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How To Use Roller Blinds To Elevate Your Living Room

How to Use Roller Blinds Elevate Living Room

Roller shades are marked by utmost simplicity and unpretentiousness that ironically makes them very attractive for modern homes. Most homes across the globe today are lured by the look and feel of a minimalist home where the decor style is simplistic and contemporary. The rooms are marked by straight lines, choice decor items, soft colors, and are distinctly marked by the absence of very loud bold colors, decor styles, frills or excesses. The effort of the decor is not to stand out but to blend seamlessly into the existing style.

Simplicity of Roller Shades

The fascination for large and wide windows among people has remained unchanged across generations. Large windows offer a stunning unobstructed view of the outside and the effort has been to provide a window treatment that will help to frame this view. In a minimalist contemporary set up, window treatments too must be understated and muted to effortlessly become part of the architecture, blend into the windows and finish off the look. While venetian or vertical blinds remain a popular option for this, Roller Shades have become a more modern alterntaive. Their slim profile with minimal modern design makes them a coveted choice for all rooms that need a window treatment that will enhance their decor without stealing the show. They do a brilliant task of framing the outside view while adding aesthetic interest and value to the windows and to the rooms without going overboard.
Blackout Roller Window Blinds

Simplicity is a Competitive Advantage

At first glance, a Roller Shade may appear quite plain and bland. They consist of a headrail with a solid piece of fabric without any pleats, folds, louvers or slats. They were considered as a utilitarian and a very basic window covering and not as one that can flaunt the beauty of a window or a room. But today it is this simplicity which has become their competitive advantage in minimalist and contemporary homes and offices. They can be used in different combinations, in layered treatments and also as a standalone window treatment. These shades are now available in a wide range of colors, textures, patterns, designs and materials and which has helped them transform their appearance greatly from early times.

Roller Shades for Living Rooms

Living room in the house is a room that must be high on aesthetics as it is the most public space in the house. It is where you socialize, entertain guests, throw parties, and even bond with family members. Other rooms in the house are high on functionality as you have to address concerns like light blockage, privacy, etc. while light filtration and privacy are important for living rooms as well, you have the freedom to experiment more with appearance. It is the room which is the most decorated part of the house with seating arrangements, rugs, cushions, paintings, etc. The window treatment you choose blend seamlessly with the existing decor and stick out like a sore thumb.
Roller Blinds for Apartment
• If you have a soft earthly colored living space with the use of dark wood furniture and accent lights, complete the look by opting for dark early colored light filtering Roller Shade.
• If you have an all-white living room, then refrain from the use of a self-colored Roller Shade. Opt for designed Roller shade or some light-colored fabric like sky blue, grey, soft pink yellow, light olive green, etc. complement this by using pastel-colored throw pillows and cushions for your sofas.
• You can also opt for a decorative valance to go with your Roller Shades to enhance the architectural detail in the room while helping to maintain minimum visual impact. Choose a fabric valance for a soft modern an chic look.
• If you have a really stylish and chic living room using a blend of bold and natural colors try opting for a deep colored Roller Shade on your neutrally painted wall. Royal blue or deep maroon is a fantastic choice of color. Pair them with a similar colored couch and some accent lights.
• For an all-white room, you can choose a deep color of your rollers which you use for the cushions and lampshade as well to make them stand out and help make a bold statement.
• If you have deep-colored walls in your room with a window in it use it to your advantage. It could be teal blue, grey, deep blue, ochre yellow, etc. You can decorate the wall with white paintings, use a white standing lamp shade against it and white Roller shades for your window. It could be textured, plain or patterned. You could complete the look using white furniture and patterned rugs.

Roller Shades with Drapes

Standalone Roller Shades are versatile and gorgeous on their own. They take care of your light filtering, privacy and even light blockage needs if you opt for Blackout Rollers. But they also prove to be perfect companions to drapery. You could mix and match the fabric selection in both treatments to create a match with endless possibilities. They offer warmth and softness to the decor added functional benefits to the room and enhanced aesthetic beauty. If you opt for printed Roller Shades you can layer them with a solid colored drape using any of the dominant colors in the roller shade fabric and vice versa. That is if you are using a plain fabric for your rollers than layer them with a printed drapery panel. You could use a combination of light and dark shade for the rollers and drapes or stick to the same color palette. For example, you choose a beige-colored drapery panel for your room. Use the same colored printed fabric for the rollers and see the magic unfold in the rooms. An example of light and dark shade of the same color is light and deep olive green for either the rollers or the drapes. You could finish off the look with a cornice board for a structured look for the windows.
Blackout Roller Shades
With the right accents, upholsteries, furniture and decor pieces, your Roller Shades can completely transform the look and feel of your living space and create the perfect ambiance where you can bond with friends and family and make memories.

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