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How To Tell Which Window Treatments Work Best For Your Home

How To Tell Which Window Treatments Work Best For Your Home


If you are planning to cover your windows, you might be wondering about the kind of unique window treatments for different window types. You might need to choose light filtering shades, noise reduction options, options for multiple windows, or for sliding glass doors etc. You need to know about the various types of window treatments to determine the one which is best for your home. Here, we will discuss the best options for common window functionalities.

  1. Best Light Blocking Blinds for Bay Windows-  Bay windows are a great addition to any home. It allows for an airy space that gets plenty of sunlight. However, big windows such as this can introduce too much light into your home, which can damage your furniture or be a disturbance to your sleep.
  • Crown Blackout Roller Shades – Affordable Blackout Solution for Your Dream Home : Priced at less than $40 per piece, nothing could have got cheaper than this. The blackout fabrics completely blocks off light coming in, which is ideal for bedrooms or entertainment spaces. You can comfortably place them in your kitchen as they are fire-retardant. If you love to place candles and create an aromatic atmosphere with scented candles or essence sticks, even then these fire-resistant shades will be the ideal ones for you.

These shades are made of sunscreen material that will safeguard your furniture and decor from the harsh UV rays. The cordless mechanism is appropriate for your home from a safety perspective if you have children and pets.

2. Best Noise Reduction Window Treatments- Outside noise is never appealing when relaxation in your home is the aim. Even noise from other rooms can be heard throughout the house depending on the materials of your walls. Thankfully, there are window solutions available in the market to help dampen noise.

  • CrystalPleat Graber LF Single Cellular Shades- If you are looking for perfect insulation to your interiors, go for this variety of window treatment. They have a unique single honeycomb cells design. These honeycomb cells can trap ample amount of air, and this feature will protect your indoor from outdoor heat. This feature even makes them a great option to dampen noise coming out or coming into the room.

These are made from 100% polyester fabrics. The light fabric ones are the apt if you want ample light to seep into your home. However, they offer minimum privacy level. The darker fabrics offer greater privacy. If you have pets or children at home, you may choose the motorized option.

3. Multiple Windows- If you have multiple windows lined up, you can use innovative ideas for covering them. Covering them with the same fabric is something everyone does, however you can try some innovative ideas. You may have multiple windows in your living room, or in any of your bedrooms.

While choosing treatments for multiple windows, you will need to decide whether to dress each window separately or treat the whole expanse as a single unit. You can think about tucking in Roman shades to match the color along with the leather sofa and adjoining dining area wooden table and chairs.

  • Grommet Top Crown Drapes – This variety of window treatment is easy on your pocket and you will surely love the two-way panels. If you want to hang them; use a curtain rod to put the panels inside it and hang them from the top. The fabrics are available in different eye-catching colors; and there are close to 50 shades available to choose from. Since there are fifty shades, you can mix and match them very well.

Ashton Beige 183 and Ashton Wine 549 will complement each other if hung side by side. Ashton Greysmoke 655 and Carlo VintageIndigo 1193 can be hung alternatively. Fynn Saffron 984 and Fynn Natural 980 will look amazing against a beige-colored wall.

So, whatever your existing wall color is, you will be able to get the matching color panels for a complete alternately synchronized look. The fabrics are easy to clean since they are machine washable.

You can also experiment with different decorative elements like decorative clips, rods, rings, etc. to hang the panels. These fabrics block outdoor heat to diffuse into the rooms and make your indoor cool during the summer season. Even during the winter months, the fabrics prevent the hot air to go out from the rooms and make your indoor stay comfortable.