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How To Use Blinds Properly Without Damaging Them

Use Blinds Properly Without Damaging Them

Blinds are wonderful things that help you not only to add to the décor of the room but also to control features such as sunlight and privacy when used in your living spaces. They can be used both for windows and for glass doors in your home. But they are not just used in homes. Blinds are used prominently window dressings in offices and other workspaces too. This is because of their classy and alluring looks that come with exceptional functionality. It is also important to note that blinds are some of the most affordable kinds of window dressings available in the market today. Based on your style and taste, you can choose from different kinds of blinds like Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, and cellular blinds. Each of these works in a unique way. Each variety of blinds needs special care when using, cleaning and maintaining them. It is necessary to understand how to use blinds properly without damaging them. These will need customized methods of care too. And most importantly learning the right ways will let you enjoy your chosen blinds for many years to come.

How to Use Blinds Properly

Take a look at the method of safe working of each kind of blinds.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Window Blinds

  1. Lifting the Blinds

Your Venetian window blinds will have a set of strings dangling from the top of the window. Find them and pull them downwards gently to lift the blinds upwards. Continue doing so until the blinds are at the top of the window and you feel the stopping point. When you reach the stopping point, you may let the strings go.

  1. To Lower the Blinds   

Hold the string at a 45-degree angle to the window. Now, gently loosen the grip and let the string slide through your palm. This will cause the blinds to be lowered. When the blinds are at the level that you want it to be at, you can bring the string perpendicular to the blinds. To lock the blinds at the level, you can let the string go back to a position that is parallel to the windows.

  1. To Adjust the Slats of the Blind

You will find a dangling wand that lies parallel to the window. You can twist the wand counterclockwise to have the blinds go upwards. To get a lower angle, you only need to twist the wand clockwise. If you wish to close the slats completely, you will need to turn the wand either clockwise or counterclockwise completely till the slats are fully up or lowered.

Cellular Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds

  1. To Raise the Blinds

You can find the dangling set of strings on the left-hand side of the window. Pull them down to lift the bottom side of the blinds. You can keep pulling on the blinds to reach the point where you want the blinds to be.

  1. Lowering the Bottom Side of the Blinds

Hold the string and bring them to the middle of the window. You can now loosen your grip. When the blinds have risen or lowered to the level you wish, you can bring the string to a position that is parallel to the window.

  1. To Raise or Lower the Top of the Blinds

Hold the strings and pull on it to lift the top of the blinds. You can also lower the blinds by holding the strings at an angle and releasing the grip slowly. Just bring the strings to a vertical position to lock the blinds in the position you want.

Using Continuous-cord Shades
  1. Lifting the Blinds

You will find a looped cord that goes on either the left side or the right side of the window blinds. Hold the front part of the loop and tug on it to lift the window blinds. If you only wish to raise the blinds little, you may only need to tug on the cord a little bit.

  1. Lowering the Blinds

Hold the back end of the loop in either one hand or both the hands and pull on it gently but firmly. This will help lower the window blinds to their closed position. If you only wish to lower a little, you only need to pull on it a little bit.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

  1. To Rotate the Slats

You will have a chain or a string that is attached to the custom vertical blinds. This usually dangles along the right end or the left end of the window blinds. Hold it firmly in your hand and pull on it gently. This will cause the slats to retract. The slats should be turning counterclockwise when you pull the chain.

  1. To Open the Slats

You will need to pull on the section that lies on the backside of the chain or cord. This will ensure that the slats become parallel to each other opening them up and letting in the sunshine. Make sure that the force you are using while you pull on the chain is firm and gentle. If you do not want the slats to be completely open you may only pull on the chain a little bit.

  1. If your vertical blinds have a wand instead of chains or strings, twist the wand in a counterclockwise motion to open the blinds and let in sunlight. If you wish to close the blinds, all you need to do is twist the wand clockwise.

Safe Maintenance of the Blinds

Cleaning and maintenance of the blinds are also important when learning how to use blinds properly without damaging them. No matter what kind your blinds are, they will eventually collect grime, dust, pet hair and dirt. It is important to clean it properly and regularly. You will need some simple things to help you clean your window blinds. Cleaning window blinds is easy and following the tips and tricks below, you will be able to clean them in no time but without causing any damage to them.

Materials Required

  • Warm water
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Microfiber duster
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • A vacuum cleaner that comes with a soft brush

Cleaning Window Blinds

  • Positioning the Blinds

Start positioning the blinds by lowering the blinds fully. If your blinds are made of wood or faux-wood, you may lower them completely but if they are vinyl or aluminum; you will need to have them bent slightly downward.

  • Dusting

Using your hands, hold the bottom of the blinds firmly. Use microfiber cloth, socks or duster to dust the blinds from the top to the bottom. Do this on the opposite side too. Be sure to be gentle.

Cleaning Window Blinds

  • Wiping them Down

If your blinds are excessively dirty, you may use a cloth dampened with warm water to wipe them down. If the blinds are greasy or extremely dirty, use mild dishwashing soap to wipe them down.

  • Air Dry

Bring the blinds back to an open position and let it dry naturally in the air. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any remaining dust. Use the vacuum on the dust that may have accumulated on the floor or on the window sill. This will prevent your blinds from becoming dusty again from the residue of the cleaning process.

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