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How To Wash Roman Blinds At Home

How To Wash Roman Blinds At Home

Wash Roman Blinds at Home Like a Pro

Roman shades are popular and fashionable because of their gorgeous design architecture. Vibrant colors and texture options make them sophisticated and unique from other window blinds. They are astounding, reliable, practical, and their timeless beauty makes them a fashion statement for your interiors. But one of the major challenges associated with these shades is cleaning them. If you want the shades to withstand over time while maintaining their shine, keeping them dirt free is essential. Don’t worry, it takes weekly cleaning to avoid all the damages. These shades are made of various soft fabric materials such as cotton, hemp, suede, silk, and that’s why these shades need special care and attention so that the fabrics last long. When looking out for the best ways to clean fabric Roman Shades, you may end up with the professionals’ help to save your effort. But professional cleaning costs you more. But why to hire someone when you can do this at home like a pro? Thinking how to wash roman blinds at home?

Roman Blinds

Save time and effort by choosing easy-to-clean Roman Blinds. Their contemporary design will surely elevate your room’s appeal to the next level.

Here are our guidelines for best practices in cleaning your shades that will help the fabrics to look new and glossy. Make sure you follow the instructions properly to avoid little mistakes. Follow the below tips and tricks to wash your blinds easily and quickly!

Various Ways to Clean Fabric Roman Shades

Cleaning depends on how much dust or dirt your shade accumulates. If your window shades face a busy street side, then need regular cleaning, otherwise, weekly cleaning is fine to keep them prolonged. But before you start with this process, know your shade fabric first because cleaning procedures vary according to the material. Contact your manufacturer and check their recommendations to ensure that you won’t damage your shade.

Washing window blinds can remove all the dirt, stains, and spots completely.
Vacuuming Roman Shades

How to Wash Roman Blinds?

To wash these blinds, first, you need to remove the fabric from the headrail. There are two ways to wash your roman fabrics. Many roman fabrics such as cotton or poly blends are water safe and you can wash them in the machine but make sure to remove all the hardware before cleaning. Rinse them in cool water to ensure no shrinkage and lower color loss. And dry them naturally instead of using dryer.

You can clean them in dry cleaner also. But use base solvent instead of water. This process works on all the fabrics except leathers and suede.

Sometimes, water may seem harmful for your blinds and in that case, you can do steam cleaning. But doing it excess can ruin the fabric.
Cleaning Roman Blinds
Rather than washing these window blinds, there are some other effective ways too which are practical and extremely versatile –

• Vacuuming is one of them. Take a soft brush attached vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from every corner of the fabric. Pleats and folds are the main areas where you will find more dust and a vacuum machine can efficiently remove it.
• Using a microfiber cloth or duster for dry cleaning. This works well when your shade is embroidered, quilted, or has fringe.
• To remove spill or stain from the shades, dip a club cloth into soda and clean it. A small amount of dishwashing detergent is also great to remove stains and spills.
Roman shades are beautiful and precious, special care can help these shades to highlight in your décor. You will get all the cleaning instructions with your product. Following them, step by step will increase the lifespan of the shades as well. Doing this thing at home will save big. Just schedule a cleaning routine and follow it. Cleaning a shade might seem a tricky and daunting task but after a successful cleansing, you will feel relaxed and refreshed. To get more specific tips, feel free to get in touch with the designers!

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