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How to Work and Maintain Your Blinds Properly

How To Work And Maintain Your Blinds Properly

When it comes to your home space or even a commercial set up there are certain requisites and pre-requisites it needs to not only for functionality but also bring forth the proper aesthetics. For each person, the type of décor required is subjective – like some people find it an absolute must to have doormats, while others believe it’s essential to have potpourri for fragrance. But an essential that everyone agrees upon is window treatments and window accents. Windows present a dual attraction by being both functional and visually appealing. There are so many ways to get that aesthetic or scenic image you have in mind about your window space.

Window treatments provide privacy as needed, they also allow ample light to enter the space as well as keeping the sun’s rays at bay so you can enjoy some cool and soothing shade. They’re essential due to the purpose it serves. But their variations in design and color is due to the kind of aesthetics they can also present. Window treatments are one of a kind investment too! Once you get them, they’ll stand tall for many years to come slowly sharing their charm to the surroundings. The key for this is maintenance – not only in looks but to ensure that it functions properly as well.
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What Makes Blinds Unique?

When it comes to window treatments and accessories there are blinds, drapery, valances, and many others to choose from. What’s great about window treatments is that they can be uniquely adapted and paired with each other. The common window treatments for privacy are drapery and blinds. With drapery, there is an easy connection due to the material, style, and concept being part of the decor industry even before the decor industry began. But blinds have been invented with the idea of flexibility.

There are many reasons why people have a preference for certain types of window cover or window accents like blinds and curtains,

For most, they’re termed as window accessories, they’re known for their privacy and other functionality but there are many things about them that are yet to be uncovered. Here are some fun anecdotes about blinds:

1) Did you know that the traditional Venetian blinds down actually hail from the beautiful city of Venice? They were in fact uncovered during a trade expedition with Persian that was held in the 12th century. Even the Egyptians used to make their own versions of blinds – hence window blinds come with a long history as well too.

2) If you’re the kind of person who’s all into the rustic farmland charm then there is something else in store. Natural shades i.e wooden blinds are made from natural material like wood or bamboo have a higher chance of reducing carbon dioxide emission, making them perfect for you to enjoy clean lines and a greener indoor space.

3) While Venetian shades don’t originate from Venice, Roman blinds draw inspiration from the way the Romans used to cover windows for earning more privacy for all their important matters.

4) If you really want to go back and truly uncover the truth behind window covering, what do you think the likely option will be for the oldest window coverings? The first signs or traces of window coverings have emerged from marble! When anyone thinks of marble it’s always considered elegant, this taste of elegance is a trend that has not died down for many centuries after.
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How to Maintain Blinds

A very common question that most people ask about blinds is – how to work blinds or how to maintain them. When it comes to window treatments like blinds, they’re considered an investment because once bought they become part of the house for many years to come. Hence the maintenance and functioning play a key role. It not only has to look great but work great for many years to come.

The functional aspect of the blinds is either operated with a cord, wand or even motorized. When it comes to maintaining the functional aspects of the blind it is important to regularly check the cord or if you have cordless blinds then it is important to keep checking the remote, the batteries, etc.

The next important thing to observe the movement mechanism these blinds have. It has to function smoothly and sharply without any glitch. If there is a glitch it is best to investigate the problem or consult someone who is more aware of how blinds function from a technical perspective.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, regularly dusting blinds play a very key and pivotal role in ensuring that it looks great. Depending on the material the blinds are made of, you can even use some extremely mild detergent but do so only after consulting an expert whether or not the material will get spoilt. You can even use your vacuum on the lowest setting with a brush attachment where the brush can be attached to the panel and gently brush to every nook and cranny- top to bottom, left to right! Maintaining your blinds ensures that they work and last for years to come.

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