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How To Update Your Baby Nursery for a Better Sleep Environment

How To Update Your Baby Nursery for a Better Sleep Environment

Blackout shades are window coverings that are made up of an opaque fabric and help to stop sunlight entering a room. Many people prefer blackout shades to cover their windows for better and peaceful sleep. They also ensure your privacy and help in temperature regulation. But many people ask, is there any need for blackout shades in a nursery? The answer to this question is yes, you should install blackout Shades in your child’s room.

Being a parent, you always want to ensure proper and peaceful sleep to your kid which helps in his or her growth. Darkness in the room will help your baby fall asleep quickly and peacefully. When it’s completely dark in the room, it will tend to relax your baby physically and mentally. The darkness will allow your kid will settle down and also stay asleep for a long time. With the blackout shades, you will keep light from disturbing your baby’s sleep. Complete darkness in your baby’s room triggers the pineal gland to produce melatonin hormone which is found to help provide your baby with peaceful sleep. So, having blackout shades in your baby’s room will serve your purpose.

How Smart Blackout Shades Help to Create A Better Sleep Environment for Babies

Smart Blackout Shades serve the purpose of providing a better sleep environment for your baby in several ways like:

As compared to normal blackout shades, smart blackout shades are cordless and wireless. Thus, providing a high level of safety to your baby since there is no chance of your baby getting tangled between the cords.

You can operate these shades from anywhere in your house just with the help of an app on your smartphone. Thus regulating the amount of light entering your baby’s room from anywhere and anytime.

You can schedule the opening and closing time of these shades as per your preferences or the sleeping pattern of your baby.

These shades run on a motor, so they are less prone to wear and tear as compared to the normal blackout shades, which are operated with the help of a cord system.

Smart blackout shades help in regulating the temperature of your baby’s nursery. Blackout shades are made up of such an opaque fabric which acts as a perfect insulating unit. In summer when it’s quite hot outside, these shades keep your baby’s nursery cool, and during winters when it is cold outside and trying, these shades it warmer in the room. Thus providing the baby a cozy sleep environment.

Is There Any Difference Between Blackout Shade and Room Darkening Shade?

There are blackout shades and room darkening shades, don’t get confused between the two. Though both may sound the same, there is a difference. Blackout shades eliminate the whole light entering your room making it pitch dark, whereas room darkening shades reduces the amount of light entering your room without making them completely dark.

Can Blackout Shades Make Your Baby’s nursery Comfortable?

You and your baby both want a peaceful and proper sleep. Blackout shades will prevent your baby from waking up with the first ray of the sun, thus helping them complete their sleep cycle. One of the added benefits of these shades is consistent temperature throughout the night. Thus, your baby won’t wake up with the temperature change. Also, since these shades reduce outside noise, your baby won’t wake up with the noise of the vehicles or any other sound, thus having an undisturbed sleep. So, it is a must to have a blackout shade in your baby’s nursery.


Blackout shades indeed provide your baby with peaceful, cosy and comfortable sleep, you can choose from blackout shades and smart blackout shades accordingly as per your needs.