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How to Stop The Sun From Coming Through Your Blinds?

How To Stop Sun From Coming Through Your Blinds

The requirements of home are different for all of us. A lot of this depends on our needs. Some of us are happy in a small one-room city apartment, as we just need a place to crash in once we return from a tiring day at work. Others, the entitled lot of us, want no compromise on comfort. We need a palatial, palace-like home, where things need to be organized the way we want and where there is a separate room for everything. We’re talking about the study, storeroom, dining hall, living room, a guest room and a bedroom. And yet, there are those of us who wish to stay away from city life and set up a little cottage to stay in peace. However, despite our individual needs and expectations from life, there is no denying that all of us need a sense of security because that is paramount in a healthy life. So when we set up our home, we need to ensure that it provides us with safety against outsiders and harsh weather conditions.

What entails harsh weather conditions, you ask? Consider this. Would you want a home without windows? Would you be able to survive it when it starts snowing, even when you have the thickest of blankets and the most effective of heaters? And when it gets extremely hot during the summer, how long do you hope to go on when you do not have effective window blinds?

Effective Blinds for Sun Protection

When you think of window blinds, a window shade hanging just inside your windows, visible to you and swaying with the wind comes to mind. Or it may give you the impression of long silk curtains in flowery patterns, as we have seen from early childhood. However, blinds are more than that, and as you realize, they can be set up both inside and outside the house for sun protection.

In this section, we present to you the different kind of window covering ideas to prevent you from the disruptive glare and heat of the sun.

Effective Indoor Blinds

The sun poses several health dangers which we must be on guard against. As the name suggests, the indoor blinds are mounted inside the window for sun protection. Some of the most effective modern-day blinds are as follows.

1. Solar or Roller Shades: Despite being mounted indoors, they still leave plenty of space for you to keep things that are of no use elsewhere. It is better to have these shades drawn out all the time, as they reduce the need of having bulbs switched on, especially during the day time. If you have a sofa chair or furniture set in your room, you can lounge on a weekend and enjoy the outside view or read in peace. Besides, their unique fabric, not usually employed in any other blind, allows for an uninterrupted outside view, without the indoors being visible to any passers-by. Score one for privacy and security!
Solar Roller Shades
2. Double or Triple-cell Honeycomb Shades: You might recognize them with the other name: cellular shades. A lot has been already discussed about these marvelous window coverings. The single-cell shades are best used for light filtering purposes. They have pockets that trap light and are preferable in areas that experience mild to pleasant climate all year. On the other hand, dual cellular shades or triple-cell shades use more than one sheet of fabric. The extra layer of the material makes them ideal in climates that are too hot or too cold. The fabric is also moisture resistant, because of which they are ideal to be used in kitchens and bathrooms. Their pleats give them a fabulous and textured appearance, because of which they can easily become the focal point in any room.
Triple Cell Shades
3. Roman Shades: Because of their design and make, Roman shades can be called the perfect blend of modern and traditional window coverings. They are available in a wide variety of designs to suit your aesthetic sense of style, and customizable length options in different colors ensure that you choose them over other window treatments. Available in flat, classic and front slat textures, these window treatments are a fashion designer’s delight.

4. Classic, Good-Ol’ Curtains: Old school as they may be, these window treatments hardly ever compromise on diversity, be it the color, size, length, texture, fabric or purpose. Curtains boast of the greatest variety among their counterparts. They can be sheer, allowing for maximum light to pass through; semi-sheer, allowing reasonable light control; or room darkening and blackout, blocking most, if not all, light from penetrating into your room. While the sheer/semi-sheer curtains make use of light cotton or supernet fabric, the blackout curtains apply polyester, velvet or raw silk/art silk fabric which lends them the sound and light-absorbing feature.
Blackout Curtains to Block Sunlight

Outdoor Blinds for Blocking the Sun

Outdoor blinds are most effective in the sense that they stop the sun’s rays even before they fall on the windows. In some cases, they save the effort to spend more on indoor window blinds when you can simply hang valances instead. Let us find out which outdoor treatments are effective and is commonly used across the globe.

1. Outdoor Plantation Shutters: These beauties do a decent job of enhancing the curb appeal of your outside walls. Maybe you can consider putting them in areas that you consider somewhat unattractive. Shutters blend into the overall look of your home in no time, adding to its sophistication and charm with those thick slats, and protecting it against heat with a material which is meant to withstand rain, heat and cold. My advice: do not go for expensive wooden treatments. Go for a replica in sky blue, which will give it a classic European touch.
Outdoor Plantation Shutters
2. Retractable or Fixed Awnings: you can either get a sheet of cloth and get it fixed on the top of your front porch or patio area in the front lawn, reflecting the heat while also protecting the main building. Such an arrangement can create another area where you can relax, enjoy your meals or host parties over the weekend for drinks and friendly banter. Besides, awnings can also be retractable and can be adjusted at regular intervals according to the position of the sun.

3. Exterior Solar Shades: When you have the option to customize the dimensions of window coverings, you can also choose to have them installed outside the window, as long as they cover the entire space. You can opt for a DIY method or have an expert over. Exterior solar shades are so universally applicable that they can be deployed at every window of every room in the house, and be as functional everywhere.

Besides these usual treatments for providing shade against the sun, there are also some quick fixes that you can do. Window films are particularly effective and are extremely cost-effective. You may also add another layer of material for temperature control if you have a shade which is light filtering but not particularly insulating. A couple of window shelves with flower pots or plants is also a good solution, which is environment-friendly at the same time. All you need is a presence of mind to understand what works in any given situation. Buying the right window shades is important, but it also helps to use your mind to creatively deal with a problem.

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