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How to Stop Incoming Light From The Sides Of Blinds

There is no denying that window blinds add the perfect finishing touch to an interior, but it doesn’t have to stop there. They are designed to filter the incoming light while offering other practical and functional values. But sometimes you want the option to block out light completely. In this case, blackout window blinds come to the rescue! Blackout fabrics are much better at obstructing lights compared to other standard materials. They are manufactured to block out 100% of the incoming light and harmful rays through the fabric itself, making your space darker and cozy.

There are multiple benefits of making room pitch-dark, for example, these blinds complement your media room and bedroom, and offer the perfect sleeping atmosphere. By preventing the sun and heat from coming through, the blinds maintain a consistent indoor temperature and help you save money on your electric bills. Though these blinds are highly effective there are instances when you find light streaming through the side of the blinds. Light gaps or leakages are a common dilemma nowadays that can cause you various issues. Some windows have frames or borders that overlap enough with the blind to cover the light gaps. Your mount type also has a big role to play. Inside mount blinds are fitted inside the window frame and they have to be smaller to fit inside and operate smoothly. But this leaves gaps along the edges of the window through which light enters.

Universal Light Blockers

Are the excess light coming through the light gaps causing you discomfort? Order some light blockers now to seal off the sides of your shades

How do you stop light from the sides of the blinds? If you are looking for the answers, then this article might guide you to get the complete darkness throughout the day!

Ways of Reducing Light Gaps

It doesn’t matter how good the quality of your blackout blind is, the light manages to seep inside your home through the slats or sides of the window blind. But you can overcome this problem easily by following some simple steps.

  • Get the Right Fit Blind:

This is the most important factor to consider. Make sure to get the right fitted blinds that will you’re your windows a perfect coverage while ensuring minimum light leakage. Measure the windows accurately and then provide the dimension to the manufacturer.

  • Opt for Outside Mounting:

Another great way to stop light from the side is to order your blinds as an outside mount. This mounting procedure denotes that the blind is mounted on the outside of the window frame. If light blocking is your main concern, then add extra inches to the overall height and width for the complete coverage. This lets the blind overlap to the windows while reducing the light leakages from the side of blinds.
Outside Mount Cellular Shades

  • Install Side Channels:

Side channels are an excellent way to reduce the incoming light streaming through the sides. They create an opaque barrier to stop the sun rays while adding a finishing texture to the windows. Install them with cellular blinds and see the amazing transformation.
Side Channels for Window Blinds

  • Layer Window Treatments:

Pairing other window treatments over the blackout blind maximize the efficiency of the windows in terms of both aesthetically and functionally. To get the ultimate blackout effect, opt for blackout curtains that will help to cover the light gaps while elevating the beauty of the windows. Choose thick fabric and dark-colored blackout curtains to increase the capability of blocking light from the edges. You can also add a blackout liner to ensure maximum light blockage.
Layering Curtain Over Blinds

  • Install Light Blockers:

Light blockers are an easy and quick way to prevent incoming light from the edges of the window blinds. It is an L-shaped plastic piece which is designed to install in front of or behind the window blind to block gaps. Place them as close to the blinds for maximum coverage. They come in different sizes and you can trim them to fit the blinds. Light blockers or strips work well on custom roller blinds that come with large light gaps. U Channels are also an effective way to block light out along the sides of the blinds.
Universal Light Blocker for Blinds
Knowing these easy light-blocking tricks will lead you to easy and healthy living. No matter what window treatment you opt for, the above solutions will give you maximum sun coverage. But if you feel the existing blinds are causing too many problems and allowing excess light to let in, then it’s recommended to replace them with the new one for a better result. Otherwise, look for the help of professionals and get your windows ready for ultimate comfort!

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