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How to Use a Skypole to Operate Your Hard-To-Reach Shades

How To Use A Skypole to Operate Your Hard To Reach Shades

How Skylights and Roof-Top Windows Brighten Your House

If your house is located in an area where houses are built close to each other, your room has a slanting roof or the interiors of your house appear dull due to less access to natural light, you probably would have thought of ways to brighten the interiors to make them look more lively and vivid. Skylights, roof windows, etc. are a great way of allowing more natural light to enter inside the house. Doing this brightens the interiors and makes them come alive. These windows are usually installed at an angle or in hard-to-reach places.

Downsides of Having Skylights

While the benefits of having skylights or roof-top windows are immediately visible, there are certain flip sides to using these windows too. With skylight windows, you get the majestic views of the skies along with abundant natural light and also better air circulation in case your skylights are operable and can be opened. However, these windows also allow the sunlight to enter inside for longer durations. This can be an issue, especially during the summers when the scorching heat and glare caused by the sunlight can be unsettling. The harsh UV rays can further damage the furniture inside the house.

Why Dressing Up Your Skylights is Necessary

If your skylights or roof-top windows are left uncovered, it can result in significant heat gain, glare, and UV exposure. The air-conditioner installed inside the room will have to work harder to keep the interiors cool and comfortable. This can hamper the air-conditioner’s energy efficiency and may significantly increase your energy bills. The glare can reduce the visibility of screens. To overcome all such issues, window coverings are a potent option. These coverings also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the skylights besides maintaining a refreshing environment inside the room.
Energy Saving Skylight Shades

What are the Challenges?

Since Skylights and other similar roof-top windows are normally installed at an angle and are situated in hard-to-reach places, finding suitable window coverings for them is a difficult task. Since the sunlight falls on them for longer durations, you also need window treatments which are effective in heat insulation and light control. Sheers or thin fabric blinds may not prove to be very helpful. Hence use of window coverings that specialize in heat reflection or are made from room-darkening or blackout material is recommended.

Another issue is the fact that operating these window treatments is not easy since the windows on which these are installed are situated in hard-to-reach places. You will need to carry ladders and climb them up to access the usual pull cord operational mechanism. This can be quite cumbersome and hence alternatives that can reduce the ordeal are always welcome and sought after.

How You Can Use a Skypole to Operate Your Hard-To-Reach Shades

Skypoles are a great way of conveniently and efficiently operating your difficult-to-reach shades. You don’t need to climb up the ladder to access the shades. The sky poles are long enough to give you easy access to window coverings irrespective of whether they are elevated or installed at an angle. The sky pole has a metallic hook that can get easily attached to the handles or grooves on the shades.

After the metallic hook gets attached to the grooves you can easily lower or raise the shades. These sky poles come in different length options and are extendable. Depending on your requirements you can easily pick the ones that are the right length. These sky poles are very affordable. So, you won’t need to break the bank to get one for your house.
Extension Pole for Blinds

What is the Alternative to Sky Poles?

If you consider even using a sky pole for operating your shades as a hassle, there is an alternative that you can look at. You can get motorized shades for your skylights or get your old shades retrofitted to make them motorized. The benefit of motorized skylight shades is that you can control them with a remote, a button, or even your smartphone. If you get AI-enabled motorized shades, you can even program them to function independently and operate as per your routine.

Now that sounds very convenient. However, the motorized shades can be a bit pricey in comparison to regular shades. If you can afford the expense, you can surely opt for them. In case you are on a budget and are looking for a relatively inexpensive solution, sky poles are the way to go. These are not only easy to use but get the work done without burning a hole in your pocket. If you have many skylights or roof-top windows in your house, getting motorized shades for every window can very expensive, while you can use the same sky pole to operate multiple shades. Hence, sky poles surely prove to be an effective and reasonable option in every sense.

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