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How To Use Fabric Vertical Blinds To Get That Classic Look


Large windows and sliding glass doors are a magnificent addition to any house. They allow in natural light while offering a beautiful scenic view present outside. But, when we require light control, privacy, and style your home with elegance, blinds are the best way to get the job done. There are two main types of blinds: vertical blinds and horizontal blinds. Vertical blinds are a classic solution for dressing sliding doors and large windows. As vertical blinds are the “go-to” option, there is a choice between vinyl or fabric material accompanied by a wide range of other options such as valances, style, colors, and type of opening. Although some may consider them outdated, vertical blinds are still feasible due to a wide array of options.

What Are Vertical Blinds?

They are blinds that have slats going up and down thereby, making them a natural choice for spaces with broad window areas or sliding doors that are difficult to fit with other window coverings. Vertical blinds, manufactured from different materials like real wood as well as fabrics or PVC, are an excellent solution for hard-to-fit bay windows. Vertical blinds are clipped into a headrail and operated via a pulley mechanism attached to a track. The blinds move left or right when the cord is pulled. and they also have a wand with the help of which the slats can be tilted to allow or block out sunlight.

The slats of vertical blinds are larger than that of most horizontal blinds. Vertical blinds can be found in various patterns, a wide range of colors from dark grey to white color, blackout fabrics, and sheer voiles based on the light control and privacy you want in each room.

Benefits of Using Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are great as they are incredibly diverse, multifunctional, and ornamental. Thanks to their exceptional way of covering windows. Though they aren’t the most gorgeous, and are often overlooked and unappreciated, vertical blinds are one of the sensible window treatments available. So, what makes vertical blinds a feasible choice?

  1. Perfect for Patio Doors or Sliding Glass Doors

Picking a window covering for patio doors or sliding doors can be daunting as they must be durable and feature a side-to-side opening. The options are not many when it comes to window treatments that slide open. If you are looking for a window treatment that slides from side to side and offers vanes that we can tilt to allow various degrees of light to come in, then there is only one choice and that is vertical blinds. So, for patio doors or sliding door window coverings, vertical blinds are the ones that provide the best functionality and most versatility.

2. Great for Large Windows

Selecting a window treatment for large windows can prove challenging. Most of the window coverings are installed in an up and down style thereby, making the weight of a blind a major concern. The larger the window treatment is, the heavier it will be. As a result, very tall or very wide windows would be tough to cover with one shade. Vertical blinds that possess side-to-side operation make it such that weight wouldn’t be a major concern. Using one headrail, windows as large as 12’x10’ can be covered with vertical blinds which otherwise might need multiple blinds with any other window treatment. So, vertical blinds are a great solution for broad windows.

3. They Make Ceiling Appear Higher

It is a popular fact that vertical lines in interior decor offer the impression of height in a room. The same is true with vertical blinds as well. To avoid the need for stripy wallpaper for your small room, install vertical blinds to make the ceiling appear at a height, especially while running across patio doors or floor-to-ceiling windows.

4. Easy Control of Sunlight

Vertical blinds offer a similar extent of tilt and angle as seen with horizontal blinds. You can actually block the sunlight, based on the position of the sun, while still being able to enjoy the outside view.

5. Comes in a Huge Range of Colors

One will never find difficulty in picking vertical blinds that match their room decor as they come in plenty of colors to select from, with lots of variation from thick fabrics to weave density. Vertical blinds also come in blackout fabric and materials that can help reduce sunlight for a darkening effect.

Style Your Space With Fabric Vertical Blinds

If you want to offer a neutral and softer feel to your home, fabric vertical blinds would be the best option. Fabric vertical blinds come in a wide range of colors and designs compared to other blinds. They add an exceptional touch of vibrancy and offer a classic look to a room.

  1. Rigid vertical blinds are a perfect fit for patio doors and bifold doors. They are stylish, classic, and do not have weights.
  2. While black vertical blinds provide a contemporary and bold statement, dark fabric vertical blinds offer elegance and a modern look. These blinds can be combined with minimalist furniture to build an aesthetic for contemporary design.
  3. A vertical blind made of soft linen in a white hue like pearl adds understated sophistication to any area. Neutral hues like these are suitable for almost any room and bear the ability to add to a cohesive design or divert attention to brighter components of the room.
  4. You can also opt for bright colors with vibrant vibes like pink, red, and orange fabric vertical blinds. While duck egg blue vertical blinds go great for coastal themes, bubble gum pink vertical blinds are perfect for your little girl’s room. Pumpkin orange and lime green blinds infuse color into space offering a cheery, upbeat vibe to living spaces.

Bottom Line

While fabric vertical blinds are effective natural light-blocking window treatments, they also make elegant home decor elements. By including fabric vertical blinds, one can achieve the perfect ambiance for their home.

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