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How to Wash Honeycomb Blinds

How To Wash Honeycomb Blinds

Wash Honeycomb Blinds without Any Damage

Cellular or honeycomb blinds are the most popular and versatile choice and come with a unique fabric design that effectively prevents direct daylight and heat coming through the doors and windows. They are well-known for being insulating blinds. The blinds are designed with some air pockets that trap the excess air inside in order to keep interior comfy and pleasing all year round while lowering the energy bills. But these air pockets can also trap dust and bacteria from the air, accumulating in the fabric folds. Over time, dust will find a space on the blinds to roost upon, making them look unattractive. Fortunately, all it requires is a little care and occasional maintenance to enhance the longevity of the product.

A little research can determine which approach is best to clean the honeycomb blinds so that the blind fabrics do not get damaged or destroy the shape of the covering. Mostly cellular shades require dusting, vacuuming, or spot cleaning to remove the embedded stains. But if the quantity of the dust is more, then it is suggested to wash them with water. But there is a myth that washing them can tear down the quality of the fabric material and crash the smooth operation. But following the right tips and tricks can make your job done easier without demolishing your window treatments. If you are from those who are looking for the answer for how to wash honeycomb blinds, then go through this article to know more!

Ways of Washing Honeycomb Blinds

Every surface in your home gradually accumulates a fine layer of dirty elements and your window treatments are no different. Like the other household items, your cellular shades also require regular upkeep and maintenance to look and function at their best. Have a look at the step by step guideline before you get into the process.

Step 1: First examine your shade for dust, dirt, pollen, and other accumulation. If you live in high traffic areas then you will find a thick layer of dust on the shading surface. Even bugs and insects may have crawled into the air pockets, accumulating them with other dirt particles. So, check the shade from top to bottom, including every corner to get an idea of how much cleaning they will need. If the dusting layer is particularly thick, then it’s recommended to wash the blinds in a proper way.

Step 2: Once you are done with the examining part, it’s time to check the manufacturing guideline for an error-free cleaning procedure. Make sure to follow the ways strictly to prevent any accidental damage to the headrail and fabric. You will find an instruction manual with the product packaging. Pay special attention to using soap or detergent while washing them. Because chemical cleaning solutions are always avoidable as they damage the quality of the product.

Step 3: Once you are ready to do the task, the first thing is to collect all the things you will need during cleaning. To wash honeycomb shades, you will require – a bucket filled with lukewarm water and a gentle liquid solution.

WARNING – Before moving forward with this step, please check with your blind manufacturer or retailer, as not all blinds are recommended to be washed with water!

Step 4: When the honeycomb blinds are extremely stained, dusting or vacuuming won’t work properly. Washing is the only way to make your shade look like a new one. For this method, you need to remove the blinds from your doors and windows (make sure to remove the blind securely from the headrail to avoid the damage of internal components) and dip them in water, such as in the bathtub that will help in losing the stubborn stains easily. Water will reach in every corner of the fabric, even in the cell pockets, and will eliminate the hidden dirt and debris efficiently. Make sure that you wash the blinds in a gentle liquid soapy solution. Do not take hot water as it can shrink the fabric.

Step 5: After cleaning the blinds thoroughly, let them dry in normal weather conditions. Try not to use any dryer.

Note – If washing has not helped you and your product is continues to look poorly, then go for the professional ultrasonic cleaning. In this method, an expert will come to your home and immerse your product into a big cleaning solution. After switching on the machine, the high-frequency sound waves will generate bubbles that will eliminate all the accumulated dust and dirt without any hassle.

The best way to keep your honeycomb blinds looking beautiful and operating at their best is to clean them daily using a duster or vacuum cleaner. But if the shadings are prone to heavy staining, then go for washing without any second thought. Keeping blinds clean will do a wonder for your interior while making the windows phenomenal and gorgeous!

Disclaimer– But before you get started always check with the manufacturers as cellular blinds are made of different fabric materials and each of them may require different washing procedures because ZebraBlinds is not responsible for any damage or issue during the cleaning process.

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