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How To Use Statement Pieces To Focus Your Home Décor


When people think about beautifying their homes, they tend to think about getting the right colored walls and window coverings. There is no doubt that these are integral aspects of interior décor; however, there is something that most people tend to overlook and that is the statement piece.

A statement piece allows you to add life into your living room. Through the perfect furnishing or decorative item, you can display your unique taste, your preferences, and it can also serve as a great conversation starter. By creating a contrasting and coordinated look with your walls and drapery, you can transform the appearance of your space. The best option in the market for a simple statement piece is roman shades as they are available in different designs and have great light-blocking capacity.

How Woven Roman Window Shades Enhance Your Décor

Roman blinds are made from a vast variety of textiles such as cotton, silk, and synthetics. If you customize your roman blinds by adding thermal lining, you can make them much more energy-efficient.

Additionally, the most sought-after window covering that makes statement pieces stand out is woven roman shades. They are made from materials such as jute, wood, grass, woven wood, and bamboo. It adds a rustic and picturesque look to your house. If you want a window treatment that is sophisticated and streamlined, then roman shades are the right pick for your home. With privacy liners, thermal liners, and black-out liners, you can ensure your privacy and add another dimension to your interior decoration. All in all, these shades give your space a richer and more immersive experience.

Moreover, the soft horizontal folds of roman shades can make your windows look stunning and mesmerizing. Based on your preferences, you can go for roman shades that come with cords or the ones that are cordless and operated through remote control.

Revamping Your Interior Décor With A Statement Piece

The right statement piece pops out naturally and it commands attention. It sets the tone and the vibe of your house and has an impact on the mood of guests. If you feel that your space has a dull and lifeless ambiance, then the right statement piece can turn that around for you by adding dynamism through eye-catching designs and colors.

Whether your favorite statement piece is a stellar painting, a printed sofa, or a marble sculpture, it has the potential to stand out provided that you know how to display it in the right manner. Now you must be wondering how you can magnify the beauty of your place through optimal usage of the right statement piece. Well, here are some handy and practical tips for you to do so:

  • Have Fun With Contrast

You can have fun with contrast by stacking differently colored items against each other. It can create a sense of balance and equanimity. Matching the color of your cushions to the color of your rugs and flower vase can come across as monotonous and banal. On the other hand, by mismatching certain items on purpose, you can accentuate the character of your space.

  • Consider The Color Scheme

The predominant color of your personal space gives away intricate details about your nature, temperament, and disposition. Moreover, color also impacts mood and effects on physiological and mental wellness. That is why you cannot afford to be reckless when picking the color of your statement piece.

In large spaces such as family rooms and living areas, calming colors like green and light blue are the most suitable. So, you should go for these colors if you want a serene and tranquil vibe. Whereas, warmer hues like bright yellow and light orange can keep you inspired and motivated for longer periods. So, pick a statement piece after carefully considering the impact of its color.

  • “Back-Up” Statement Pieces

Consider installing secondary statement pieces which serve as “back-up” decorative items. However, you must ensure that the pieces complement one other and give a cohesive appearance to the place.

For example, you can complement a marble sculpture along with a uniquely designed wooden stool. The secondary pieces will help in enhancing the beauty of the primary decorative piece.

  • Power of Artwork

A bold piece of artwork can add character and personality to your house. It is not important for the colors of the artwork to match with the colors of your drapery, sofa, or walls. If you are an art aficionado, consider investing in a high-quality piece of art as it can serve as an attention-drawing centerpiece.

On a Final Note

The perfect statement piece grabs attention and reflects your personality. It is a smarter way to let your prized possession do the talking. However, don’t neglect the power of window coverings when it comes to letting your statement piece shine. You can intensify the effect of your decorative piece by installing woven roman blinds for your windows. Doing so will put across the thoughts and efforts that you have put into decorating your space. After all, a beautiful house is an indicator of an elegant lifestyle.