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Here’s Why Cordless Blinds Can Be As Effective As Any Other Window Treatments

How To Use Cordless Blinds

Here’s How To Use Cordless Blinds And Why Cordless Blinds Can Be Effective


Our windows are our home’s connection to the outside world. They provide us the necessary ventilation and an opening through which we can enjoy the cool breeze and the natural sunlight that is prevalent throughout the year. In the absence of windows, the house becomes claustrophobic and enclosed, and the interiors start to feel suffocating. In the absence of fresh outside air, emissions of carbon dioxide and the accumulation of dust will have a negative impact on our health and will lead to respiratory problems.


At the same time, having windows also results in the house being vulnerable to extreme climatic conditions, including heavy rainfall, high temperatures which lead to uncomfortable sweating, and extremely cold climates which can result in high fevers and sickness. Such scenarios call for having good-quality window treatments installed on your windows which will keep your house free from the dominating impact of the weather while letting your place bask in the natural sunlight and fresh outside air.


How to Use Cordless Blinds?

A major dilemma faced by shoppers today is related to the kind of home decor products they ought to purchase, and the arena of window treatments is no different. Which window blinds and shades are best suited to my living room? Which ones are the best for my small bedroom? What will be their features? Will they fade quickly? If yes, which are the most sturdy and long-lasting window shades available? These are some of the very common questions asked by “window shopping enthusiasts”. Another common question asked is related to the cordless feature of the blinds. With the advent of modern technology in window protection, cordless blinds are slowly but surely replacing the traditional methods of using cords to operate your curtains or shutters.


Z Wave Blinds And Shades

Cordless blinds are not only a stylish option to go for, but they are also extremely safe to use. Operating most cordless blinds is a fairly easy job. With standard cordless blinds, you can simply push or pull them with your hand, while the motorized cordless blinds can be controlled through a smart device like Z-wave technology, remote controls, or through your smartphone.


Here are some of the ways you can employ cordless blinds:


1) Rail System

The cordless blinds with rails simply require you to gently pull down the rail to close them. In some cases, they are accompanied by a wand that you can use to adjust the tilt of your slats.

2) Adjusting Motorized Blinds


Motorized Window Blinds

If your blinds are motorized, you can typically use a remote control to operate them, which has clearly labeled buttons for opening and closing them and positioning them according to your liking. If there is no remote, most motorized blinds have buttons on the side of them to adjust them. You can even set them up to move automatically every few hours.

3) Moving Panel Track Shades


Panel Track Shades

Panel track shades are a kind of window treatments that do not involve the use of cords. They require the use of a guiding wand on the top to move them left or right. In case they do not have wands, you can simply use your hand to pull or push them to the side or get them back together.


Advantages of Cordless Blinds

Let us look at the reasons why cordless blinds are very effective and safe to use, and why the world is switching over to them and preferring them over other blinds.


  •  Ease in Usage: You can set up cordless blinds at any corner of the house for any kind of windows without worrying about how to open and close them. When you have remote controlling devices for opening or closing them or you are using your smart tablet and phone, you can operate them from the comfort of your sofa or bed.


  • Convenient: Cords may become loose over time, making pulling them an arduous and inconvenient task that can become a hassle to use over time. Why not go for a cordless option, instead, that involves the mere push of a button or using your hands to guide them.


  • Safer to Use: One of the major benefits of child proof blinds that are highlighted time and again is their safety in houses that have kids and children jumping around when left unsupervised. When blinds have cords, your dog may jump on it and chew away at it, increasing the risk of strangulation, or of pulling down the blind and causing injury or damage. However, when you have cordless blinds to line your windows, your loved ones are averse to such disastrous consequences.


  • Attractive Look: In the absence of grotesque and ugly-looking cords that appear faded over time, the visitors’ entire attention is on the beauty of the blinds. The minimalist look is complemented well by the class and panache they bring to your house, making you on the receiving end of compliments when you’re having a party.


  • Versatility: Now with multiple options available in the market for cordless blinds, shopping for them has become easier than what it used to be. You can sort them according to their room darkening or light filtering features, price range, colors, textures, kind of fabrics used and the customizable sizes that they are available in.


A few High-Quality Cordless Blinds


1) Light Filtering Crown Cellular Shades

Contemporary, stylish, affordable and safe, these very popular window treatments are easy to install and are eye-catching. With their light fabrics, they let in sufficient sunlight inside while protecting your privacy. They provide excellent insulation and sound absorption.


2) Graber Traditions Composite Motorized Blinds 

They offer a combination of movements wherein the motorized feature tilts the slats, whereas the raising and lowering of the blinds is done through cord lifts. Graber Traditions Composite motorized blinds provide simple and easy operation of large window coverings or those that are difficult to reach otherwise. They can be easily integrated with home automation systems.


3) Graber Vinyl Motorized Blinds

Graber Vinyl blinds, offering the best-in-service window treatment from the ever-reliable brand, are known from their insulation and energy-efficient features. They can diffuse sunlight to create a wonderful effect inside the home during the daytime while ensuring your nights are pleasant with their soundproof materials that let you relax in peace. With a motorized lift and standard cord feature, these shades are worth every penny you spend on them. They are also available in a variety of colors to your likings, such as Rapture, Coronation, Safari, and Kensington.


4) Z-Wave Virtual Cord Graber Solar Shades


Z-Wave Virtual Cord Graber Solar Shades

One of the most popular window treatments around, these virtual cord solar shades from Graber promise to make your lives easier and simpler. They lend your home an elegant and fabulous look while blocking light and UV rays without compromising on your outside view. These smart window coverings are also safe to use in homes with children and pets.


To sum up, cordless window shades, with their plethora of features, are the latest trend in window coverings. In the next few years, they are completely going to replace corded options and rightly so. They are not only safe to use, but they effectively block out heat and cold, are great to look out and can be managed effectively without stress.

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