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How to Select Blinds for Large Windows?

How To Select Blinds For Large Windows

Challenges of Large Windows

Large windows are fascinating to say the least. They make a bold and dramatic statement in any given room giving you an unobstructed view of the outdoors and access to ample natural light and air. Imagine a large window in the kitchen or in the bedroom and the stunning impact it would have on your room and its decor. While there is no doubt about the gorgeousness of these windows they can also severely jeopardize your privacy and allow unfiltered sunlight exposing your homes to harmful UV rays. Moreover, they can cause serious loss of energy during winters and summers. These considerations and practical problems make it imperative to cover your substantial windows. Dressing these large windows is also fraught with challenges.

Choosing Window Treatment for Large Windows

Firstly you have to do justice to these stunning windows and hence choose a blind that flaunts its beauty rather than make them appear poorly. Secondly, it is extremely tricky because their size the window treatments can be heavy and difficult to operate. Finding the right window treatment for your windows can be tough but that doesn’t mean that you compromise on style. Good news is that you have a number of options to choose from for your large wide windows that are extremely elegant and sophisticated to look at and enhance the beauty of your windows with ease. You must keep in mind that not all blinds and shades will be suitable for these windows.

Types of Window Shades for Large Windows

Roller Shades

Roller Shades are a timeless and classic option for your windows and the best news is that most of them are available in extreme widths which make them a suitable option for your large windows. They are elegant with a neat appearance and works superbly with minimalist and contemporary home decor style. There are loads of options to choose for your Roller Shades as they are available in a number of variants like Light Filtering Roller Shades, Blackout Roller Shades and Room Darkening Roller Shades made of PVC or fabric. So if you have a large window in your bedroom and need complete light blockage you could opt for Blackout Roller Shades.
Roller Window Blinds

Solar Shades

These are another great option for your large windows and particularly work well if you have the window facing the sun for a major part of the day. They can also be used as outdoor blinds to protect your patio. The glares of the sun can cause much irritation to the eyes and interfere with your work and sleep. They also emit UV rays and prolonged exposure to these rays can damage your health and furnishings. Solar Shades are perfect for blocking out the sun’s rays and glares. The fabrics come with different degrees of openness which give you control over lighting needs, privacy and outside view. There are Solar Shades with an openness of 3%, 5%, 10% and 15% respectively. This means 10% openness will ensure 90% UV ray blockage as well as a great view through the fabric. That these shades can be customized for large windows is fantastic news for any homeowner.
Large Solar Shades

Sheer Vertical Shades

Most of the horizontal shades that we have in the market cater to standard-sized windows. These shades are difficult to dress doors and large windows. This is why Vertical Shades are extremely popular and in-demand among homeowners who have glass doors and large or wide windows. Vertical Shades have slats running vertically and instead of being raised or lowered they open sideways from the middle or from the side. Sheer Vertical Shades are a fantastic choice for your large windows. Sheer fabric is extremely elegant and graceful and lends a soft touch to the windows. They make rooms appear spacious and airy. They are designed to do complete justice to your large windows and fill the rooms with a warm glow. The Zebra Sheer Vertical Blackout Shades are perfect for rooms that need both natural light minus the glare and light blockage like bedrooms.
Sheer Vertical Shades

Vertical Window Blinds

Vertical Window Blinds that are perfect for your doors and those large wide windows are available in a number of variants offering a range of choices. There are PVC Vertical Blinds which are extremely durable, easy to clean and maintain and easy on the pockets too. Fabric Vertical Blinds have a luxurious and regal appeal perfect for your living rooms. You can choose from a range of colors, textures, designs and patterns to suit your decor style. If you are looking for elegance and richness, Wood Vertical Blinds are for you. Natural wood has a warm glow that weaves magic in rooms. There are available in a number of textures and colors to blend with your decor.
Vertical Blinds for Large Windows
All of you who have a large wide window in your homes and are extremely proud of them, you can now breathe easy. You have before you quite a variety of window blinds and shades to choose from which means that not only will your windows not have to go without dressing but will have dressings that will do justice to the windows and make them all the more beautiful and gorgeous. They are equally functional and versatile. We, however, recommend that whichever blind or shade you chose for your large windows opt for motorized control. This will make operating your window shades easy and hassle-free.

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