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How to Take Down A Vertical Blind Valance

How To Take Down A Vertical Blind Valance

Valances are popular decorative elements that dress up the top part of your window treatments which help to hide the ugly window hardware. Valance and cornice boards help to add drama to your windows and help to pull the room together. There are many homeowners who love to pair valances with vertical blinds for an enhanced look and functional benefits like maximum light blockage, insulation, and ultimate level of privacy. When customized and installed properly, the duo can create a seamless value for space. But over time, the valances require cleaning and repainting to upgrade the look of the windows and for maintenance. To avoid any damage before redesigning, you need to take down the valances from vertical blinds. If you are new to this process, you might be unsure about how to take down a vertical blind valance. That’s why we are here to help you. In this article, we will show you how to bring the valance down smoothly and effortlessly.
Vertical Blinds with Valances

Step by Step Ways of Taking Down Valance from Vertical Blinds

Before you remove the vertical blind valance, you need to locate the hardware. This will allow easy removal and ensure that the valance will easily come out without any hassle. Once you find the hardware, check for the valance at either side. Generally, valances are hung using L brackets attached to the wall or window frame. Now, follow the below tips to take them out efficiently –

• Remove the vertical blind to reduce weight before removing hardware including tassel and other elements.
• Remove all the visible screws and nails using a hammer or drill machine from the valance. Leave the hardware for future easy reinstallation.
• Once you remove the screws, lift up the valance and it will come out with a little effort. If it doesn’t, then look for the hidden screws and take them out.
• If the valance is still stuck between the wall and the hardware, then gently push it using a flat bar. Make sure the pressure is minimal to avoid damages to the wall and don’t forget to keep support for the valance as it may suddenly come out and break.
• Now, take down the valance slowly and after redesigning or repairing put it back over the vertical blinds.
If you don’t remove the valance correctly, then the clips become loose and can fall off. Even some damage can happen to the adjacent wall or the window hardware. The above guidelines are easy to follow. But sometimes depending on the window type or other factors, the process may vary. In that case, check with the manufacturers or consult with the designer executives for the right method while avoiding the damage of the product.


Valances are an integral part of your window treatments and they can make the windows the focal point of your space when properly cared for. Integrating them with vertical blinds will enrich the appearance of the windows while offering double benefits for your space. But when required, take down the valance for repairing, following the above tips and put them back again!