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How To Tell If Your Blinds Are Out of Date

A lady checking her blinds.

Give your home the updates it deserves and get rid of the out-of-date decor you’ve grown accustomed to. If you decide to sell, these changes will significantly increase your home’s resale value. Spring is an excellent time to make improvements to your home’s interior design and the quality of window fixtures is one of the most important considerations for any home. 

If your blinds are old or worn, it’s time to replace them. Replacing your horizontal or vertical blinds with new window treatments will instantly improve the appearance of your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Making a change will also improve the appearance of your home’s exterior. 

Window treatments are a wonderful way to keep light out while also sprucing up any room in your home. However, if your window treatments are old or worn, they can detract from the overall appeal of your decor. So how do you know your window treatments are out of date and when to replace them? If you and your family are still debating whether to purchase new fixtures, keep reading for the top signs that it’s time to shop for a new look.

Signs that Blinds are Out of Date 

Slats are Broken or Bent

Heat and humidity can both cause damage to your blinds. When exposed to high temperatures for an extended period of time, slats can rot, bend, break, fade, or warp. If you notice that your slats are warped or cracking, it is probably time to think about replacing your blinds. 

Children and pets are another common cause of bent or broken blinds. If you have small children or a curious dog or cat in your home, your blinds have probably seen better days. It may be a good idea to replace them with smart blinds which are motorized and are very easy to operate. They remove the need for a continuous cord loop, making it safer for children and pets. With a touch of a button, you can make them open and close.


Blinds are prone to discoloration over time. They also show dirt and surface stains  if they haven’t been regularly cleaned. If the colors are fading, replacing them is also a good idea. There are various kinds and models to choose from, such as wood blinds, faux wood blinds, and mini blinds in various colors. Consider choosing a style in a darker shade to avoid future yellowing and fading.

The Slats Do Not Close Tightly

If your slats aren’t closing as tightly as they used to, or if you repeatedly twist your tilt wand and the slats barely move, your tilt mechanism has most likely failed. This piece can be difficult to replace without re-cording your entire blind, so it is preferable to replace the entire unit.

A great option to replace traditional slat blinds is using roller shades. They have a variety of fabric options, offer a wide variety of colors, and are easy to clean. Roller blinds offer one of the simplest ways to create privacy and light control among window coverings. Like most window shades, it has motorized and cordless lift options, giving you several options to play with as a replacement to your old blinds.

Three roller shades in a living room.

Cord Cracks

A broken cord could cause your blinds to fall out of your window or mount. Thus, it is vital to inspect the cords of your blinds for signs of excessive wear and tear. While it is possible to replace the cords on your own, the restringing process can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. As a result, if your blind cords appear to be fraying, we recommend replacing them right away.

Operationally Difficult

Blinds that are difficult to operate can pose a greater danger than just an annoyance. If you use a lot of force every time you try to raise your blinds, chances are you’ll pull them completely off the wall. Your blinds may be difficult to operate for various reasons, including damaged lifting mechanisms on the verge of breaking or slats that are too wide to support the load on the cords and mechanisms. In any case, it’s time to upgrade.

Wrapping it up

Finally, your old blinds may simply not meet your window treatment requirements. They may be in good condition, but if your blinds aren’t providing the privacy, insulation, or sun protection you require, it is time to upgrade to a better-fitting window treatment. Consider shades rather than blinds if you want more privacy, as they make a clean fit inside the window frame and provide a fantastic look to your home.

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