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How To Use Blinds Without Strings

How to Use Blinds Without Strings

When it comes to choosing the right window accents, it goes beyond just the look or feel of the product. It also has a lot to do with convenience, functionality, and how easy it is to mount and use. There are various types of window accents to choose from like drapes, curtains, blinds, and shutters. While drapes and curtains come in different patterns, colors, designs, and materials built, blinds and shutters come with various features, design, and functionality to meet every person’s needs.

But sometimes people often forget to pick window accents based on how easy it is to use. Blinds and shutters also vary based on how they can be used. Some come attached with a cord, some come motorized, and some come without any cord. The way you can control or use your blinds plays an important role in the type of blind that is chosen. A very comfortable type of blind that many should opt for are cordless blinds.

What are Cordless Blinds?

These are blinds that allow you to effortlessly lift the blinds when required without tugging on the cord that usually comes attached to the blinds. These blinds come with a simple lift mechanism that makes it easy to roll it up when you want bright sunlight to enter your home and roll it down when you want to enjoy some shade indoors. It’s elegant and simplistic construction will give your ambiance a great look while eliminating the hassle of using a cord to adjust the amount of light that enters your home space.

If you notice on standard blinds, they come with a string attached on the side that helps pulls the blinds up or roll them down when that side pole or cord is tugged on. But in cordless blinds, these side strings are not visible. Depending on the type of cordless blinds that are opted for it can be operated by the headrail, bottom rail or by twisting or swing the wand from side to side.
Cordless Blinds

How to Use Blinds Without Strings?

Cordless blinds display a functional yet classic design that is extremely simple to operate. Unlike standard blinds that feature strings on the side, these blinds display a simple mechanism. For some blinds, the strings are interwoven within the blind slats making it easy to operate with a wand. Sometimes cordless blinds also come motorized, allowing you to operate them remotely. If they come without a wand then that means you’ll just have to use one hand to pull them down or roll them up as per your requirements. Whichever blinds you choose, it is easy to use in a fluid and intuitive motion.

What Are the Benefits of Cordless Blinds?

Cordless blinds, apart from functionality, provide some benefits that are different from other types of blinds. Some of its benefits are as follows:

• Apart from providing a sleek and clean look, cordless blinds are designed in a manner where they are held securely in place eliminating the hassle of constantly adjusting them.
• These blinds can become automated through the installation of a motorized mechanism making it easy to operate from remote areas.
• These blinds come in various designs patterns and construction including the panels of the blinds being vertical or horizontal.
• Its easy-to-use mechanism makes it safe for houses with pets and kids. Child proof blinds will keep them away from pulling or playing with the cords as there is no cord in these kinds of blinds.
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How to Maintain Cordless Blinds?

Cleaning and maintaining cordless blinds is extremely similar to other types of blinds and shutters. It is important to frequently dust blinds and shutters. Since they are located near windows they are extremely susceptible towards collecting dust. Using a dry cloth or dusters, you can remove the dust from the blind panels and then sweep it from the floor. Depending on the kind of material with which the blinds are made from you can use mild water and detergent to clean.
Cleaning Cordless Shades

How to Measure and Pick the Right Cordless Blinds?

Windows come in various sizes, designs, and construction. When it comes to choosing the right blinds, it is important to measure it out so that it not only fits in seamlessly with the decor but also with the window itself. It then becomes easier to assemble and attach. There are certain things to keep in mind when it comes to measuring for blinds.
• You’ll have to measure the depth of the window, the window recesses, the width of the window from the top, middle and bottom. The exact height from the top to the bottom will have to be measured as well. Measure from the left, right and middle and select the tallest height.
• You’ll have to also measure the exact spots where the blinds will be placed for a more cohesive look.
• Measure the exact length of the headrail as well.

These are certain pointers when it comes to measuring blinds. It is important to measure properly so that the blinds provide a perfect fit.