be anywhere between 70” and 96”. It is sufficient for most windows. however, if you have windows that are larger then it is recommended to install a set of 2 or 3 blinds per headrail for better coverage and fit.

2-inch Lake Forest Graber Faux Wood Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are always the first choice for large windows and doors because of their enhanced coverage. They do an amazing job of diffusing light and cutting out glare and UV rays inside the house or even in offices and hospitals. This makes them a popular choice for commercial places as well. They are easy to maintain and clean and the maximum width of vertical blinds can be up to 192”.

Safe Vertical Blinds

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are the perfect choice for contemporary and modern homes because of their sleek and smart appearance. They neatly roll up when raised and look elegant when lowered. Roller blinds do a great job of blocking out heat and light as and when required. The blackout roller shades are perfect for bedrooms where you need to block light out completely. The roller-solar shades offer a view with amazing heat block and allow soft diffused light to fill your rooms. They are good for maintaining the health of the furniture, furnishings and of course your physical health. Roller shades are found in width ranging between 80” and 120″. For some types of roller shades, like outdoor blinds, they can go up to 144″.

Blackout Roller Window Blinds

Cellular Shades

The most energy-efficient window shade in the market is cellular shades. They do a brilliant job of preventing heat loss through the windows during the cold winter months. They help to keep the warm air trapped indoors. They can significantly reduce the need for artificial heating thereby cutting down energy costs. Cellular shades can be customized to fit window width up to 144” which is substantial.

Crown Ultimate Light Filtering Cellular Shades

Roman Shades

Roman shades have been around for a very long time and they are not for their elegance and grace. They stack beautifully when raised and lend an old-world charm to the surrounding ambiance even in a contemporary setting. You can choose from a variety of fabrics, colors, and designs to suit your decor style. Made-to-measure Roman Shades are available up to a width of 118”.

These are some of the most popular modern blinds and shades on the market and can be customized to suit most sizes. As we have mentioned before, if your windows are wider, it is advisable to opt for more blinds on a single headrail than go for a wider blind as that can interfere with the operation of the blinds and can also cause damage to the windows in the long run.

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