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How To Use A MyLink Bridge To Connect Your Shades To Wifi

How To Use A MyLink Bridge To Connect Your Shades To Wifi

Watching your blinds and shades going up or down with the press of a button had been an experience confined mostly to hotel rooms and luxurious offices. It felt like a dream to see motorized cellular shades smoothly and effortlessly operating without you having to work the cords that often got tangled or even a button located at the bottom of the blinds. These are motorized window treatments that operate with the help of motors built into these shades. You now have the opportunity to experience similar thrill and luxury at your home with these cheap motorized shades. These shades either draw power from an electric outlet or are powered by batteries that need to be recharged from time to time. You can also get these shades to operate with solar energy.

Many window treatment brands like Graber use Somfy motors for their shades and blinds. A Somfy myLink offers control of your Radio Technology Somfy motorized shades with a tablet, your Smart Phone, or by using voice commands through home assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. The Somfy myLink is a small plug-in device that helps to transform your experience with Somfy products. It is a bridge between your window shades and Wi-Fi and allows you to operate the coverings with ease from the comfort of your phones and tablets, whether you are at home or not.

Advantages of myLink

App Control
Somfy myLink gives you app control of your window treatments. Use your favorite mobile device, tab or SmartPhone to download the app and use the app to operate your shades and blinds in every room in the house.

Remote Access
The best part of myLink is the flexibility it gives in controlling your window treatments. Even if you are not at home, as a single tap will help to open or close the shades in the house providing energy savings, privacy and UV protection.
Remote Control Shades
Scheduled Operation
A Somfy myLink allows you the flexibility of scheduling your window treatments so that they will open and close as per the set time without your intervention. Scheduled operation will help to keep out unwanted light, keep your home insulated from the heat and cold even when you are out, and provide security and protection.

Voice Control
The Somfy myLink can be integrated with a voice assistant to allow Alexa or Google Home to use voice commands to operate your blinds and shades. You can give a voice command and your shades will respond accordingly. It makes life a whole lot easier, especially for those who are physically disabled.
Google Home Blinds

Setting up myLink and Connecting Shades with Wi-Fi

• To set up your myLink and connect your shades to the Wi-Fi you have to first download the app and then plug-in the mylink device to the power outlet closest to the motorized applications you want it to control. The myLink will blink red.
• On the app, click on Start new System and then follow the prompts. The myLink will now become solid red indicating that the device is in setup mode.
• Go to network settings on the device and connect to myLink network. Then come back to mylink app and press the Search for myLink button.
• Allow the app to use your location to update time and for sunset and sunrise schedules.
• Choose your network and enter your Wi-Fi network password and click Next. The myLink will now join your network. The LED on myLink device will be solid green which indicates that the device is now connected to the LAN.
• Press Continue. Follow the prompts for system update if needed.
• Now you will have to name your myLink and then select the preferred icon. Once your myLink has been set up it is time to begin RTS programming. RTS motorized products are your blind and shades. You have to identify the transmitter that is controlling the motorized shades and confirm that it’s working properly.
• You will have to select the channels that operate the product you want to program. So, if your shade is on channel 3 you will have to press the programming button till shades move up and down briefly.
• Press the Program button, the shades will once again move briefly. The programming is complete for that selected channel. Press Done if you want to add more RTS channels. Your mylink is configured and your shades and Wi-Fi are now connected to each other.
Somfy Motorized Shades

Changing Wi-Fi Network Information

• Sometimes you may need to change the Wi-Fi provider, set up a new router and also change your username and password. You can do this easily but follow necessary steps because the shades need to be connected to the Wi-Fi. To do this:
• The myLink needs to be put back to set up mode by pressing the programming button at the bottom of screen. LED status will be solid red.
• Go to your network settings and connect to Somfy network. On the mylink main menu select Edit. Choose the myLink you want to edit. Choose new network and enter password. Press Continue. Your Wi-Fi information is successfully changed.
It is important to keep your shades and blinds connected to the Wi-Fi without which you cannot control them through the apps on your mobile devices or use voice control through Alexa and Google Home. A Somfy myLink helps to connect the Wi-Fi network with the shades to allow them to operate effectively and efficiently.