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How to Use Curtains to Dress Your Pointed Windows

How to Use Curtains to Dress Your Pointed Windows

Although we are habituated in looking at rectangular windows, windows come in every shape and size. From round windows to moon-shaped, arch shaped to triangles, the unusual window shapes add a great deal of architectural interest to the room. But dressing them up can be tricky.

What are Pointed Windows?

As the name suggests, pointed windows have a pointed apex. Similar windows can be seen churches and cathedrals, which are popularly known as lancelet windows. Pointed windows are also found in modern houses, where a single window dominates a whole wall, extending from the floor up to the ceiling in the form of a triangle.

These windows are great for the wide views and abundance of light. Often, a giant triangle sits on a rectangular window, while in other cases, the arch tapers off into a point. When it comes to dressing these windows, you will have to tailor your dressing solution according to the particular shape of your window.

Are Curtains the Best Choice for Pointed Windows?

Curtains are a versatile solution for any odd shaped window, mostly due to the fact that they have no shape. The shapeless quality makes curtains a perfect solution for your pointed windows. Also, the affordability of curtains also makes it easy to customize them according to your requirements.

Benefits of Curtains

For centuries curtains have been a symbol of grace and sophistication. Even in modern times, curtains have held their own in the face of growing competition from a wide range of innovative window treatment alternatives. The reason behind the sustained popularity of curtains can be attributed to some basic qualities.


Curtains provide a huge cover. Even if you have huge windows, the shape of the curtains can be customized to cover the entire length of it. For this reason, many homeowners still prefer to cover their large windows with curtains.

Ease of Operation

Curtains are also fairly easy to operate. The innovations in curtain-hardware industry had ensured that even the biggest curtains can be fitted with easy operative mechanisms. Motorization of curtains have added another level of ease into the operation of heavy, cumbersome curtains.

Material Choices

Curtains come in a wide range of materials. You can base your material selection to include a wide range of functionalities. You can select to have blackout fabric, with noise cancellation and flame-retardant features. Or, sheer curtains, with heat-reflective layers.


Curtains are available in a wide range of price brackets, giving you many choices. If you are looking to dress up a large window, the prices difference between curtains and other window dressing options can be quite significant.

So, if you have a tricky window, go for curtains. Some design ideas that you can work with are given below.

Hang it from a Single Rod

If you have Pointed window, which is not very wide and tall, you can hang your curtains from a single rod, that runs along the incline. For greater impact, hang the curtain rod over the window sill and used bamboo or leather rungs to go around the rod.

Use Drapery Medallions

If you want that traditional look, go for drapery medallions. Drapery medallions can be attached along the incline, evenly spaced out, to give full coverage. Select the fabric to match the grandeur of the medallions. You can also go for wooden medallions for a more muted appeal. Irrespective of your design choice, hanging curtains on drapery medallion will give your unique windows an eye-catching look.

Drape It Along the Rod

For a grand floor to ceiling window, go for something grandiose. Silk curtains are the best choice for such windows. You can drape them across the rod that runs along the whole incline to get that free-flowing, feminine look that forms the perfect canvas for such amazing windows.

Eyelet Curtains with Matching Valances

Valances add more weight and definition to curtains, while keeping the unsightly hardware our of sight. Valances can be fashioned out of a wide range of materials, which are then wrapped around a flat piece of wood to give the valance its structure and strength. You can use beautiful cotton prints for your curtains and then pair them with matching valances. The effect will be a neat and cosy cover for your pointed windows.

Magnificent Sheers

If you don’t want to hide the full glory of your windows and allow it to illuminate the farthest corners of your room, you should opt for sheer curtains. There is nothing more ethereal and enigmatic than the delicate beauty of sheer curtains. With sheers, you get the option of creating a beautiful haloed effect within the room, while protecting the interiors from the harshest glare of the sun.

Other Options

If you wish to explore some other options for dressing up your pointed windows, you can try out the following.


Shutters are an excellent option for your pointed windows. The heavy material can be customized to give you a perfect fit. The close fit against the frame will also ensure that the heat-transfer from the window remains to a minimum. Shutters are also great for protections against light and noise. You can even adjust the direction of the slats to control the flow of light into the room.

Roman Shades

Roman shades will give you a neater fit, without compromising on the aesthetics. Roman shades are made from a single fabric, which allows it to provide a lot of cover when closed. Even when they are open, you can keep a portion of the window covered.

Venetian Blinds

You can go for made-to-fit venetian blinds for your pointed windows. The sleek, minimalistic appeal of venetian blinds will go very well with a modern décor. The dense distribution of the slats provides great flexibility over light-control and privacy. The slats can also be positioned to control the flow of light into the room.

You have a lot of options to experiment with. As you may have realized, you will need the best of your creative ideas and the most unique window dressing solutions to make the most of these beautiful windows.