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How to Wash Suede Curtains


Curtains are wonderful window treatments. They are some of the most versatile, useful and aesthetically pleasing window coverings and rival blinds and shades as an equal competitor. Curtains have their own benefits and pitfalls. For instance, curtains are considered to be better at providing privacy when compared to blinds. This is because blinds can create little slits or gaps in their slats which will allow onlookers to get a glimpse of the life you lead inside your home. Curtains offer different modes of light filtration. If you want to keep your rooms bright throughout the day you can try net curtains or sheer curtains. The sunlight passing through the curtains will also create a pristine lighting effect. Conversely, blackout curtains can help in blocking out all the sunlight from entering a room to make it an optimal place for rest and sleep. You can also find curtains that block the sunlight partially and filter out the sunlight that enters to prevent glare.

Another major aspect about curtains is that they can help in regulating the temperature by blocking warm air from entering the house during summers and preventing warm airs from leaving the house during winters. This makes them energy efficient and eases the burden on your wallet when it comes to utilities.

Characteristics of Suede Curtains

Amongst the different patterns, fabric materials and design that curtains have, suede curtains are quite interesting options that not many know about. 

Suede is one of the many types of leather. This leather is used to make jackets, shirts, shoes (arguably the most famous use for suede), purses, pieces of furniture and of course, curtains. Suede is considered as an unusual choice for being a type of curtain fabric, but it can surprise you greatly. If you can find a suede curtain which has a stylish design rendered to it, it can give your home a sophisticated and rustic look. Suede is usually associated with a suave and luxurious look and there is no reason that this should be restricted to shoes or purses.

Most importantly, suede curtains are probably the most unique window covering you may have heard of till date. Something that is also pertinent to note is that you can make your own suede curtains. Unlike other fabric, they don’t need a finished edge, which means that you have the option not to use a sewing machine. This not only means that you’re experimenting, but you can make the curtains on your own to custom fit your windows from the comfort of your home.

How do I maintain my suede curtains?

The unique ‘X’ factor of suede curtains come with unique challenges. They are not disadvantaging per se, but rather a different route in terms of treating them. The main challenge is maintenance. The process you are required to embark on to make sure that they last as long as they can is the quite different from other types of conventional curtains. Fortunately, the following tips can act as guide into making sure that you will not face any difficulty –

  • Regular dusting – It is important to regularly dust any kind of window treatment, be it blinds, shades or curtains. But it is even more important in the case of suede curtains. This is because suede curtains are difficult to wash. Most people who have some expertise in the area usually recommend that suede curtains be dry cleaned by professionals. In order to make sure you reduce the number of visits to your dry cleaners; regular dusting becomes almost mandatory.
  • Washing off stains – Getting your suede dry cleaned can be an expensive affair. Not to mention the effort it takes to get them to a professional and get them back. It might not be much, but you, just like most people would rather want to save yourself the trouble as often as you can. Thankfully, if you dust regularly, the only time you would find yourself needing an unscheduled dry cleaning for your curtains is when you get some accidental stains on them.

Fortunately, you can get rid of stains without having to resort to dry cleaning. There are products out there that specifically cater to cleaning things made out of suede. This is because suede is used for so many products like shoes and furniture. You can use these suede cleaning products to wash your curtains as well. There are things that you need to remember before using them though. For instance, make sure you read the instructions and get any questions clarified at the store you buy them at. Make sure you don’t use too much of the solution. Just dab it onto a cloth to make it easier for you.

Just to be on the safer side of things, you can use the suede cleaning product on a part of the curtains that is not prominent or noticeable. You can do this to check if the cleaning product does well on your curtain and doesn’t damage the texture of the leather. Once you’ve attested to its safety, you can go ahead and use it whenever you need the stains to be cleaned. It’s a cheaper and more convenient alternative to dry cleaning them regularly.

  • Homemade remedies – If you do not have enough of the suede cleaning product and haven’t bought a new one, you can use some items available at your home. It is recommended that you use these items only during emergencies and that they are not your staple cleaner all the time. Your first option is to use a pencil eraser. Use it gently so that you don’t damage the curtain. If this doesn’t work, stop immediately and use white vinegar. Take some white vinegar and pour it onto a damp cloth. Use the cloth to dab at the stain. If you rub roughly, you run the risk of spreading the stain further. Before using any of these DIY methods, check with your blinds manufacturer first for recommendations. ZebraBlinds is not liable for any damage caused through DIY methods.

Suede curtains might be just the thing that your home needs to level up a notch. It is guaranteed to garner a second glance, get some compliments and also ensures personal satisfaction. Make sure they are regularly dusted and that you run a suede brush over the curtain once you are done. It is recommended that you send them off for dry cleaning once a year.

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